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In Topic: Liverpool Football Club - It is time to end the 30 year wait

Today, 12:52 PM

if stevie G is the long term successor, then the club surely should get Stevie in earlier to understudy Klopp...  as his 2nd man for a couple of years before Klopp leaves 


SG cannot lar.....


Wait his instructions to the last defenders is try to 'slip' when defending if you can't catch up with the attackers....  [lipsrsealed]









In Topic: SIA pulls 3 A380s out of service

Today, 10:20 AM

Jamessc, why not you buy a pmd for your mil before the ban date?  [lipsrsealed]


He have.....


Most of the time, the cars siam his MIL PMD upon seeing it and accidents happen with either vehicles collisions, bang onto lamp posts, went up kerbs, hitting traffic lights, bang onto walls.... etc.


All happen except hitting his mil PMD ...     :a-bang:






In Topic: The (trade) war has started

Today, 10:13 AM

“I am the chosen one”

And he looked to the sky




He was the "CHOSEN ONE" who started the Trade War and World depression ... :a-t9412:

In Topic: SIA pulls 3 A380s out of service

Yesterday, 07:22 PM

Not Lion Air?


Lion Air got A380 meh .....  :slow:





In Topic: CHC Leader Released from prison!

Yesterday, 03:48 PM


Mine is shu qi 🤣🤣🤣
Oei oei oei....I am a change man...least from the outside

But still kana banned from stepping into church 🤣🤣


Meaning to say, you have change for the better outside but still have the urge inside .. [sly]