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In Topic: Taxi driver post video of drunk girl with no money

Today, 10:15 PM

funny that this incident attracted so much attention, and so many pages in MCF


well, the taxi driver wanted social justice, he got one, just that it did not favour him... too bad


and some of you full of self righteous guys saying girls cannot do this, not right to do that... well, i think you are not that perfect or a saint either lah, so why wagging a finger at others? :D


Only you think they are not perfect.


The self righteous people really do think they are perfect and saints.



In Topic: Taxi driver post video of drunk girl with no money

Today, 10:09 PM

As much as this is a distasteful thing to say: Sinkies are largely a bunch of hypocrites, with massive dollops of racism and sexism colouring (no pun intended) their views but without the insight to recognise it, nor the good grace to admit it.

I give progressively less of a sh*t, day by day, what Sinkies "think" on social media, and that applies to this forum too. Dislike me all you want.


Yeah its true but our primary failing is


we can only see the fault in others and 


can never see any fault at all in ourselves.




So although you are right 


we are not going to improve in any way


cos we are all perfect.



In Topic: Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

Today, 07:39 PM

Two of the worse jobs in the world.


British PM and HK CE.



In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Today, 07:20 PM

different .... Eg. Leicester call Monaco to ask about Tom Harry price -- 15M


Liverpool call - 25M


ManU call - 35M 




Don't bluff us lah.


Liverpool don't have 25m.


They only get free players or 1.3m players.







In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Today, 07:13 PM

Wah... Coutinho becomes James Rodriguez mark II arrh? A big name kanna loan out...

sigh... if really true, very lose face [sweatdrop]


During loan period, will Pool have to pay his hefty salary? Then after 2 yr (which will mean 3 yr of his contract with Barca finished), Barca still get 88 mil... still not bad deal for Barca leh.


After two year Pool will have the option to buy at 88 million.


If don't want no need to buy him.