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In Topic: Lorry altercation with cyclist at Pasir Ris

Today, 04:50 PM

I have emailed TP to clarify. As this was not what i was told. I have also submitted videos of drivers overtaking me very closely and in some of the videos, I was not on the double yellow lines. I wasn't told it is wrong also.


Ya. Me.


Cycling abreast is legal. 




https://www.lta.gov....own Cycling.pdf


You missed point #3. As with every other things, T&C applies.  :excl:


BTW, according to news, he was charged for point #3 in fact...


Cheung was charged with one count of riding his bicycle in a disorderly manner without due regard for the safety of others by riding his bicycle in the middle of the leftmost lane, instead of keeping to the far left edge of the road, hence causing obstructions to faster moving vehicles.

In Topic: Trump-Kim Summit 12 Jun 2018 in Singapore

Today, 11:29 AM

Fatty Kim can't wait to show off his new RR to Trump this time round... :D  :D


Kim Jong-un's new Rolls-Royce shows North Korean sanctions are 'a bit of a joke'




Kim Jong-un attended his recent meeting with Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, in what appeared to be a new Rolls-Royce, in defiance of international sanctions as world powers fracture over restrictions against nuclear-armed North Korea.
Images of Kim arriving show a jet black Rolls-Royce with darkened windows and a distinctive logo on its wheel hubs. It is unclear how the vehicle would have been transported to Pyongyang given United Nations sanctions that ban items including luxury automobiles and motor vehicles.
"The sanctions regime has become a bit of a joke," said Robert Dujarric, a professor of international relations at the Japan campus of Temple University. 
Kim has previously been seen in a fleet of custom-built Pullman Guard Mercedes limousines, based on the 2012 S600, but now it seems that he’s swapped German engineering for German-financed British engineering instead in the form of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.
Kim is known to have a keen interest in cars, as well as planes, and his latest choice of vehicle seems to demonstrate that. When U.S. president Donald Trump met the North Korean leader in Singapore earlier this year, Kim took a keen interest in Trump’s presidential limousine, dubbed The Beast (below).




Kim Jong Un again clowns the Trump administration — this time with a new Rolls Royce Phantom




North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has again made a mockery of the US's policy towards Pyongyang when meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, this time with a new Rolls Royce Phantom.
The US has tried everything in its power to restrict the flow of luxury goods to North Korea, but Kim showed the Trump administration they failed.

In Topic: 金庸武侠 Jin Yong novel Serials

Today, 08:23 AM

@Carbon82 I also like old original ones ... 1982 version, but back then the action and photography not so nice, always looking for movie-like quality (easier to achieve these days) with good story telling (the latter being rare in film/drama these days). 


Just like food. In the old days, 虽然是粗茶淡饭,可却是真材实料。 Now is 包装精致,偷工减料。

In Topic: Anyone felt that the spc levo petrol is any diff ?

Today, 07:38 AM


In Topic: What Did You Makan Today PT 5

Yesterday, 10:20 PM

Wife bought this dumplings. She is getting more adventurous with online purchase I have to say. [sweatdrop]