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A very well balanced sport sedan
I have owned the 2nd generation Superb 2.0TSI for close to 4.5 years (with close to 160K Km on the clock when I sold it), and through out the period of ownership, nothing breakdown or need extensive repair (except for a faulty headlight module). Naturall...
A cute mini crossover for city driving
Tested this car a while back. 1st impression: The engine is smoother than what I have expected. Although it has 110 horsepower with a century sprint timing of 11.8s on paper, it feel faster than that when I am driving it, probably due to the relatively h...

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Product Reviews (5)

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance
I had the Efficient Grip Performance (ROF) on my ride for ~5.5 months (16,500Km), and here are a quick review. Noise: Low noise level as compared to my previous CPC2 Contiseal (when new) - 225/50R17 Firmness: Probably because of the reinforced side wa...
Continental ContiPremiumContact 2
The tyres came standard with my Sharan, and it has follow me through >70K Km for the past 1 year 8 months. Yes, no typo, it is >70K Km, and still have ~50% Thread left!!! The tyre is surprisingly quiet, for the 1st 50K Km, and thereafter get noisier,...
Marbella MX6 HD Recorder
I have been using this camera for ~4 years, and video quality has been consistently good since day 1, till the day I decided to retire it. Video taken are very clear (even when play back on 24" monitor), and smooth (no juddering / pulsing). The only issu...
Sonax Xtreme Clear View 1:100 Concentrate Nanopro
My 1st encounter with this product was about 2 years back, when I am still with my previous ride, which has been exposed daily to harsh road conditions, to the extend that I have almost given up on the wiper effectiveness (change wiper a few time in bid to...
Hummer Power Bank Jump Starter H1
As I spend a lot of time on the road, and travel frequently up north, having a product like the Hummer H1 power bank cut jump start kit will ease my worry of running into battery flat situation (which I had encountered twice in the past few years). The d...