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In Topic: What Did You Makan Today PT 5

Today, 07:27 PM

Having Saigon beer at hotel lounge.

In Topic: 金庸武侠 Jin Yong novel Serials

Today, 09:15 AM

HXM got act in TLBB ? Haha I don't even know. I only knew he was in Condor, which was quite good (not his acting though).

Hu Jun version of TLBB was pretty good. Same director.

Ya, story telling is seriously lacking now. A lot of bad scripting, i love you you love me rubbish .. the best movie-quality Jin Yong now I think is King Hu's ç¬å²æ±æ¹ (Sam Hui) movie in the 90's. King Hu is the grandmaster in wuxia film (俠女ï¼é¾é客棧).

Yah yah. My mistake, should be Hu Jun.
Huang xiao ming was in the condor.

In Topic: 金庸武侠 Jin Yong novel Serials

Today, 08:44 AM

I also dunno .. but looking on Google, seems YTTLJ screened last year liao .. maybe not nice and nobody knows. The new TLBB cast and cinematography looks good, hopefully they don't corrupt with ridiculous candy pop story like many PRC drama these days. [laugh]

Carbon82 I also like old original ones ... 1982 version, but back then the action and photography not so nice, always looking for movie-like quality (easier to achieve these days) with good story telling (the latter being rare in film/drama these days).

Yah, now those filmed by China all the action and photography are superb.
I actual like the TLBB version by Huang Xiao Ming as XF.

Just like food. In the old days, 虽然是粗茶淡饭,可却是真材实料。 Now is 包装精致,偷工减料。

The version of TLBB by Huang Xiao Ming are close to the original story.

In Topic: What Did You Makan Today PT 5

Yesterday, 11:22 PM

Liddat how many hundred thousand $$$ ?

2 person eating.
One more seafood fried rice not in photo and 2 beer.
Total 355k don.

I think we are the only non local eating. I frequent this store when visit HCM. Basically sitting at the street.

In Topic: What Did You Makan Today PT 5

Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Very nice and cheap HCM street zhi char.