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In Topic: The continuing GLOBAL stressful thread! Part II

Yesterday, 10:20 PM

Someone left her panties on the bus [laugh]


This type is panties huh?
No thongs No talk..
Sgp Journalism going to the dumps..
Anyway, Machiam like a Balaclava (SOF mask) to me🙏🏻🙃

In Topic: Watch Part V

Yesterday, 07:17 PM

Pitching Tent here at 1st page...

In Topic: Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

Yesterday, 09:38 AM

For many many years, we have been relying on SP (previously PUB) as the ONE and ONLY source of electrical power supply.

Recently, many realised that alternative power companies could also provide quality electrical power at a fraction of the cost.

Like-wise in the political arena, we have been over-paying all these while and it's time to consider switching to alternative parties, to break the monopoly.


Singapore is a small small country..

Why must make it so complex with all these sub sub suppliers...

Really face palm to the max..

Next will be Gas , Water n Air :a-fun:

In Topic: New SIA bond Issue

20 March 2019 - 10:33 PM

Another SIA Bond ...... any comments .... @angcheek asking ð........3.03%

Singapore India Airlines (SIA) Bond? Legit or not?
5 yrs somemore.. Caveat Emptor..

In Topic: Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

20 March 2019 - 09:43 PM

everybody's favorite !

When see BMW , no matter wat , FFS do not overtake them whether recklessly or properly..
it will definitely trigger their Dark Side .. all stunts cum patterns will auto pilot🙏🏻🙇‍♀️..
Especially the 5 series.. tio boh @radx🙏🏻