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In Topic: What if i strike the Ang Bao toto

Today, 01:31 PM

If I kanna $12 mil

1) 20 % to charity
2) 911 GT3 RS
3) 2 Prop
4) enjoy n take care those in dire straits.

In Topic: What if i strike the Ang Bao toto

Today, 12:54 PM

The wisest thing to do after striking $12m Toto is to keep a low profile. Live the usual life, but donât have to think so much before spending.

I can â

  • Order drinks at kopi tiam instead of drinking from toilet tap water or bring water from home
  • Order at least one or two meat dish instead of 3 vegs at the Cai Peng store
  • Engage a maid so donât need to do house chores
  • Buy myself a better pair of track shoes instead of those cheap India made running shoes from Mustafa which makes my legs ache
  • Buy new clothes during Chinese New Year instead of wearing the same recycled clothes year after year
  • Use the new phone when 2 year telco contract is up, instead of selling it for a profit for the money
  • Stick to the same car, but can pump 98RON instead of 92RON
  • Spend on more expensive Michelin tyres instead of China made Westlake
  • Service my car at Distributor instead of outside workshop
  • Send my children to The Learning Lab, as their grades are not very good with no tuition

And lastly, I can do my part for charity and freely give $10 each time I see those poor begging on the streets and buy them food.
This list like kanna 4D lei..

In Topic: Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Nice car cum plate...

In Topic: What if i strike the Ang Bao toto

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

If i kanna Big Time Toto , first thing is cut away all my Credit Cards n clear all outstanding debts.. ...

Everything CASH...

Follow my idol T2... [flowerface]

In Topic: 180 kmh on CTE

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

Miraculously , no accident occurred.

Chee Yong cum Chee Shin... u both damn Chee Bye..