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In Topic: Mercedes GLC

Today, 07:48 PM

GLC is like a Vezel.

Every carpark has more than two handfuls


Just more atas 😂

In Topic: Anyone been to Finland for the northern lights?

Today, 07:46 PM

Can have twins, triplets, ....... ?

Yes ... Some believe will have twins.

Its way too cold for me try 😂😂😂

In Topic: Singhealth kanna hack!

Today, 05:26 PM

early morning already so poisonous

don't know how to tahan until evening

lucky you not foreign minister


Today I saw on FB , ur good idol CCS on news again  :XD:  Now he said Elite can eat Sharkfin for CNY .........


In Topic: Mercedes GLC

Today, 05:24 PM

got this error message after parked my car for whole day at the office, 


(similar picture I took off the internet, not exactly mine)




Weird, never happened to me before even when I left my car untouched for 2 weeks when I was overseas.


after driving it home and this morning restart the engine, the message is gone.


Anyone else have similar encounter?



alamak , U should Stop the Vehicle , go home/work and leave the Engine running .  [thumbsup]


Simple ma ... So what happen to the car when you return ? 




Expensive car is like that one .  :secret-laugh:


In Topic: Anyone been to Finland for the northern lights?

Today, 05:14 PM

Went Finland some time back - cloudy everyday and saw only streetlights!   :TT_TT:


no Aurora ?  :D  They say couple piak piak under aurora sure will succeed having baby  [grin]