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Found 3 results

  1. Consignment_Expert

    All about Consignment Car Sales.

    Selling via consignment Consigning your vehicle is allowing a dealer to sell the vehicle on your behalf, but retaining legal ownership of the vehicle until it is sold. Depending on the modus operandi of the dealers, you may or may not have to leave your vehicle at their showroom. Leaving your vehicle at the showroom would allow the sale process to be faster as interested buyers who have seen the advertisement can go down and have a look at it whenever they can. It will however, inconvenience you if you do not have a spare vehicle to use. Putting your vehicle at the dealership also exposes it to walk in customers. Some dealers do not require you to leave your vehicle with them. However, each time there is an interested buyer who wants to view your vehicle. You would have to take some time out of your day to drive down to the dealership for the viewing. This can be a troublesome process that could go on for months. The benefits of consigning your vehicle to a dealer is having someone experienced handle the entire sale process for you. From the photo-taking to uploading of advertisement, handling of enquiries from potential buyers and eventually handling all documentations when a sale is made. Dealers usually take a cut from the sale of the vehicle, ranging from a flat fee of $500 - 1% of the final selling price, depending on the consignment agreement. Also depending on the arrangement made, the consignment dealer may or may not assist in touching up of your vehicles paintwork and grooming before handing the car over to the new owner. Touch ups to the vehicle are usually by the buyer's request and will most probably knock a few dollars off your asking price. Apart from the financial, insurance and paperwork support, it is such repair and grooming work a dealer is able to assist with that makes the sale of your vehicle much easier. After all, nobody wants to purchase a car that would require the hassle of wear and tear rectifications. Most sellers forget that on top of their consigned vehicle, dealers have a fleet of cars that need to be sold too. So if you do decide to consign your vehicle for sale, don't be too hard on your dealer, they too are trying to get the best price at the shortest possible time for you. There are hundreds of consignment cars for sale: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/listing.php?CAT=5 There are also many consignment car dealers to choose from, and it's always good to learn more before you decide which dealer you like to consign your car with: A worry free selling process - AA Trust Car Consignment Accountable, Upright, Trustworthy, Organised - AutoLynx Your Supercars Specialist - Bentec International Handling entire sales process for you - BW Auto Consignment Sell by Consignment - Lake View Credit A better price, an easier deal - Nordad Car Consignment Sell your car for the highest price - Platinum Auto Convenient and Effortless Selling - Presto Expat Motoring No Sale, No Fees Consignment Programme - SA Automobile Superconsign Program - Supercars Singapore Enjoy the Difference - Vroom Cars Consignment Once you have decided to sell your car via consignment, you can get started here: http://www.sgcarmart.com/tools_tips/consignment.php
  2. Why Consign With Us? What Are The Benefits We Can Offer? Our Recognition We are Singapore’s Leading Car Dealership – Sold & Bought more than 50,000 Cars & Serving more than 35,000 Customers and counting since 1981. Highly Recommended With a huge customer base, 95% of our customers recommended buying from us. In fact, many of them have purchased cars from us over the years and we’re also their No.1 choice for their relatives, friends and next generation! Expert Service Our experienced team will take care of all the advertising for you. We have several advertising mediums available to us. Value-added Service We offer comprehensive VICOM evaluation and extended warranties for Pre-owned vehicles even under consignment, which is a huge selling point for potential buyers. Customised Support Selling, negotiating and all paperworks will be handled by our dedicated team. We’ll take care of it for you. Contact us now for more details Key Contact Person: Raymond Tang (9625 0045) Our Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2, #03-02/05 Automobile Megamart Singapore 408898 View our consignment car list here
  3. First in SG! Attract buyers with your Virtual Reality Interior! - 360 VR Cars. Best price for your consignment continental and performance cars! We are a team of consignment specialists in continental and performance cars. More than 20 years of experience with a network of buyers and sellers. First in Singapore! Free 360 Creation of a 360 Virtual Reality view of your car's interior! (Package worth $300) Let buyers experience your car even before they see it! +Up to date market analysis +Transparent transaction procedures and price sold. +Percentage of car price sold as commission. Low cost for both sellers and buyers. +Hassle free in changing your car. SMS or call now +6590700005 Other services: +Buying/ Selling cars +Limo service +Car Rental (Uber/Grab) +Loans and car insurance +Workshop service support