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  2. u go JB causeway also like that leh.. not much drama or numb liao
  3. The caveat is the lack of any other loans, which is unrealistic... Besides these websites need to make property exciting and affordable, otherwise our market will be dead..
  4. The manager I really respect is the Wolves manager. Sure he is not as glamorous as Pep But look at all his players. They are not well known or expensive but look at how well they have improved under NES. NES will take his relatively modest cost side to Man City and match them man for man.
  5. commonjunks

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Twist of the story, Nippon driver was also Malaysian 😳.
  6. Carbon82

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    628 AMK Hawker Center
  7. Pep is certainly a good manager but how good is great? Sterling cost 49 million pounds and he has got a bit better with his finishing but he was pretty good at Liverpool and that's why he was worth 49 million. Had Sterling stayed at Liverpool and get more experience who is to say he would not have got better? So is it Pep that made him better or getting more experience and becoming more mature he would have improved any way? VDB cost 55 million and he was pretty good in Germany and yes he has improved under Pep but how much is it Pep and how much is getting more games and experience again? So who has Pep really improved? John Stones? Otamendi? Zinchenko? Gündoğan? Kyle Walker? Riyad Mahrez? David Silva? Claudio Bravo? Now managers who improved player I would have to say Poch is definitely one manager. Poch developed Harry Kane, Son, Moura, Erikson, Alli, Harry Winks, Kyle Walker etc Look at these players before and after Poch coaching. I am not saying Pep is not a good manager, he is a very good manager, I am not saying he doesn't improve players he certainly does but look at the other manager in the PL. Roy has improved Zaha, Wan Bissaka. How about Craig Shakespeare? He bought Harry Mcquire for 17 million for Leicester and Man Utd bought him for 85 million. Craig Shakespeare would be one of the managers that helped develop Harry Mcquire. How about Brendon Rogers? Look at how well Jamie Vardy, James. Maddison, Youri Tielemans, Çağlar Söyüncü are doing. So is Brendon as good as Pep? Is Roy as good as Pep? Or based on player development Brendon and Roy are even better?
  8. Poseidon

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Pls add RNJ Motoring to your list of shitty car dealers.
  9. Chongster

    Sdp pofma case

    Actually if you appear in person in court without a lawyer, the judge will cut you a lot of slack. Can literally shit in open court and the judge still talk to you nicely. They only like to f the lawyers. I also think SDP probably has quite a few lawyers among its ranks, it liberal progressive ideology will gel with the lawyers, doctors, professionals. The tak ang mo chek ones. So CSJ is probably well advised, and with his natural flair for talking, he’s probably going to be a match for anyone.
  10. Lowlee know he got nothing to lose. LAI LA! If driving brand new car, then different story.
  11. Turboflat4

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I was imagining Rick Astley singing "Never gonna give you way". That's the song, isn't it? 😂 Actually, jiu hiu van driver is a noob. Want to play, angle right instead of toward the curb to make sure the "opponent" has no room. Straddle the merge if possible. Or just give way if no skills lol.
  12. Malaysian come Singapore to earn a living still want to drive like this....
  13. So shack. Which women want to do many times.. Eyebags for few years... Esp below 2-3 years. Then times 2 is easily 5-6 years.
  14. Today's round of fun and games, Lorry wins LOL I was just worried they buang me
  15. ok. keyword salary grow a lot ... by age 30 huat until siao no $15K no talk (per spouse)
  16. So you really disagree that Well brought up kids is not rich successful people that are ashamed of you but kids that would love to look after you and not seeing it as a terrible burden. I am not going to argue with you. Its you like to think this way so be it. I respect your views I am sure many people also think this way.
  17. This cam car is a tool also, go around high beaming like that. Lucky they didn't do something stupid like jam brake on him.
  18. Now if sincerely want 250k flat, still have what... The article was referring to maximum affordability. Why can't they choose more central or larger flats if they so choose? This is especially if they are just starting to work and salaries are expected to grow (a lot).
  19. Haha no one looks after their MIL as well as I do. There is no day I never talk about her. Some people never like to talk about their MIL. How much money do people spent on their MIL? Do they pay for them to take holidays around the world? Do they put them on the newest and latest aeroplanes like the 737Max? My MIL is never far from my mind. Is there even one day I don't think and talk about her?
  20. Jamesc

    Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak in China

    The reason SARS was dealt so swiftly and effectively is because the primary areas is Singapore and Hong Kong and both government did fantastically well. Both were open and transparent about the size of the problem and never tried to downplay it or reduce the size of the real problem. Both took effective measures in scanning at airport, isolating people to stop them from spreading it. The problem with the Wuhan virus is its in China with a Communist government. They will downplay the seriousness of the problem, hide the problem as long as possible, reduce the real number of people affected and be very slow in admitting things like it is passed from people to people. 1 person affecting 14 nurses shows how contagious it is. Communists can never be open, honest, truthful, transparent, not covering up and this is exactly how the virus will spread and it will be so much more difficult solving this problem. I don't think the communist have the testicular fortitude to stop the spread by detaining people who maybe affected from travelling home to other parts of China for CNY. They are so slow to take action and stop it when its a smaller problem they will need to solve it as a bigger problem. I can see this as a very big problem and all the central gov can do is threaten the local gov. I don't think this will stop the local gov from doing what they want.
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  22. Spotted today.
  23. Ya Lor...I treat my in laws quite good one too
  24. Next league game away to Wolves on 24th will be tougher than our last game.... KPI for the game: 3pts Clean sheet Fabinho gets 20 to 30minutes playing time Matip gets 10minutes playing time
  25. $8K salary is big fck nowadays? in the good old days hdb ceiling was $8k and hdb was selling at $250k
  26. Mercs

    Mercs: property news & updates

    https://www.iproperty.com.sg/news/hdb-upgraders-boost-new-private-home-sales/ HDB upgraders boost new private home sales
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