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  2. velocity-

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    Let’s hope The numbers of Tesla’s registered here dents into the pockets of 3 series c class and a4. This are big margin cars and high volume movers and if the ADs are losing sales they have to start throwing price or collapse eventually. volvo announced direct sales by 2030. Won’t be long before PML, C&C and PA are threatened and the principal comes in to direct sell. fsd please don’t add into comparison prepurchase. When you buy fsd after delivery you only pay the listed price and not 27k for sure. Also mr musk said fsd monthly subscription will be available by q2
  3. Earnings not enough to buy your rollie 😞
  4. velocity-

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    Yes. They lack more complex dashboard shapes, ambient lighting and other gimmicky stuff. But the ui and the app integration are years ahead. Model 3 changed a lot thought, the vegan leather soft touch has expanded quite bit. sadly we sinkies love our badge. I however am ridding my bimmer and merc. I don’t want to be getting rid of them when the resale becomes nothing because of the ev movement. Or when petrol hits 5 dollars a litre.
  5. Fcw75

    GE2020: Singapore General Election - 10 July 2020

    Nothing will happen la. Or maybe LHL want him out coz too outspoken. 😬 From minister to speaker of parliament anyone?
  6. velocity-

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    Precisely. Look at the omv. Registered cost will be around 200k. That’s more than 100k markup. Excluding finance comms. Only in Singapore I guess we have the dealer margin more than the car itself. I hope the model Y comes in at a higher omv and at 200k selling price for the long range or base. This will put the Etron, EQC and IX3 in unfavourable pricing range and drive them out of business eventually.
  7. D05.SI - DBS Group Holdings Ltd SES - SES Delayed Price. Currency in SGD 27.48+0.54 (+2.00%) At close: 5:15PM SGT wow DBS chiong chiong chiong 😂
  8. Mercs

    Mercs: property news & updates

    https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/banking-finance/singapores-ranks-of-the-ultra-wealthy-grew-last-year-despite-pandemic-report Singapore's ranks of the ultra-wealthy grew last year despite pandemic: report (Report also ranks Singapore the world's fourth most desirable place for rich Asian home buyers) https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/real-estate/guocolands-midtown-modern-to-draw-more-families-retirees-into-city-area GuocoLand's Midtown Modern to draw more families, retirees into city area https://sbr.com.sg/economy/in-focus/ultra-wealthy-population-in-apac-rise-33-in-2025 Ultra wealthy population in APAC to rise 33% in 2025 https://sbr.com.sg/residential-property/news/ultra-wealthy-individuals-seek-solace-in-singapore-post-pandemic Ultra wealthy individuals seek solace in Singapore post-pandemic (The Lion City is the most desirable location in Asia for affluent homebuyers) https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-management-news/2021/3/196908/215000-flats-upgraded-through-home-improvement-scheme 215,000 Flats Upgraded Through Home Improvement Scheme https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-guides/tenant-to-homeowner-5-room-flat-sembawang-43759 From Tenant to Homeowner: “It's Just Nice to Have Your Own Place” https://mothership.sg/2021/02/property-market-absd-hdb-lawrence-wong/ Lawrence Wong explains why additional buyer stamp duty remission don't apply to HDB owners who upgrade to private property https://stackedhomes.com/editorial/the-last-tranche-of-en-bloc-fever-homes-from-2017/ https://www.edgeprop.sg/property-news/uol-launch-canberra-drive-project-2q-redevelop-faber-house-and-enhance-odeon-towers UOL to launch Canberra Drive project in 2Q, redevelop Faber House and enhance Odeon Towers https://www.edgeprop.sg/property-news/fortune-park-collective-sale-115-mil Fortune Park up for collective sale from $115 mil
  9. Just finish my run. Weather is so warm even though the PCM mostly under shed. Like running in a sauna.
  10. Spidey10

    GE2020: Singapore General Election - 10 July 2020

    Kings you mean... maybe another 5 part timers and cost us 1.6 mio each.... that time really run road..
  11. Jamesc

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part IX

    Wonder if this guy was the one dropping the wood.
  12. Heartlander

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    This feeling get worse when the world wide oil prices keep going up during the time you own this gas guzzler, as you will expect petrol price to go up in tandem and nothing you can do about. I remember going through this during the 1 year I had the Vellfire no joke. It is not about affordability, but whether you enjoy burning your money like that. Now don't really care any more with a fuel efficient ride haha.
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  14. justmela

    Audi A5 Sportback

    Hey The dealer looking for 149,000 but this is the pre facelift model 188 Bhp model la mulling over staying with the propeller or migrating to the audi land, never driven or owned one before.
  15. Corgom

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    Not sure that it will be that easy to drop pricing. The AD's already have fixed cost ( Whether these cost are justified is a different story ). So my prediction is that things will not dramatically change unless they see a big dent in sales. With that said, I do not think it makes sense to include the price of AP when doing comparisons as that is a 27K option that some people will not want ( Just like not everyone would spec adaptive suspension on the BMW ). -C
  16. Philipkee

    COE Bidding – March 2021

    Depends. Are they going to have a separate cat for EV?
  17. When big rain, prepare for hot and dry days when hot and dry days, prepare for floods
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  19. https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/vaccination This is the official answer
  20. Soya

    Increase comfort level

    Come to richie riche forum ask for free advice, smlj response u expect?.....lol But hor....hard truths oso lah
  21. Scholesy

    Used 7 seater MPV - Best to get?

    Ya agree with u...in today’s time of engine efficiency, damn sian to b driving a car with 7-8km fc. Not jus about the money but everytime, see left 2-3 bar then u know u can’t last the day.
  22. Fcw75

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    Yes that’s my point. BMW and Merc badge more atas.
  23. steveluv

    Makan in Thailand

    This morning I made a Japanese rice noodle breakfast. Spent some time to marinate the pork with dry flatfish (flounder/halibut) powder that I made, it brings the taste of the pork to another level. This is how I prepared the pork its at the start of the video.
  24. inlinesix

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    BMW badge more atas than Tesla le
  25. Fcw75

    OFFICIAL: Tesla Singapore Discussion

    A lot of people here are badge whores and it’s hard to change their perception.
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