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  2. No wonder Mr Dyson gave up building electric cars - you just need to bolt two of these together and screw on a seat to beat anything from him! All for 2500 bucks or less!
  3. Wishcumsback

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    You wish HK gov has the power to "crush the protest" LKY style ? Dream on. If HK gov is to have the power like SG gov have, then the High Court judges will be selected by the gov, work with the gov and has ISA power. The SAR HK gov has none of those.
  4. zipping

    Malaysia: Road Trip to Desaru.....

    Worst case scenario......borrow fr e car behind u or at next lane...pay them in cash to use their TnC card. Inactive card...iirc means cannot use alr (no matter still hav $$ in it or not), e TnG card need to b used/utilize at least once per year for it to b active.
  5. Inlinefour

    Senoko Energy in Trouble?

    SP huat ah ah ah NiHon specialise in JAV only not investment
  6. Saab

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Yes, taken at a customer place.
  7. Heartbreakid

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of November 2019

    Look at 1st round of Nov response. Think the demand for 2nd round will too low, so don't have a new thread for it. Hahaha 😂
  8. Siang hoh fall down and break his leg then he can sit his pma
  9. Jman888

    Malaysia: Road Trip to Desaru.....

    can borrow from the officer sitting inside the booth?
  10. Si4dr

    Malaysia: Road Trip to Desaru.....

    Borrow from your relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbor
  11. Tohto

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Are all this photo taken by you?
  12. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/hong-kongs-emergency-law-how-far-can-it-go I am 90% sure she can. The only issue is the economic implications and what will PLA do in such scenario. That's why it's a tough decision but one that should have been made. My two cents.
  13. No. For three reasons. 1) He might have other motives for inaction. For all we know he is eating popcorn like the rest of us. But it's more likely his advisors told him the political cost of HIM intervening in Hong Kong is more than the cost of him just watching from the sidelines. I believe he is watching closely from the sidelines and his advisors are telling him the politically best option. Like verbally supporting Carrie instead of firing her. 2) Let's assume what I think might have happened actually happened. He told carrie lam to do the needful and she is still waiting for instructions. It still doesn't make him an idiot. BUT it might call into question qualities expected of any future CE of Hong Kong which might also change how they are selected for that role. 3) Let's assume I am wrong. Xjp don't have good advisors and he is actually clueless. Maybe he is really an idiot as well but we will never know it cos I doubt he is going to be so stupid to say something in public and confirm it like saying he has no clue how to settle the issue and he still doesnt know what to do with carrie lam(our private thoughts notwithstanding). The only likely way we will know if he's clueless is if the riots really go out of control and a) Hong Kong actually declares independence and/or b) the riots spread unchecked into china.
  14. Hkies always valued 人权 over many other things... I do recall there was a huge protest many yrs back when hk gahmen wanted police to have rights to search a property belonging to a suspected terrorists without a search warrant... anti-masks law was always set to be challenged anyway.. hkies have a Basic right to protest/ hold demonstrations... out of curiosity.. can hk declare martial law and implement curfew? Or is that decision on China?
  15. She did not invoke state of emergency. That’s the critical point. When fire engine (anti mask law) was send, there was court injunction application that was rejected. However, that judge said judicial review is possible. That’s why your fire engine was out saving fire till now After judicial review, fire engine has to go back. Any law that breaches constitution is unconstitutional.
  16. 2nd round for Nov is this Wed wor... looks like Carbon is away or bo eng
  17. Roaches fund.... https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3038281/hsbc-close-corporate-account-being-used-support-hong-kong
  18. Walau. Judges just sit there to approve craps? Really? 😂😂😂
  19. The judge can’t interpret the law beyond what’s allow under the law. Rather than saying the judge not doing their job, why no one question whether the prosecutors do a good job? If the prosecutor did a crap job, what can the judge do? Suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty
  20. Tohto

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    But no matter what home cook food will never had the wok hei smell. Unless we have the kitchen of @steveluv
  21. What i believe is important. To me. She has EMERGENCY powers. It must be able to handle the crisis at hand. Because the law must support life, law and order. Not give it an excuse to say "hey, this point u no fulfill so application thrown out for a fire engine to put out a fire next door. Sorry. No cannot. Because basic requires all fields must be fulfilled first." So i defer and disagree with the judges. But who cares cos i am not a HKer nor affected. But i must know what is right from wrong as a person. It affects nobody else but my conscience that's why important only to me mah. Just yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  22. Wait a minute... Did not see them so enthusiastic about signing letter to condemn peeping toms/molesters? https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/nus-students-show-support-delivery-riders
  23. Are you saying XJP is an idiot too? XJP 高度肯定Carrie
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