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  2. I envy you. 30+ 5 years ago mean you are only 40 and enjoying life. Not many can afford this here.
  3. What’s the rate now? Heading this weekend. Heard some place 350. Zhun bo??
  4. This phv driver service too good.🤣
  5. Coward - after taking so many lives he then deprives their families of any closure of why, or the satisfaction of seeing justice served by killing himself and his family first. This is 18th level of Hell territory here. And if there’s another 18th level inside there, he deserves to go there too. The least the authorities can do is leave his body in the village square for anyone or any animal to do as they like.
  6. You got another one of you helping (2 ortho) VS u ask scrub nurse help u do something (1 ortho and 1 nurse) . Which one u think is faster and better but not cheaper? You also got better things to do with your time right. Its not that they can't do solo sometimes. But it's stupid to do it solo unless no choice. In hospital, it's the registrar or MO being the human assistant. They just don't get any cut or benefit cos they are just trainees.
  7. I am not a lift expert. Below is just my opinion. The two lifts at my block are from Fujitec. One is few years old and the other has just been replaced. The new one has a strong fan that blows air into the cabin. The older one's fan is not as strong. I believe the air inside the lift shaft is still. When the lift goes up, it pushes the air out through the vent at the top of the shaft. As it descends, it sucks in fresh air from the outside. With the lift car going up and down multiple times everyday, plus the opening of lift doors each time it stops, in this way, there is some ventil
  8. They have no value for their own kin and hopelessness sets in
  9. Oh really ah? Cos many years ago i had shoulder labral op. that time I was under Company insurance cap to $10k, so only 1 doc. For this ACL my personal insurance is as charged then got 2 docs. The total costs was 3 times my shoulder labral op. My insurance fre joke with me i already took back all my premiums paid to date le
  10. Hope she's recovering well!
  11. Quite a lot of ortho ops need two doctors. Your joints need to be manipulated in certain positions.
  12. Sg got Ultimate Angus which is Bacon + Angus Beef Patty. Yesterday, wanted to eat BK in Change Alley. Didn't realise that outlet close shop liao.
  13. Jamesc showroom still got no crowds.
  14. last week my wife went for her surgery, though she opt for B1 cos she also scare to sleep alone but they told her that B1 was reserved (maybe for covid ) and might downgrade her to B2, end up put her in A after the surgery.
  15. Actually I know of many cases from work place and friends who have been infected by COVID-19 recently. None has been to the doctor because their company doesn't require MC. Therefore, the actual number is very high. However, all has recovered within a week with minor cough, fever. If this continues, likely will just stay this way.
  16. They don't allow people to contaminate their single beds lol. No I was lodged in b1. 4 bedder. I wasn't allowed to be in A ward.
  17. This is a translation from Thailand News Urgent. Ex-police shooting. child care center Nong Bua Lamphu Province many deaths https://www-matichon-co-th.translate.goog/region/news_3602798?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp "Until recently at 14.55, reporters reported that Pol.Lt.P. Panya shot the child and wife. before shooting himself"
  18. Kancheong mean need $. Now lost 1 client. 😂
  19. thanks for the tip. I will go and queue tonight. Make sure to be first one to buy car. Car price feels like cabbage price now 😁...quick buy buy buy
  20. Errr...SGH ward A is single one right?
  21. I dunno. I just eat whopper 80% of the time usually. Usually very comfortably satisfied. Mushroom Swiss or turkey bacon if I'm bored.
  22. hence, i fully appreciate and support spore govt super hard stance and ZERO TOLERANCE on GUNS AND DRUGS ...
  23. Becos she kancheong spider, very urgent, sibei desperate lor. Heehee. Then as most GenZ are, being very self righteous and entitled, they also love social media lor. Oooo eh, boh eh also post. Becos they dont know how to manage a simple basic situation….
  24. Similar thing with car. Bring to AD, big issue , small issue all want to replace and change. Bring to workshop, he only tells you those that really need to change.
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