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  2. the taxes he thinks he pays and the taxes , he actually paid
  3. wait Green Corridor packed again.
  4. Jamesc

    EPL- 2020/2021

    Man City always play from the back except in the last few games against Liverpool. Pep pays us the ultimate compliment by not always playing from the back and kicking it out from the back.
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  6. You've missed out the main point in which Voodooman had pointed out. There's still a big percentage of people below 45 who aren't vaccinated yet, and we have 15 unlinked cases in the community today. So these unvaccinated people are at risk. And it's not necessarily the Indian variant as well, it could be the UK variant (the next most probable looking at the infected numbers so far). And yes, agreed that social restrictions should be self imposed at this point already.
  7. Beregond

    EPL- 2020/2021

    ya loh, normally final are boring, 1 -1 extra time pen. the most common, last time when italy won the wc and europe also. lol 1 of the most entertaining final is ac milan vs pools when pools fight back and win on pen, ( i curse alot )
  8. More than 48 hours since my 2nd jab. Not much reaction other than the sore arm at injection site. Think my needle lao hong liao. Saw they took it from a tray on the table, not from a fridge or ice box. Don't know sitting in room temperature for how long.
  9. One is my nieces works at the airport, 12 hours shift, really tough. She is not married and stays with her extended family. She and her family dare not visit any one of us recently. She is thinking if she should quit to safeguard herself and her family. Given she is vaccinated (not everyone in her family is) and there are only 3 patients in ICU now, her boss said she really has very little to fear. Yes, agree with you that watching porn doesn't guarantee performance. Lol.
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    EPL- 2020/2021

    Its Ole fault ...
  11. Jamesc

    EPL- 2020/2021

    I blame the fans. If they didn't invade the pitch and just protest peacefully. Man Utd had a good chance to beat Pool at home. And not lose to Leicester to gift the title to City without even kicking a ball.
  12. Macrosszero

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part X

    One year ago, almost to the day. Just like road tax, its time to renew liao lah. Thanks for the 🍻
  13. Turboflat4

    Suzuki Swift driver loses control and crashes on famous '99 Bends'

    Noob. Earlier downshift with rev match + left-foot braking with balanced throttle through the decreasing radius corner might have saved his ass. Oh well.
  14. Spring

    EPL- 2020/2021

    Finals are seldom entertaining cos too much at stake so I don't blame both teams for playing for a result. That said, Pool are more saavy in not insisting on playing from the back unlike some teams who die die refuse to compromise and in fact feel its a slight on them if they back down from the principles. Flawed way of thinking IMO.
  15. The government's message is as good as asking people to avoid all these crowded places already, disinfected or not. The underlying message is pretty clear, and they didn't explicitly state that there isn't a need to avoid these places this time.
  16. Victor68

    Full Totalitarian State - Xinjiang

    Boy, I told you many times. All news from anywhere, you needs to read many times AND that includes EXPECIALLY USA. Even after reading, use your own brain to think first. Cannot understand, go back to history because events have proven track records. that is why history is important. Whatever past, we have to let go but never forget. your idea of English Media is the only reliable source is something I cannot change you. But Chinese media are also not all reliable including Singapore source.
  17. i find this part very funny lor.. we very notty wan.. stop someone on weekend and ask them why go out and you will hear maybe: exercise. necessary buy food. necessary send food to parents. necessary hair cut. necessary hair wash. lol bubble tea. can SD with friends shhhh..
  18. Spring

    EPL- 2020/2021

    Even Klopp mentioned that it was a crime for United to play 3 games in 5 days. He also said he didn't blame Ole for putting out an under strength team vs Leicester. Former City player Trevor Sinclair called for United to be deducted points for fielding an almost 2nd string team against the Foxes which is ridiculous to say the least. I think we all have to stop blaming United and in fact if anybody to be blamed, I would say EPL authorities for arranging this kind of ridiculous scheduling. I already mentioned that there was an opportunity to inverse the fixtures WBA v Pool and United v Pool but they didn't for whatever reason. No difference to Pool if this was done but a world of difference for United. For WBA, this 36th round of fixtures was originally schedule for midweek of this week anyway. Think need me to sit on EPL fixture board 😃
  19. What is the biggest difference between now and a year ago with regard to this covid-19? Let me repeat the umpteen times even in this forum that as of now, the indian variant is not causing anyone vaccinated with major symptoms. Those vaccinated will get only common flu symptoms. And we are blessed to be living in this country where we have first class medical facilities that know how to handle the infected properly. So I am not sorry that I am not becoming afraid and paranoid like many of you here seems to be leaning towards. But I have also been cautioning everyone to practice restraint and not papazao. At least me and my family have not been out for a long time except for occasional meals in kopitiam and that few occasions to eat in restaurants. This is in order not to be spreading the virus inadvertently. Ok please do not anyhow accuse me of being irresponsible. We can look at events and interpret differently but do live responsibly.
  20. what purposely? only one word for him KAYU. Cannot handle this car
  21. Angmo countries......with the state-mandated military service like singapore? No. Don’t think young singaporean is that weak because of home weather.. https://www.cmpb.gov.sg/web/portal/cmpb/home/life-in-ns/saf/basic-military-training Are all S’pore’s young getting ‘soft’?No. ....Maybe those too "spoilt" and "pampered“ ones from the richer family. The poorer ones still have that “nothing much to lose” altitude ...i feel.
  22. Lousy cam, nice stereo.
  23. teomingern

    10 days self drive in Hokkaido

    Oh... at first I thought drive from South Japan (Kyushu) to North Japan (Hokkaido)... thought it would be helpful for my planned trip... but only Hokkaido...
  24. mersaylee

    How I cope with WFH (Working from home)

    Agreed. I was very lucky when my boss was reluctant to back me up when I requested for an extension of deadline for a project but his counterpart from another department was willing to take the hit for me...now he's my boss's boss 😁
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