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  2. Buay tahan! Laugh till my tears come out!
  3. Thanks bro, this is very important to me.
  4. Passed by this accident about 30 mins after it happened. Saw 2 VW Golfs stopped there, was wondering if they were involved. Apparently not lol.
  5. what happen to the BM? swinging back and forth, panic? agree, looks like another raicing , this time round with a scirocco.
  6. Fast food price big big on sign board why never see before ordering and then complain? People getting more stupid these days. If they want Mac prices go to Macs If they want to have 5 guys then pay 5 guy prices.
  7. NSFs enjoy special Lunar New Year lunch with baked duck leg, steamed fish & oranges One of the more special meals they might get in their two years. https://mothership.sg/2023/01/nsf-special-lunar-new-year-lunch/?fbclid=IwAR21mVVhuUN7TW6IKNnIyArKWpNQ7ObwwE7rR0k3wDqmgu41K8VYqM37D4Q Nixon Tan | January 30, 2023, 01:05 PM While most of us had a chance to enjoy the Lunar New Year holidays, a number of full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) boarded a ferry to Pulau Tekong to continue their Basic Military Training (BMT). Fortunately, despite being away from family th
  8. Atonchia


    Wordle 591 4/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟩⬜ 🟩🟩⬜🟩⬜ 🟩🟩⬜🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  9. i dont know guru or expert, but I am sure MCF has many sexperts.
  10. PSP415


    30 seconds. 😅
  11. 有钱有房又有车,你怕没有family?如果你肯挨刀,还可以娶四个老婆😆😆😆。
  12. more racing on the roads involving lancer lution and see loh koo ah?
  13. "...With great power comes great road tax In Malaysia, you're taxed based on how much you're pushed back in your seat when you go full throttle on your EV. Credit: Paultan.org ..."
  14. if only either one of them had given way a bit, it would have been a non event. Now BBQ liao lor.
  15. another day, another(two) clown(s).
  16. Nunez new country, new language, new team mates, new playing style and Portuguese league is not exactly the strongest. Gekpo same Dutch league not exactly the strongest. They need time to bed in. The top 6 teams now except us bought so many duds and still the owners pump in more millions. Man U wasted 73 million on Sancho and 62 million on Martial but owners still pump in another 300 million. Arsenal wasted 72 million on Pepe and 56 million on Auba but owners still pump in another 300 million. City can waste 100 million on Girlish and 70 million on Mahrez to
  17. 🤣🤣🤣 Motorcycles Crashing Down On Tight Turn 20230103.mp4
  18. jialat... that season when sold lovren, also didn't think need to buy CBs... then like bowling pins, all dropped, and we struggled for whole season. this season it's the midfield turn... actually defence and attack also badly hit... just no strength in depth... pool had lots of jinx teams over the years. at one point, it was palace, also got west ham... am sure there were more but can't remember...
  19. Dunno, but definitely a hansum man walked past them 😀
  20. Per the subject, would you do it? (ok, it's only MY, not that 'foreign') Went with family for a short trip to JB after Christmas, and actually did it. It started with a trip to AEON Tebrau on day 2 of our trip. It was in any case more for wife and kids to do some shopping, and I had just had dental procedure done few days ago so didn't quite enjoy the trip as my tooth was still in some discomfort. On the way back to our car at the MSCP, and as we opened the boot to put in the shopping bags, from behind a tall vehicle (i think it was another SUV) parked behind us, suddenly there
  21. @Freeder Tesla isn’t the only EV game in town anymore. There’s going to be lots of competition from new and established car manufacturers. If Tesla doesn't remain competitive- others will. BYD, SAIC and 600+ other Chinese car manufacturers are forcing Tesla to drop prices in China. As the EV vehicle numbers grow in Singapore, some of those Chinese EV car manufacturers are going for their fair share of the market. They’re hoping that Tesla continues to sit on their laurels and there’s still enough Tesla fanatics who are willing to pay the price. Once that pool is exhausted, the more saner
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