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  2. @thebestbees i guess to most comfort in the car is more important? cant really do much with all that power when traffic is congested and roads are filled with traffic cameras and speed limit on roads is 60-90kmph 😂
  3. A re-print after the author passed on. Brought back a lot of memories of simpler times, without mobile phones and social media.
  4. @VWenthusiast that’s what we have been “ conditioned “ to accept underpowered cars and say they are “ good enough “ for Singapore. To me driving an underpowered or downtuned car is just unbearable..
  5. Just use 5% Ave dividend yield. Portfolio will be 20 times annual dividends. 30k x 12 x 20. About 7.2m. 👍
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  7. Atonchia


    Wordle 1,090 3/6 🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟩⬜🟨⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Lucky guess
  8. Forgot to mention, pic is taken from internet and numbers are all fabricated for purpose of toapow
  9. For taxation reasons? Wow, 5 series with 1.6L. Really laughable. At least Mercedes call themselves E180.
  10. hahahaha I asked already no one reply, but I still went ahead. Boss Ah How nice, so share experience la😉
  11. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/property/agents-gave-kickbacks-bankers-took-cuts-ethics-flew-out-window-money-launderers-deals Time to take more people to task. clean up the house !!
  12. Wow finally finished 择天记。took a long break, finished the last quarter of the series after about few days of reading. I find the theme of the story is more consistent. The last chapter could be better but I always find 猫腻 likes to end on a 漏风 ending. Have to say dunno how he plans his stories man. The depth of the plot twists always staggers me. Something he writes in the first chapter or some random cryptic stuff said ties in like the last 2 books of the series. Really can't think of any English language story with such a multitude of side characters and how they all interlink.
  13. Mine didn't have option to stick on windscreen.
  14. I thought smarttag and RFID help to prevent traffic buildup at toll gates? Don't think tapping TnG card can work in high traffic KL/ Klang Valley area during peak hours.
  15. Why u Ownself answer Ownself? U from which glass loot one🤭?
  16. Kb27

    Home Aircon

    It was just a question. Point is, bleach, although it kills bacteria, virus, it is also corrosive to metal and other materials, so use it carefully. The last time I use bleach on FCU, it corroded the remote control pcb and destroyed the copper tracks. So that my remote control stopped working. So now, I have a theory, use bleach only on ground level, like cleaning floors, but not on anything higher than that. 😁
  17. found this online on Lemon Law, hope the checklist can help those who're buying used cars - CASE checklist: https://i.i-sgcm.com/news/article_news/2017/16587_1.pdf https://www.sgcarmart.com/articles/advice/lemon-law-for-cars-in-singapore-what-you-need-to-know-30845
  18. Congrats Shanti. https://mothership.sg/2024/06/shanti-pereira-tan-zong-yang-engaged/ S'pore sprint queen Shanti Pereira, 27 & ex-sprinter Tan Zong Yang, 30, engaged
  19. CAR SPRAY PAINTING IN SINGAPORE Mazda 3 Int & Ext spray Using PPG Paint 📲Whatsapp us @ 91396664 Or click the link for instant enquiry https://wa.link/brl6nr 25 kaki bukit road 4, #05-36/37 synergy @ Kb. https://divinesplash.com/ https://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant_products.php?MID=16355
  20. went to KHY for pre-check today, he even asked agent on the price and suggested to us to consider renew 10yrs. 😄 There was another customer who wanted to change a part, he just told them don't need to change after checking, got money but don't anyhow earn de - really hard to find. 1000👍 to him.
  21. This one showroom door open remotely for me. Wa mai la. Run road....
  22. 20240612_211301.mp4 No eat chicken. Portions were huge.
  23. The pomfret is a giant, about 35cm by 25cm maybe, 4 of my palms and i have big hands. quoted 90000won for it.
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