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  2. Sibei b**tard, assurance package received only $200. But kena hammered 1,000 times more in other taxes. KNNBCCB Pwui!!!
  3. They top 3 already. Over take man c. The super dark horse.
  4. @Fitmugen bro, dont believe what is reported as fact in the news/media. What even the supply curve etc. That's nonsense. We are taking advantage of the current 'high' coe prices to get revenue, revenue and more revenue.
  5. @D3badge coe is high. they bring forward more now, they earn more of the current high coe prices while keeping in line of their stated policy of 0% growth rate (sort of ; but not really sort of for smarter people). they want the money. they will do it. why not. its basic logic. Its not so much about wanting to moderate coe prices as per what was 'discussed' in parliament. You think they care about you and giving you lower coe prices? lmao. It is what it is. I drive. I have given my fair share.
  6. another week, another shooting ... nothing to see here AMDK for the win ...
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  8. Next match against Palace away can be tricky for Pool. 🙏
  9. City was quite bad last night. I watched the match till the wee hours of the morning after finish watching the Pool match. Their passing were quite in a disarray and their usual pin-point crosses mostly went stray. I think Pep did a string of subs in the 2nd half when he noticed things were not good. Still it didn't improve.
  10. Villa must be the most improved team this season. The next match between Villa vs Arsenal will be exciting.
  11. For that kind of budget I'll suggest the Sony WF 700.. If you don't need ANC, then the 500 is good value..
  12. Please call Sengkang SPC station before heading there. Dunno they still have any vouchers left
  13. I used my existing SPC voucher $5 off to pump $70. I asked the counter staff and told me min to pump $30 without voucher
  14. Sony WF-1000XM5 is generally accepted as one of the best... Though I personally prefer Sennheiser sound.. For more budget friendly choices, take a look at edifier ones.. soundpeats sound also not bad, but I think build quality wise edifier is better.
  15. Waiting to get “ checked out “ by Radx for one way ticket to ☠️ Mandai lah🤣🤣 , so far I got regularly done MRI’s every couple of years by Ortho….and heart stress also . doc said trade off is good heart for back or knees …..mechanicals easier to handle I guess with metals/ implants 🤣
  16. He forgot rule of thumb don't accelerate when turning?
  17. Lots of them with dubious driving licenses. Same with India. I would think all fake one. 20years back majority of the trucks were still driven by locals and Malaysians. Not so bad. Now is cowboy town with all the rubbish licenses and lack of enforcement. Majority of the accidents are them driving recklessly and killing their own countrymen sitting behind.
  18. Wet roads and power oversteer. Probably electric van with instant torque. You get this with the champion Ferrari driver who crash at the ECP at the section where you have flowers plants as dividers. The Ferrari should have good tires.
  19. The biggest problem for both Ukraine and Russia is air power. Russia air defense has problem identifying its own troop resulted in a lot of score own goal. Ukraine don't have much air force to talk about. To turn things around, Ukraine need air power and bigger bomb to cut off Kerch Bridge. Once Kerch Bridge is gone, ripple effect of counter-offence will take place.
  20. KNN beat red light in front of ambulance! CCB bangala
  21. Beautiful move, as if in unison. The ending is splendid to show the audience on both left and right sides. I give 9.5/10 tomatoes!
  22. Voodooman


    Wordle 901 3/6 🟦⬛⬛🟧⬛ ⬛⬛⬛🟦⬛ 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧
  23. @Ct3833 still a long way based on yr data….~4years later those who changed new car in 2020-2021 can wait tho haha
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