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Found 289 results

  1. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  2. Discoburg

    Car reviews by SGCM

    Just seen the SG Car martNissan Serena, Mini Cooper S clubman and the Mercedes G Wagon review videos in Youtube. Nice content and a bit funny also. Prefer the Jon guy over the short guy in the Nissan Serena video. https://www.youtube.com/user/SGCMVids/videos
  3. By popular demand. See what Julian, Jon, and Idris picked for their Top 5 cars for the first time driver or buyer and let us know if you agree or disagree with them.
  4. OnePlus 7T Review: The Best Phone Value https://www.tomsguide.com/reviews/oneplus-7t?utm_source=tg-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20191001-tg FOR Phenomenal value Great software Blistering performance Speedy charging Excellent build quality Macro mode works well AGAINST Camera bump is an eyesore No wireless charging Only average battery life It may have taken far longer than it should have, but premium phone makers are finally listening. They’re beginning to realize, after months of flagging sales and iterative new models commanding huge price tags, that customers won't pay more if they can avoid it. I couldn’t help but think about these buyers as I got to know the OnePlus 7T over the past week. Six months after the company unveiled the $669 OnePlus 7 Pro, its most ambitious device yet, the new $599 OnePlus 7T includes many of that device’s best features in a trimmed-down, slightly cheaper package. The 7T feels like a response to fans who worried that the value-conscious brand had become distracted from its founding ethos about focusing on the basics and rejecting needless bells and whistles. Thankfully, the new model is a return to those OnePlus handsets of old — a device that meets or exceeds the status quo for flagship handsets while sliding in several hundred dollars cheaper than what you’d pay elsewhere. Stunning performance and a state-of-the-art display land it on our list of the best smartphones. However, if you’re after a class-leading camera or pocketable design, OnePlus still might not be the brand for you. Bottom line The OnePlus 7 Pro might represent the pinnacle of the company’s product line at the moment, but the OnePlus 7T is the one I reckon most people on the hunt for an affordable Android flagship should buy. The 7 Pro’s best feature — it’s 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display — is intact here, as well as its 48-MP main camera and ultrawide shooter. The 7T’s processor is faster than that inside any other premium Android handset this year, save for Asus’ ROG Phone 2. Even Google’s Pixel 4 is expected to ship with a less powerful CPU and less RAM. The 7T’s battery charges ludicrously quickly, and its computational photography — while not in the same class as Apple’s or Google’s — is still respectable for the price. And price is a big advantage. The 7T costs just $599 — practically half what an iPhone 11 Pro with the same 128GB of storage goes for. You could certainly argue Apple’s range-topping iPhone is a better device. But twice as good? Not a chance. I’m forever astounded by how OnePlus continually manages to undercut the competition by a significant margin, while producing phones that don’t feel anywhere near as inexpensive as they cost. You’d expect corners to be cut somewhere, but between the 7T’s meticulously-crafted software and feature-packed hardware, there’s no catch — just the best flagship bargain of the year.
  5. Whatsapp us now! Whatsapp us now!
  6. My friend went to Sung Beng to have his stereo fixed(pulling of cables for amp and 4 speakers with installation of 4 speakers). He was quoted $400 for the job, which seems ridiculously high. So after some negotiation, the price was dropped to $280 which imo still expensive as I have been quoted $100 for pulling cables and $40 per pair of speakers. Note that all cables and equipment were self provided. Anyway, they claim that they do a detailed job, therefore their prices are so high. Since they claim to be professionals, friend agreed to let them do it. Upon completion and to our horror, we found that they pulled the speaker cables from the amps to the headunit and connect it back to the speakers via the stock cables. Sad... $280 for a job that seems like $80 worth. Just to warn brudders who are looking for an installer.
  7. Mockngbrd

    Driving a classic Mini

  8. TeamAMG69

    OZ HyperGT HLT review

    Hi Friends ! Thinking of getting OZ HyperGT HLT to replace my current stock rims (MERC W205) https://www.ozracing.com/alloy-wheels/oz-racing/i-tech/hypergt-hlt Will like to hear your comments or thought on it ... 1) some people commented that OZ wheels (Hyper GT) may not be able to support the weight of W205 (Curb weight 1,635 kg) for discussion, 4 Adults - 85kg each, with 2 travel luggage (40KG) - total 2015kg (exclude tyres) how / where can i find the max weight that OZ GT can support? roughly how much buffer should I give? 2) also some say OZ wheels hit pot holes sure GG, is there any truth to it? or just urban legends? many thanks!
  9. Hi, Anyone use Bridgestone techno sport tyres before? Any review will be much appreciated. Time to change tyres for my ride.
  10. Vratenza

    Hudway Cast Review

    Hudway Cast Review Got my Hudway Cast from crowd funding recently (finally after a few months of delay). Promised a review of the unit for those who might be considering buying it. First off, a few pictures of the box and the unit. The undernearh the main unit within the box contains the accessories: - the dash mount that has a semi adhesive backing. - small Allen key to adjust the tilt of the unit over the mount. - ciggerate socket lighter plug power cord - a bag of plastic cord organiser with 3m double sided stickers to stick to your car dash - quick start instruction manual booklet and device safety booklet What is not included but I ordered as optional accessory is the OBDII connector/power cord. With this accessory, it allows me to free up the clutter at my centre console ciggy lighter socket area and let me have the car speed and rpm on display when my Hudway Cast is not connected to my phone. I feel this is a must have to maximise the capability of the Cast. This is how I position my Cast and how I laid the power cord see the blue arrow heads: This is how OBDII is connected to my car's. I tucked the excess cords out of the way under the foot well lining: The Hudway Cast positioned where the transparent display just above the engine hood top and the main machine unit is below the hood top. This will maximise the field of vision while reducing the main unit's obtrusion into the essential driving field: The display looks bigger than what I can capture by my phone camera. Maybe it's something to do with the way the image is projected. Anyway the image is crisp and sharp; I am unable to get a picture of the Cast displaying my Waze/Google map since the display will always cast whatever is on my phone when I goes into camera mode to take a picture... You guys have to take an Internet sourced picture as reference to the quality.. It looks like this: Will post my thoughts and comments next=> Build quality: the packaging and the unit itself feels very high quality. Will not look out of place in an expensive luxury car. Ease of hardware set up: Very intuitive and plug and play. I am abit obsessive about not cluttering my dash, so took abit of time to lay and route the power cord in a way it is hidden from view most of the way. Ease of mobile phone connection setup (android): I am using Samsung Galaxy S9+. Initially I thought it was connected via bluetooth so spent some time trying to search for the Hudway Cast's Bluetooth ID... Turned out I have to make use of the Samsung version of miracast, named Smart View. It is a form of WiFi connection. Once you make the first connection, it's pretty easy to connect from the pull down quick settings menu of the phone. Main function of the Hudway Cast: It does it's job very well. Imagine your waze/Google map in semi transparent 8 inch phone displayed in your line of sight. The navigation voice and phone sounds are played through an on board speaker of decent mono quality. Volume can be adjusted via the physical buttons on the unit. The screen brightness level can be adjusted via Hudway cast app. The screen brightness also auto adjust according to varying ambient lighting. For eg, when entering the tunnel, it will dim the display so that you do not get the glare and when exiting, it will tune up the brightness so that the display remain visible under the sun. - it will auto power on and off when you start and stop the engine. - once connected, it will cast ANYTHING from your phone ..... YouTube, movies, ebooks..... But who does that while driving? Cons: - the boot up slightly slow, so have to wait abit for the unit to be ready to connect to cast - have to manually connect to cast (still figuring how to automate the connection process if possible) - the phone needs to be in landscape mode for the screen to display in maximum dimension. So either you get a phone mount that can hold the phone horizontal or you lock your phone in landscape mode manually while driving. Overall Conclusion: Am pretty happy with the purchase and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality aftermarket HUD that can do alot more stuff that all car manufacturer's HUD cannot. .. Cast your waze/Google map in it's full glory.
  11. chitchatboy

    Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro reviewed by Carfection

    The Mercedes-AMG GT R was never a soft car but the folks at Affalterbach think that there are people who want an even more focused car, giving birth to the newly-launched Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. With 577bhp and 700Nm, the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 produces exactly the same amount of power and torque as the GT R. It also does the century sprint in 3.6 seconds and has a has a top speed of 318km/h identical to the non-Pro variant. So what is so special about the car? Watch the video above by Carfection and see what its host, Henry Catchpole has to say.
  12. Annyeong! MyCarForum is offering giveaways for all car grooming enthusiasts! Grooming your ride is already a tedious chore. Finding an available washing bay, then washing, claying and polishing your car in our sunny island can be quite tiring! But luckily, Bullsone has recently reached our shores and they would like to make your car grooming experience a pleasant one. Not only that, they also have a quality product that ensures your car achieves a veneer-like condition! Bullsone Singapore is giving out car care products for MCF members to give it a try! You may choose 2 out of these products and you will also receive 1 bonus product (total worth up to $56)! Bullsone First Class Crystal Coat Bullsone Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi Purpose Cleaner Bullsone Firstclass Extreme Wheel Cleaner Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirrors Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Bonus products (while stocks last) Bullsone RainOK Speed Spray Bullsone Saladdin Car Deodoriser (Forest) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (No Fragrance) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (Mint) We will arrange the items to be collected at the sgCarMart office, or a meet up at Kallang Leisure Park. You can choose your preferred venue and collection timing at the registration page. For the first 30 members who have written a review, we will also be giving away Bullsone Bullsoneshot Pro (worth $19.90), a deep cleaning fuel additive that is proven to clean and protect your engine from harmful deposits! Join us now by selecting your most desired Bullsone product! Our admin will drop you a PM to confirm your entry! Do check you PM frequently! Have fun grooming your car with Bullsone! Love My Car! Shortlisting criteria: Only for MCF Premium Members Neutral Newbie needs to at least have 20 posts Registration fee: $10 REGISTRATION CLOSED Terms and Conditions After payment is completed, kindly self-collect the item at venue and date that you have chosen. You can share your reviews at these pages before 28 July 2017 Bullsone First Class Body Crystal Coat Bullsone First Class Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi-Purpose Cleaner Bullsone First Class Extreme Wheel Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirror Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Those who have submitted 2 product reviews at pages above may claim a Bullsoneshot Pro - Enhanced Total Fuel System Treatment for Gasoline Engine 500 ml worth $19.90! The reward needs to be collected at SGCM Pte Ltd, 61 Ubi Avenue 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06 from Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM, before 18 August 2017 The total worth of items a member could claim for this giveaway is up to $76!
  13. Some cars make you feel like a speed demon, others turn heads as they past you. Some are simply anonymous work horses, and yet others are so poorly made you feel shy telling others what you drive. But how about a funky little number that makes you feel like Noddy and is fun to look at, fun to drive and makes you want to go on an adventure? So I recently went over to North America and I was supposed to get a full sized sedan, and they offered me a Nissan Ultima, a typical workhorse of the rental car fleet... reliable, spacious and utterly boring... So I did the Oliver Twist thing and asked, “are there more choices?” Coincidentally someone had just returned a car and the kind man at Thrifty car rental allowed me to choose amongst the other cars he had, and I spied that unmistakable form in bright red, newly washed, sitting next to the grey Nissan Ultima. The choice was obvious, and I took the keys to the car and put all my gear in it. Now there are many names for this kind of vehicle, crossover, minivan or even hatchback, and its not dissimilar to my own bread van back home. The Kia Soul has a high roofline, measuring around 1.6m high, a short length of 4.1m with minimal overhang and a cliff like front, plus a pert rear. This car was supposed to be shaped like a bear with a backpack, but it looked more like Noddy the cartoon character’s hat. Despite the short length, the interior is quite spacious, and will sit a six footer in front and another behind him. It will take three abreast at a pinch, but for longer road trips, it’s best to stick to four people in the car. You do get enough space for two large bags or suitcases and another carry on, more if you fold the rear seats down. The rear floor is flat and you can slip your feet under the front seats. This plus the fact that you sit quite upright, allows surprising amount of legroom and space. At first glance, you will find most important instrumentation in your sight, and you will find a comfortable sitting position quite easily. However as mentioned, you will sit more upright than in a sports car, and whilst some prefer to slouch, I found this to be far more comfortable especially for long distance driving. The view out of the vast front widescreen is good and visibility all round is excellent. The kit provided will vary, but you should get passive safety gear like ABS and airbags, and a useful reverse camera as standard. Depending on the trim, you may get more extra. I drove the EX which has a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine mated to a six speed auto and this combination is also found in many other Kia cars like the Optima and cousins in the Hyundai family too. If you get the top SX trip, you will get a sweet 1.6 turbo that will turn this cute car into a hot hatch. The interior is well screwed together and the materials used are quite good. Not as impressive as the top conti cars, but a far cry from even Kia cars one generation ago. Switchgear is decent, and should last for years. So having given you a run down of the basic gist of the car, how does it drive? Well I took it across the province of Quebec, up some mountains and down to the seaside, and in short, it was a blast ! I started out in the city, so the more diminutive proportions allow it to squeeze into smaller spaces and it was also easy to park. The higher sitting position, coupled with the good all round visibility made it an easy drive around town. Now after a quick lunch, we took it out to the highway and tested the 163 horses more. It’s no Stinger, and the engine is no honda VTEC, so you get a more agricultural sound, and you will find the gearbox tends to drop gears with anything more than a light tap o n the accelerator. However whilst the engine is vocal, it doesn’t lack oomph and will keep up with traffic on the highway nicely. However it does lack good insulation and when you take it onto cobblestone roads, the din prevent proper conversation. It’s better on the highway, especially if you have the radio on. Even so, you will find better sound insulation on more expensive cars. It’s alright for the money. Despite the smaller and light body, fuel consumption is not much to boast about. You can around 8.3 l per 100km on highway driving. I suspect the form factor does not cut through the wind well. It’s stable on the highway at three digit speeds, but it feels reluctant to extend itself and gets pushed back by the wind. This car also need a longer last gear or a seventh gear. No one is going to traipse through mud and forest in this, but the higher ground clearance helps when you go off the tarmac on the odd occasions. At the end of the day is it a car you will buy? Well if you tire of those typical sedans, don’t need another sports car or even the current craze on SUVs then here you have a cool, funky, small but spacious car that will stand out in any car park. Get it in bright colors like red and yellow. Pros Spacious funky looks in a small and affordable package. Good interior and fittings Cons Could do with a smoother engine and longer gearing Sound insulation basic
  14. Recently come across more and more disgruntled voices (some that I can think of in recent memory includes @Turboflat4, @jamesc, @eviilusion, myself) with regards to the anonymous function when giving praise or dislike, especially the dislike portion of it. I do recognize that MCF points cannot be exchanged for grocery vouchers and one should not be overly mindful of the points since it has no impact in your real practical life what so ever. I also recognize that anonymous function do have it's positive role and use eg. when we want to give another person further praise and need to cycle through at least 10 other person, sometimes I will use the anonymous like to give 1 point to some posts that did not particularly shout out to me but is fair in the contents. In between 5 and 1 point, given the current "market rate" , 1 point will seem a little stingy, therefore anonymous function will be useful here. If anyone have used the dislike function before, one will know that to give a dislike, you will have to enter some reason for the dislike before the system allows you to do so. I will assume that is some sort of deterrent for wanton use of the dislike function. But frankly, is this system effective? Do the mods monitor the content entered? I did get some dislike points with the comments totally not linked to the topic the supposed anonymous person is disliking for . or Simply a "haha" or some nasty words. That to me is personal attack. And the funny thing is I have never even met the person in real life. I also realised that this function has been abused by intellectually challenged people with oversized ego to "get back at the person" when they have been out debated in the open. If the system owner thinks that giving a dislike (reasons required) should be handled differently from giving a praise (no reasons required), then shouldn't it be time to review if anonymous function for the dislike should be abolished? If the anonymous function for dislike is abolished, it will make people think harder if they really want to give the dislike and if they are willing to stand by their differing point of view and defend it in the open in an intellectual discussion rather than sniping in the dark. I must come up and say outright that I myself have used the anonymous dislike function during the early days of my forum participation when I was too hot headed and taking things too seriously. I apologize sincerely to those (not that many lah ) I have given anonymous dislike to previously. That is not something I am particularly proud of and is hoping we can make some changes for the betterment of MCF.
  15. MyCarForum is offering giveaways for all Goodyear Tyres' Owners! Having over 100 years of experience in producing excellent tyres, Goodyear has a selection of tyres available in the market that suit individual’s driving style and preferences. Goodyear Singapore is giving out ONE SET of Goodyear Tyres of YOUR CHOICE and Merchandises to lucky car owners! Simply follow the 3 simple steps to a chance to win: JOIN NOW Campaign ends on 30 June 2018 *Terms & Condition Redemption of Tyres of Your Choice is not applicable for Run on Flat (ROF) tyres. Redemption will be done for a single transaction. Remaining amount is not exchangeable with cash or another voucher and will be automatically forfeited. Redemption does not include fitment/installation fee. The prize is redeemable strictly at Authorised Goodyear Dealer only. Redeemed tyres have to be fitted onto a car and not cash & carry. Sizes of tyres are subjected to availability. Goodyear Singapore reserves the right to replace the prize with other forms of similar value in the event of no available stock on the tyre size requested.
  16. Theman

    Opel Zafira 1.8, any review?

    Hi bro, Since this forum is dominated mainly by Jap car owner, I am just interested to find out is there any Open Zafira owner, care to share your reveiw? such as FC, etc. Actuall initially aiming for Honda Stream, but the Stream price keep rising is almost the conti price now, and now think is running a promotion on Zafira, i am quite tempted now, but just that worry about the fuel consumption, coz traditioanlly conti car is more thirsty. thanks in advace... :)
  17. I drive a honda ridgeline pickup truck and my wife drive a honda civic. I've been looking for a decent jumpstarter that would be powerful enough for both of our vehicles. Rather then having 2 various models it just seemed easier to get two identical units. After reading reviews on several various jump-starters I opted for this model. Now the most negative thing I could find about this thing was it lacked a flat charger so you couldn't leave it plugged in. For me that's not even a factor, after all I bought this to charge it and then put it in the trunk of my wifes car and in the cargo area of my truck. I don't intend on leaving this plugged in. So if you plan on using this HOW IT IS DESIGNED then you too don't even need to worry about the lack of a float charger. That being said, the unit itself is a bit heavy, imagine picking up really big battery, that's essentially what this is. It has some weight to it. The jumpstarter itself also features an interesting little light that pivots as well as an air compressor. I've heard/read back reviews on the air compressor, for me it's not why I bought it. But initial checks it looks like it works fine and even has somewhere to store the air hose which is really nice. The one negative I have on this thing is the power switch for the air compressor is on the back and is not protected. In other words it could in theory be flipped on and drain the battery. So when you need to jump your car the starter would be dead. I wish they put a cover or moved the switch but honestly it would take a perfect mistake for that to get turned on so it's really not that critical. To prevent this from potentially happening I actually went down to Target and bought 2 milk crates,one for me and one for my wife. I put a jump starter, first aid kit, oil, etc in the crate so it's essentially the roadside emergency crate and also protects the jumpstarter from getting knocked around and/or turned on. Overall I spent $140 total on 2 of these and I'm really happy with the quality. They charge overnight easily, the indicator lights show you the charge remaining on the battery and it has power ports for 12volt and USB which is an added bonus. If you need a jumpstarter I would definitely consider this one.
  18. The company cannot tahan people comment/review and took away the review feature on their FB Retailer can fight back but they are not always the winner. https://www.facebook.com/fantasydesserts.co/
  19. Steptronic

    JCube opened - Any review?

    I saw a long "Q" around JCube yesternight and all the sorrounding parkings full. Anyone visited? How is it? Sincerly hope that IMM parking gets better soon!
  20. Hi Bros, am browsing for a van for small business startup, low budget and considering those left 1-2yrs coe ones first. any bros out there owned a fiat fiorino before ? any advice or honest review ? I googled and seems not much threads on fiat fiorino locally >< Appreciate any advice on this model ( 2008-2010 model ) Thanks a mil !
  21. Cow28

    Nexen 672 review needed

    Looking at buying nexen 672. Relatively cheap with threads that looks quiet and safe. Any one on them can post a review ? Thanks !!
  22. Orac

    Kumho KU36 review

    Hi, Anyone has first hand review of Kumho KU36? I am thinking of getting KU36 in my next change. Heard from a particular shop that quite a few sets of KU36 had been sold. KU36 has been in the market for almost 6mths now, just wondering if anyone has tried this tyre and would like to find out how well it holds on wet road. Cheers Orac
  23. as above. quite long liaoz hor.... i need to prepare more $ for taxes thats y i ask....
  24. Achtung

    Toyota Caldina GT4 Review

    My last experience with a Toyota was in the likes of a Celica SS1 from 2001-2003. Thus far, I had pleasant experiences with Toyota and relished owning one again. The draw to powerful marques came on for a high testorone male in me and at that time, the Toyota Caldina GT4 was born. A quick check with Ricardo motors then came up with an incredulous price tag of S$150K+. Lest not forget, COE was high then. Therefore, the idea of owning one was quickly relegated and the GT4 soon became a dream rather than a reality. I moved on quickly and owned a Subaru Legacy RSK Turbo B4 Manual and an EVO 8 GSR there after. With the times, my situation changed. Got married, have a kid, the EVO 8 just cannot meet my needs anymore. By needs, I am refering to space. With a large pram, car seats and what nots, the EVO was insufficient for my needs. With the low COE, I decided to once again approach two PIs to quote me on the face lifted GT4 once again. Finally, I decided to purchase it from Garage R. It being the one and only Turbo variant to be brought into SG, it underwent VIA Japan's testing before embarking on a journey to SG. Upon arrival, I looked at the dark pimp daddy rear windows and thought it will not clear LTA's inspection. Much to my surprise, it cleared and my glasses are 'legit'! That left me wondering why the PIs had to change the glass on the NA versions. Anyway, if you are a family man, who only need space for 1-2 Kid and space for barang barang, if you opt out of the mundane 7 seaters, this car may be your choice. The car is a Wagon styled vehicle, which meant it does not have high body height ala traditional MPVs. However, length wise, it is as long as a Wish, having parked beside it on several occasions and did a comparo. The legroom for both driver and passenger is good. I can vouch for it as I am at least 1.8m tall. Headroom is not fantastic but it is ok. The car came standard with Recaros for both front passenger and driver. Alas, it isnt the kinda bucket Recaros one would find in the Euro R or EVOs. Remember... it is a family oriented car afterall! Specification of the engine is as follow: It is 4WD Engine Capacity: 1998 cc 3S-GTE Transmission: 4 Speed Auto/Steptronic with Super ECT Max Speed 191kW(260ps)/6200rpm Max Torque 324N.m(33.0kg.m)/4400rpm Electronic Brake Assist EBD Traction Control Colors : Super White (040)/Silver Metallic (1F7)/Black MICA (209)/Super Red (3P0)/Blue MICA Metallic (8Q1)/White Pearl Crystal Shine (070) The engine is peppy and it really goes when you flow the accelerator living up to my expectation in terms of power. The transmission has pretty good Final Drive given that @120-130 kmh, the tachometer shows only 2.5-3K RPM! One Caldina owner even displayed a pic of him hitting 180 kmh and tacho was only 4K RPM (see picture). Given that I am still running in the engine, I did not really boost up. Have been told that the CT20B Turbo the car is running is large and has a max boost of 1.3 bar. The car came with standard GT4 trims. It has a full bodykit, stabilzer bars and front strut bar. It also came in 17 inches alloys. The choice of PI for me is obvious given that I am into modification of my ride. I would purchase stuff from GR and let them fix it and yet still preserve my warranty. The workshop has done many GT4s from Malaysia and parts is not a problem but some may see it as a downside. Also, with such power, do not expect frugal and typical Toyota fuel consumption. Currently, I am running 10 km/ltr. To me, that i sgood enough having driven cars that are about 5-7 km/ltr :) If you are more than 2m tall or have grandparents, maid and kids in toll, you are better off with a 7 seater vehicle. Else, this 5 seater wagon will fit you perfectly. Last but not least, the over zealous ROV officers have given me hell for my past rides and a family oriented fast wagon is so much a magnet for them. What a relieve! All in all, a great car for a family man with a need for speed.