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Found 804 results

  1. Continue from First QQ thread: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2693548-nissan-qashqai-2014/ PRevious thread getting too big. Continue here
  2. A Nissan qashqai was caught on video going out of control last friday in Bishan. As seen in the low-resolution video, the white SUV crashed through the fence and onto the wrong direction of Bishan Road while doing a flip and more. Thankfully, the lost of control of the car did not cost any lives. According to SG Road Vigilante, The 80-year-old driver and his 74-year-old female passenger were conscious when they were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Obviously, there is going to be some negativity once the driver's age has been revealed... Thankfully there are some nice people out there that are more understanding...
  3. my aunt's one a lot of problems, i need to help her solve it. idling got jerking problem, moving off low power, i researched, seems like some ignition coil problem, may be engine mounting too. air-con sometimes draw in outside air when too cold. thanks all.
  4. primera38

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER Nissan New Serena e-POWER Transmission The new Serena e-POWER does not have a transmission. It is 100% electric motor drive, and smooth acceleration starts from the moment you step on the pedal. In addition, the new Serena e-POWER is equipped with "e-POWER Drive" which can control the acceleration / deceleration at will by operation only with the accelerator pedal, and it is greatly helping to reduce the burden on the driver. Source: http://car-moby.jp
  5. My car coe ends next week. I don't intend to replace it as cars are too expensive nowadays.So how does one go about scrapping or deregister it to get back the PARF cash? Its a nissan sunny, thus prob body worthless?
  6. just like to know if any one has any idea on those mixed development private apartments that have retails and F&B on the ground levels and residential units on the top. I have notice that along balestier road there are abt 3 such developments popping up....wonder if these has good investment potential? hows the management fee like ?
  7. Any recommendation for 17" Rim for Nissan Latio?
  8. Kia7200

    Nissan Pulsar

    Heard that this model will be launching in 2016. Looks like Qashqai but smaller version, the exterior and interior looks pretty cool. Should be made in UK too like QQ. I estimate for price for this model should be in between note and QQ, and Abt the price of Jazz ba. Anyone interested in this model too? http://m.sgcarmart.com/articles/articleinfo.php?CT=n&AID=10400 Pic of Pulsar
  9. SeriousGuy

    Nissan going bankurpt?

    https://www.motor1.com/news/386140/nissan-closing-us-operations-save-money/ https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/27/nissan-drastic-spending-cuts-report/ https://jalopnik.com/top-executive-trying-to-save-nissan-decides-hed-rather-1840657981 Nissan like quite jialat, i guess this is what happen when you make bad cars.
  10. A little surprised that car horns can break down. I mean, my Sylphy is coming to 9 years old only. I was told by the workshop that it is a common problem to Nissan cars. It's not the horn but the contact on the steering wheel that's worn. Appreciate fellow motorists in this forum can advise where to find distributors who supply the "pad" (to be mounted on steering wheel) for the horn. Perhaps, what is a reasonable price to replace the horn? Thanks! Also, looking for manual air horn to save cost. Hahaha!
  11. Styletribe

    2018 Nissan X-Trail

    Recently booked one. Know of at least 2 more on the road. Anyone in this forum?
  12. Thinking of getting the Nissan Sylphy (2009 facelift)... Feedback appreciated...Thanks
  13. Friendstar

    Nissan Juke

    SAVE MY EYES! and i thought Lafesta & Qashqai are hideous enough....
  14. Watching This Nissan Leaf Get Hurled Into a Pole at Speed Will Make You Flinch source: https://www.thedrive.com/news/31067/watching-this-nissan-leaf-get-hurled-into-a-pole-at-speed-will-make-you-flinch After watching this Nissan Leaf get thrown sideways into a pole at roadway speeds, you'll want to make sure you're paying attention in the real world. However, while the impact itself is tremendous, the fact that the electric vehicle's lithium-ion batteries escaped without bursting into a ball of fire is even more impressive, proving that the car's integrated fail-safe systems work as engineered. DEKRA, which stands for Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein, or German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association in German, teamed up with the University Medical Center of Göttingen for a high-speed, side-pole crash impact test to exhibit how safe electric vehicles and their powertrains are. To prove that they’re just as safe as gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, DEKRA crash-tested a Nissan Leaf and its distant French subcompact cousin, the Renault Zoe, at 75 kilometers per hour (47 miles per hour), which is significantly faster than the standard side-pole crash test speed. The resulting footage, as you can see, is pretty spectacular. Upon closer inspection, you can see how destructive the impact was as the pole broke through all the way to the passenger seat. Needless to say, had there been a driver present, it’s unlikely that person would’ve survived. With the recent proliferation of electric vehicles, concern for the structural safety of their battery packs also became a point of concern after EVs began utilizing large lithium-ion battery packs. When ruptured, the battery packs can erupt into a massive ball of fire, resulting in a dangerous rescue situation for first responders. This happens when the liquids inside the battery cells come in contact with the integrated electrodes, causing a short. It results in sparks, which then ignites the lithium-ion fluid, a highly flammable material. To prevent this, engineers integrated fail-safe systems that disconnect any flow of electrons through the battery pack to avoid the initial and potentially fatal short. Automakers and engineers have worked to fortify the battery packs so that even in some of the most extreme collisions, they're less likely to rupture. From the test, the research bodies were able to prove that their homework has certainly paid off and that electric vehicles are indeed as safe as their conventional ICE-powered counterparts. But if there’s one other takeaway from the video, it’s to never slide sideways into a pole at high speed.
  15. I have little doubt that electric cars are soon going to be the future. But since the charging infrastructure here still leaves much to be desired, fans of automotive amperes have had to resort to hybrid propulsion. Nissan however, reckons that we need not compromise and gave us a taste of that instantaneous torque so analogous with electric cars last week with the Nissan Serena e-POWER. The eagle-eyed among you will note (haha get it?) that the car has some strange numbers: A 1.2-litre unit seems hardly sufficient for a seven-seater, and is that 134bhp really generated at a whopping 9867rpm? Rest assured that those are not typos. The Serena e-POWER is a hybrid in the sense that you fill up at the pumps and yet electricity is somehow involved, but that piccolo unit under the bonnet is not mechanically connected to the driving wheels, well, not directly, anyway. Nissan's e-POWER technology instead uses that petrol engine to power a generator which in turn, feeds current into a battery or electric motor in order to drive an electric motor, so you can see why we are dealing with very unusual numbers. But doesn't it sound like a just a hybrid car with more steps? You might be tempted to conclude at this point that all those additional processes must lead to some energy loss, and you are right. But as it turns out, so is operating a petrol engine through a conventional gearbox and having it run through vastly different engine speeds. The gains made from separating the petrol engine from the rest of the drivetrain are actually enough to make up for the complication of it all. But does it work well enough? We know it should. It is technology that has actually been in use for years in heavier vehicles, in things like freight trains and mining trucks - precisely where your fuel bill will hit like a, er, truck - and a full day of fooling around in the car, starting and stopping for photos and so on returned me a 15.2km/L fuel consumption rate. Which is reasonable in my opinion, for a 1,700kg car. But here's the thing though: If you are looking for an MPV, buy this, not because it's great with fuel, but because it has all the qualities of a good people carrier, with little of the typical drawbacks. It has a practical interior, and its weight is well masked under all that electric torque. But the best part is driving the thing: Its smooth acceleration, the lovely chairs, as well as the knowledge that you are moving along so much metal made me feel like Captain of the Starship Enterprise. Check that everyone is belted up and engage warp drive! Now imagine what lovely consolation that is to having to ferry your kids around on your daily drive. Looks like our electric future is approaching faster than we think.
  16. Rattle noises are very common in many cars, even when new. There are a thousand causes of unwanted noises in a car and I'm sure many of you had spent many frustrated hours trying to rid them. I am very sensitive to interior cabin noises and will always spend alot of efforts trying to identify and eliminate them. So I thought of starting this thread for everybody to share how they solve their unwanted car noises. Here, I want to share one type that had been bugging me for 6 months and how to solve it. I have other cases and I will subsequently post them in this thread, with photos to guide. I drive a 2014 Sylphy. This particular rattle noise is a single "tiak" sound that sounded usually when turning or small road perturbations at slower speed. It seems to come from front passenger dash area. It sounded like something loose hitting gently against plastic. Had tried to rectify it with tan chong during last 3 servicing but not successful. I was pretty sure the source is from within the cabin or dash area and not from engine bay area so I had been spending majority of my efforts internally. I was wrong. It came from engine bay area. There is this cable that was not secured, at the battery side, near to the front left suspension top mount. See photo. If i manually hit it against the metal chassis, it produced a similar tiak sound. So i use a cable tie to secure it so it does not move freely. After that, that tiak sound was no longer there. I tested through 1 day of normal driving. I am not sure what signal this cable carries but there is a similar one at the other side. I secured that as well. So look around your engine bay area for such unsecured cables and clamp it down!
  17. Zafirag

    Combo Fog cum DRL LED lamp kit

    Looking to acquire this OSRAM Fog / DRL LED lamp kit to replace my existing stock lighting in the Nissan Pulsar. Part number is OSRAM LEDriving LEDFOG101. Has anyone seen it available locally And know of a workshop that is familiar in installing it? Apppreciate any help from the bros here.
  18. Carbon82

    Datsun, Go or No Go

    OK, it not about the Go model, but the Datsun brand under Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance... Datsun Brand Might Bite The Dust As Part Of Nissan’s Recovery Plan Nissan might ditch the Datsun brand altogether as part of its upcoming recovery plan, which includes axing some of its unprofitable products and closing down under-utilized assembly lines worldwide. Quoting sources with direct knowledge of the matter, Reuters reports that the recovery plan marks a 180-degree turn with Nissan’s ambitious strategy under ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested and charged with financial misconduct. Things with Datsun, which was revived as a brand for emerging markets, didn’t exactly go as Nissan hoped after launching it in 2014 in regions like Indonesia, India, Russia and South Africa. That’s because, following a relatively good start, the budget-conscious brand started eating into Nissan’s own sales. “We ended up pushing two mainstream brands in a market where you have a one or two percent market share. You cannot do that,” one of the sources said. Shutting down under-utilized production lines will also impact Nissan’s factories in emerging markets tasked with producing Datsun models and other small cars, according to the same sources. “We need to chart a recovery but the rot goes deep,” one of them said. All markets with factories outside China are being examined for possible reductions in production capacity, but there are currently no plans to close an entire plant or withdraw completely from any country. Nissan, which is on course to post its lowest operating profit in 11 years, also plans to kill unprofitable variants of the Titan full-size pickup truck, like the single-cab and diesel models. The US remains one of Nissan’s biggest markets, but the recovery plan will demand a new effort to put a stop at the company’s practice of buying market share by selling its models to rental car and other fleet operators at heavy discounts, something that has plunged the company’s profitability and brand image. “We’re trying to clean up what had happened in the past,” one of the sources said, adding that under Ghosn, Nissan had to meet sales objectives at any cost, and that included “practically giving away cars” to fleet customers.
  19. Kalmath

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Teana has been launched for a few months, it will be good if the drivers in this forum can share their experience on the car in terms of: -vehicle handling -engine and transmission -fuel consumption -soundproofing/noise -issues encountered For drivers who have also driven cars in similar class e.g. Accord, Camry, Mondeo, your comparison comments will be valuable.
  20. Recently,Nissan is about to sell new sedan,I went to the retail and watched this car, it looks very sporty from exterior,about the interior,the cabin is very roomy with a sleek and clean design,but the price is a little bit high,i took a video,the link just down below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEa6JVUU4Ek
  21. Carry over from old thread. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...197&st=1950
  22. this is the new nissan note. will it replace the latio sport.? heard it will arrive on our shores sometime next year..
  23. kobayashiGT

    Nissan Shares Esports Gaming Chair Concepts

    Nissan presented drawings of design esport chairs inspired by three of the most famous auto manufacturers' cars, Armada, GT-R Nismo and Leaf, at the celebration of National Video Games Day. Nissan has implemented the language of design and selected unique characteristics of each vehicle, together with the "Zero Gravity Seat" concept for many Nissan vehicles to look at gaming chairs. https://twitter.com/NissanUSA/status/1172118191813910530https://twitter.com/NissanUSA/status/1172118191813910530 The Nissan-inspired GT-R NISMO chair adopts a sporting strategy with a race-inspired silhouette, lightweight carbon and aluminium fibre, red leather and synthetic suede details. Focused on comfort with a climate-controlled seat, pluck black and brown leather pillows and additional lumbar support over lengthy game hours, the Armada Gaming Chair has the classic character of an SUV. Finally, a technologically advanced strategy requires the chair inspired by the all-electric leaf. Integrated USB charging ports add features, while electric blue-inserted light-grey leather seats indicate power efficiency. The three chair designs are being unveiled just a few months after Nissan announced its partnerships with esports gaming teams Faze Clan and OpTic Gaming. "For any company trying to reach the Gen-Z and millennial-minded audience, streaming and esports is an enormous opportunity," Robert Cross, Nissan's director of media and activation said when announcing the partnerships earlier this year. "We believe this partnership presents a new approach in introducing ourselves and connecting with millions of fans through their favourite gamers." Nissan has no plans to build the chairs at this time, but reps say the company will gauge public interest via Twitter and go from there.
  24. Nissan might be asking more than 10,000 employees to leave. This comes after the company projects its profit to fall further for 2019. As reported by Kyodo News, sources from the company told the new agency that the news of the job cuts will come when it releases its April-June earnings figures as nett profits hit a nine-year low going into March. Jobs which will be cut are expected to mostly come from factories in regions with low utilisation rates and through early retirement options. Nissan only planned to axe around 4,800 employees back in May but the numbers has grown by quite a bit since then. If the numbers turn out true, he move will see the company reducing its overall global workforce by around 7% The report also suggested that it may also streamline output in its domestic market as Nissan saw its global vehicle sales fall 4.4% to 5.52 million units in fiscal 2018. The company reckons things will be worse as sales is projected to be nearly halved for the 2019 financial year.
  25. Jezzmatezz

    Updating of maps in GPS software

    Hi all Hope to seek your advice. I currently drive a Nissan slyphy 2015 model. The maps a little outdated as new roads are not detected. Is there a place for me to update my maps software?