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  1. It is not every day you get to see the legendary Mercedes G63 in Singapore. And it is even rarer to see one involved in an accident. Watch it here: What Happened? A Mercedes G63 and a Volkswagen Transporter 'chiong-ed' along Yishun Ave 8 upon the red traffic light signal turning green. Its 4.0-Litre Bi-Turbocharged V8 engine and all-wheel-drive drivetrain instantly picked up speed. Directly behind the G-wagon was the Volkswagen Transporter. Although the specs of the Volkswagen Transporter is not anywhere near the G-wagon, it is still pretty de
  2. Would appreciate recommendations on models that are reliable and have reasonable service costs. Looking at those that are 7 years old or more or even COE renewal type. Any particular models to check out? Not sure if the kangos are ok or I should stick to Japanese brands. Thanks.
  3. They say that Singaporeans have a unique culture and identity, which can be attributed to our variety of local cuisines and our multi-racial society. I say we are truly unique by the manner we talk. Watch this video to see the most Singaporean style argument between two motorists: What Happened? This pointless incident occurred at an unknown HDB carpark involving the cam car and a blacked-out van. The cam car was driving towards the end of a one-way direction carpark, where the driver was supposed to give way to oncoming vehicles before "re-entering" the carpark
  4. It is only the start of the new year, but I think we got a winner for the weirdest sighting of 2022 already. Watch the video here: What Happened? This sighting occurred along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), in the wee hours of the night. The witness who recorded the video said he was driving along the AYE when he almost rear-ended the abandoned, stationary van. He proceeded to stop his vehicle behind the stationary van to inspect and offer help (supposedly) to the van driver. Upon inspection, the van was found to have sustained significant damages to the
  5. This has got to be one of the most puzzling incidents I have ever witnessed. Watch it for yourself below: What Happened? This incident happened along Hougang Ave 4. From the footage, a van is seen turning out from an HDB carpark when suddenly its door swings open and a man in red drops face-first onto the road. After the fall, the man remains unconscious throughout the rest of the video. It is not known what has caused the man to fall from the moving van. However, it was certain that he was not wearing his seatbelt securely. NGL, this incident rem
  6. <The Suzuki Jimny Fuses With The Suzuki Every To Make The Cutest Overland Kei Car The custom Jimry is a Jimny with a sleeper compartment. Kind of. Photo: T-Style A tuner in Yokohama, Japan combined the looks and off-road capability of the Suzuki Jimny with the passenger capacity and space efficiency of the Suzuki Every. The combination producing what T-Style Design calls the Suzuki Jimry, an overland kei car that may not have the off-road chops of the Jimny, but certainly has the attitude. This is probably as close as we’ll get to a Jimny with sliding van doors and I love it.
  7. SINGAPORE: When she saw that a van driver did not stop at a zebra crossing she was standing at, a woman followed him to the car park and confronted him before placing her hands on his windscreen. The man started his engine and inched his vehicle forward, coming into contact with her three times even though she shouted at him to stop. Mazlan Ujod, 46, was sentenced to a month's jail and banned from driving for a year on Wednesday (Oct 27). He pleaded guilty to one charge of causing hurt by a rash act endangering personal safety. The court heard that the victim was about to cross
  8. This is one vehicle we will never get in Singapore! so cool the perk of living in a big nature loving country! I will get one too if I am stuck in Melbourne for COVID-19! sold out till June 2021 😂 https://www.volkswagen.com.au/en/models/california.html
  9. You can add this to the list of weird sightings on Singapore's expressways, including reversing on an expressway and riding a motorcycle in the nude. Watch the video to find out what happened: This incident occurred on the Seletar Expressway (SLE). What happened? When this mishap took place, the cam car was behind a white Subaru Forester, cruising on lane 1 of the expressway. It was a pleasant and smooth drive until the Subaru Forester drove over the tyre, sending it flying directly towards the cam car and smashes right onto the cam car's bonnet. *That Subbi
  10. A taxi driver falls victim to a van driver's road rage when he obstructs the path of the van driver. There are two videos of the incident. 1. Taxi driver's POV 2. Passenger of the taxi's POV The taxi driver's POV The clip starts with the taxi driver moving off after dropping a passenger at Loyang Rise. As there are numerous cars parked along the lane and obstructing his right of way, he decides to travel on the opposing lane. He notices a black van from afar and stops his vehicle, hoping that the van driver will let him pass before moving on. However, the van
  11. https://mothership.sg/2019/08/singapore-couple-travel-europe-van/ Traveling to Europe in a van. I wonder if they are bringing spares, engine oil, spare parts etc etc etc. While a jap van is easy to service in this part of asia, it may not be common where they are going.
  12. Anyone got stuck on PIE last evening for more than an hour and half? A few of us in the team did so, no thanks to someone who swerved out at the last minute, causing an accident that required a huge cleaning-up effort from the authorities. Thanks to SG Road Vigilante, we now know what caused the accident which happened at PIE's Steven Road exit in the direction of Jurong, at 630pm. While the accident itself didn't cause any serious injury, it is obvious that the Mazda 3 driver was at fault. According to the comments online, it does look like he or she was trying to a
  13. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/school-bus-driver-jailed-locking-girl-van-without-ventilation-13903720 .... unbelievable.... Is that school bus driver crazy??? 10months jail.... should give him 2 years...
  14. And it's designed for space travel. Sporty six-seater anyone? Alright alright, not quite. The Porsche vision “Renndienst”, is the latest in a series of concept cars recently revealed by Porsche, and designed as a "space shuttle" with exciting proportions. With cabin space for up to six persons, Porsche must presumably be targeting the family space tourism sector, soon to get off the ground once travel restrictions are lifted, of course. With an all-electric drive located in the underbody, Porsche sportiness is also retained thanks to a centrally located driver's seat. Whe
  15. A mobile phone has been hurt as a result of this unfortunate accident between a van and a pedestrian along Sophia Road heading towards Wilkie Road on 11th of September. As we can see from this video posted onStomp and ROAD.sg, the driver of this Nissan van seemed to be distracted and was not paying attention to where he was heading, knocking a poor pedestrian hard from the back. Clearly, the van driver is at fault here... According to the police, the 40-year old pedestrian was conscious when conveyed to Raffles Hospital. He could be seen clutching his head as the video was about
  16. A van has been injured in this accident due to a cyclist's silly carelessness. Jokes aside, this is quite an unfortunate incident whereby a cyclist smashed into the back of a Toyota Hiace van which was stationary along one of Old Airport Road's traffic junction. The accident happened in the wee hours of the morning, with the cyclist apparently beating a red light at the previous junction as traffic was light. With the need to go as fast possible, he likely chose keep his gaze low on the road to be as aerodynamic as possible without realising that the van that he was about t
  17. The last few days have been relatively peaceful for our roads until this particular accident that was post by SG Road Vigilante caught our attention. With the accident happening a couple of weeks ago (17 July), this is not the latest news but it is one of the most recent videos that surfaced online. What made us sit up and take notice is how the Toyota Hiace driver lost control of his van. To zoom past the camera car on the left at that speed must have meant that the Hiace driver lost it way before the Steven Road exit on PIE towards Jurong. He then went across 3 lane
  18. While some of us who are working from home can stay in bed longer in this cool weather, others who have to go into the office had to brave the thunderstorm this morning (23 June 2020). Certain parts of Singapore experienced flash floods and there were plenty of videos and photos being shared around. For those who hasn't seen any of those, here are some of the 'highlights' from SG Road Vigilante and other sources. The Tanah Merah/Bedok area seemed to have had it especially bad. We were impressed most of the traffic still continued on their way despite the flood water at Up
  19. Looking for Monday-Friday(5 days x 4 weeks = 20 days per month) Grab/ryde/car/lorry/van hitch from my house(Choa Chu Kang) to work(Yio Chu Kang). Need Pick up at 7:45am or earlier depending on jam, need to reach by 8:30am. If you live near me and work near yio chu kang area and looking for extra cash per month, pm me. Cash/Paylah. Don't mind lorry/van/car pickup. Let's discuss pricing in private messaging. If you live 10mins away from where i live and work then you'll only have to leave home 20mins earlier then usual for extra cash per month. Win-Win situation for both. If you
  20. Say the small van with GXXXX plate, entering JB for a day? Must it have the permit, http://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/faqs Is there any way around it?
  21. Hi, Just to check, if there is any one here that drives a Peugeot Partner?? I'm driving a partner model 2015, and I do not have any good experience with them. anyone here has any good or bad experience to share? In a nutshell, got my ride in dec and it's been 7 times that i have been to the workshop to resolve the same issues. and yes, same issues dont get resolve. issues are not critical, but i wonder how many times do i have to visit them. the vehicle is good to drive but it seems that servicing is pale in comparison. original intention is to buy a 5008, but i thi
  22. Intending to get a small commercial vehicle for my courier business Can anyone driving a toyota liteace share with me what is the fuel consumption? Is this the best economical van? was intending to get a smaller capacity van but seems like no other good choice
  23. Got a few questions... 1. Van COE last for how many years?? (car last for 10 years, but since van have higher mileages, they tend to have shorter COE lifespan right?) 2. What is the road tax structure for diesel vans?? 3. Do new vans suffer steep depreciation?? 4. Can ppl with class 3 license drive a small van e.g. Renault Kangoo diesel van?? 5. Any websites / articles I can go to to find out more about the cost of owning / maintaining a van in Singapore?
  24. the worker's honesty is to be applauded. the car owner also sibei steady. respect!
  25. should take away his driving license. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Cah7vx_lQ
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