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Found 33 results

  1. A mobile phone has been hurt as a result of this unfortunate accident between a van and a pedestrian along Sophia Road heading towards Wilkie Road on 11th of September. As we can see from this video posted onStomp and ROAD.sg, the driver of this Nissan van seemed to be distracted and was not paying attention to where he was heading, knocking a poor pedestrian hard from the back. Clearly, the van driver is at fault here... According to the police, the 40-year old pedestrian was conscious when conveyed to Raffles Hospital. He could be seen clutching his head as the video was about the end. We hope all is well for him. And his phone! 52576251_174470654273041_5621453545594435322_n.mp4
  2. chitchatboy

    Silly cyclist crashes into stationary van

    A van has been injured in this accident due to a cyclist's silly carelessness. Jokes aside, this is quite an unfortunate incident whereby a cyclist smashed into the back of a Toyota Hiace van which was stationary along one of Old Airport Road's traffic junction. The accident happened in the wee hours of the morning, with the cyclist apparently beating a red light at the previous junction as traffic was light. With the need to go as fast possible, he likely chose keep his gaze low on the road to be as aerodynamic as possible without realising that the van that he was about to crash into had actually stopped at the upcoming traffic junction. Thankfully, the cyclist survived but he sure looked quite messed up. We hope he recovers well! P.S. SG Road Vigilante's video thumbnail might be slightly disturbing for some. Viewer discretion advised!
  3. The last few days have been relatively peaceful for our roads until this particular accident that was post by SG Road Vigilante caught our attention. With the accident happening a couple of weeks ago (17 July), this is not the latest news but it is one of the most recent videos that surfaced online. What made us sit up and take notice is how the Toyota Hiace driver lost control of his van. To zoom past the camera car on the left at that speed must have meant that the Hiace driver lost it way before the Steven Road exit on PIE towards Jurong. He then went across 3 lanes at approximately 80km/h before smashing into the center barriers and coming to a stop in the middle of the highway. What do you guys think happened? Let us know in the comment box below!
  4. While some of us who are working from home can stay in bed longer in this cool weather, others who have to go into the office had to brave the thunderstorm this morning (23 June 2020). Certain parts of Singapore experienced flash floods and there were plenty of videos and photos being shared around. For those who hasn't seen any of those, here are some of the 'highlights' from SG Road Vigilante and other sources. The Tanah Merah/Bedok area seemed to have had it especially bad. We were impressed most of the traffic still continued on their way despite the flood water at Upper Changi Rd. It is believed that it gotten deeper and a few cars ended up stranded soon after. af509655-736f-4915-b2d6-be4f95587fd7.MP4 Jurong East also had some issues with the flash flood too.
  5. Looking for Monday-Friday(5 days x 4 weeks = 20 days per month) Grab/ryde/car/lorry/van hitch from my house(Choa Chu Kang) to work(Yio Chu Kang). Need Pick up at 7:45am or earlier depending on jam, need to reach by 8:30am. If you live near me and work near yio chu kang area and looking for extra cash per month, pm me. Cash/Paylah. Don't mind lorry/van/car pickup. Let's discuss pricing in private messaging. If you live 10mins away from where i live and work then you'll only have to leave home 20mins earlier then usual for extra cash per month. Win-Win situation for both. If you are reading this post and have relatives or friends that drive van/lorry/car to work and fit the criteria, drop me a PM and we can arrange accordingly.
  6. https://mothership.sg/2019/08/singapore-couple-travel-europe-van/ Traveling to Europe in a van. I wonder if they are bringing spares, engine oil, spare parts etc etc etc. While a jap van is easy to service in this part of asia, it may not be common where they are going.
  7. Raubern

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    https://mothership.sg/2019/08/singapore-couple-travel-europe-van/ https://www.instagram.com/mjroadtrippin/?utm_source=ig_embed But now their van GG liao and stuck in a remote Thai village. Engine overheating, coolant leaking and blown gasket. Before that the van had other problems as well. And they seem to know nothing about vehicles. Bought an old van and renovate until so swee, but they didn't inspect the van to determine its mechanical condition. Anyone can help them?
  8. Say the small van with GXXXX plate, entering JB for a day? Must it have the permit, http://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/faqs Is there any way around it?
  9. Would appreciate recommendations on models that are reliable and have reasonable service costs. Looking at those that are 7 years old or more or even COE renewal type. Any particular models to check out? Not sure if the kangos are ok or I should stick to Japanese brands. Thanks.
  10. StevenTan_160358

    Peugeot Partner

    Hi, Just to check, if there is any one here that drives a Peugeot Partner?? I'm driving a partner model 2015, and I do not have any good experience with them. anyone here has any good or bad experience to share? In a nutshell, got my ride in dec and it's been 7 times that i have been to the workshop to resolve the same issues. and yes, same issues dont get resolve. issues are not critical, but i wonder how many times do i have to visit them. the vehicle is good to drive but it seems that servicing is pale in comparison. original intention is to buy a 5008, but i think i should just keep my money till my view changes.
  11. Intending to get a small commercial vehicle for my courier business Can anyone driving a toyota liteace share with me what is the fuel consumption? Is this the best economical van? was intending to get a smaller capacity van but seems like no other good choice
  12. Alfisti168

    All about vans....

    Got a few questions... 1. Van COE last for how many years?? (car last for 10 years, but since van have higher mileages, they tend to have shorter COE lifespan right?) 2. What is the road tax structure for diesel vans?? 3. Do new vans suffer steep depreciation?? 4. Can ppl with class 3 license drive a small van e.g. Renault Kangoo diesel van?? 5. Any websites / articles I can go to to find out more about the cost of owning / maintaining a van in Singapore?
  13. Little_prince

    Respect for this Foreign Worker!

    the worker's honesty is to be applauded. the car owner also sibei steady. respect!
  14. should take away his driving license. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Cah7vx_lQ
  15. Hi, i am new here. my business with my biz partner just started. And recently just bought a proton Savvy (left 6 months) to drive for short term. But I will not wait till i drive till the tail end and then exploring which other option to go for. I would probably go for cars that is left 1-2 years, something that doesn't need me to fork out too much cash and tie over for the next 1 year and once my biz become stabilized or has the ability to upgrade to better car, then we will change. OR, buy a commercial van which is way cheaper to drive thru this short period...... any expert?
  16. Hi Bros, am browsing for a van for small business startup, low budget and considering those left 1-2yrs coe ones first. any bros out there owned a fiat fiorino before ? any advice or honest review ? I googled and seems not much threads on fiat fiorino locally >< Appreciate any advice on this model ( 2008-2010 model ) Thanks a mil !
  17. Thaiyotakamli

    51 People Inside 6-Seater China Van

    Watch this awesome video. Police stop one bakery van in China and surprised by the content of the van http://youtu.be/YRNfx1B1WNo
  18. http://www.autoblog.com/2016/06/24/queens-man-knows-how-to-party-disrupts-mets-game-with-van/
  19. nazerath

    Inconsiderate act at car park

    My mum was blocked by a car traveling in the opposite direction so that they could take a parking lot. the arrow shows that the car is coming from opposite direction. What was infuriating was the stare of the driver n occupant when in the process. However this was at a HDB carpark. would submitting to traffic police work? Do they govern carparks, I reckon so coz it is technically its still public roads? I have never made a report like this before. I could send the vid to the tp once i figure how to cut the long clip. thanks in advance for any advise.
  20. Mkl22

    Carpet for back of van

    Anyone knows where to get carpet custom cut for the back of a van? Looking for those wool type of carpet like offices and hotels. Not 3M plastic type. I know audio have carpeting material for sub woofers etc. but those are too thin. Looking for those with a thicker pile. Thanks.
  21. Accident along Woodlands Ave 12 this afternoon...lucky the van driver is okay with no serious injuries...stay safe, stay focus...
  22. Hi All, I got a problem, the owner of the van I am driving now had passed away which was my late father. I have checked with LTA, I can still drive as long policy still under the estate of (vehicle' owner) while preparing the documents for transfer. How do I get the letter or any identification of being an estate of the deceased owner for my next insurance renewal? From LTA or a lawyer firm and how much will it cost me? The van left 2 years with no loan and the COE cost my dad $86 for a 10 years renewal in 2017. So even I scrape it, I will get not more than $20 or so. Please advise thanks.
  23. I am going to get a second hand van that has 2 year COE left and register under company name how much down payment do i have to fork out? besides insurance what are the other extra expenses i have to pay?
  24. Recently I see many companies chartering private buses to ferry their staffs. I see many of these mini buses driving recklessly. Which company is the one with white paint work and light blue + red strips at the bottom? Someone should warn those company who engage them that they are putting their staffs in peril everyday riding in those mini buses. Mostly are those Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Some of the daily violations I see on the road, especially around 430 - 5pm around Tuas/ Jurong area. 1) Speeding - Speed up to 100kph along 80kph stretches of PIE and AYE 2) Driving on Lane 1 3) Recklessly changing lanes 4) Failure to form up - Cutting queues 5) Turning from wrong lane The transport companies should bear more responsibilities towards their customers and road users. Even the management of the companies that uses these companies should make sure of the safety and welfare of their staffs. Otherwise, it is just an accident waiting to happen.
  25. Hi, Writing this on behalf of my SIL. She is looking for a van to do light delivery services. Can nego on long term rental or COI. PM me to discuss further. thanks...