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Found 82 results

  1. hi guys, i got my first annual inspection for my truck coming up soon. What do they look for? Previously in my stock lancer it was pretty smooth ( no mods or anything) My truck i'll be changing back to my stock rims + tyres and also taping up my side mirror lights ( blue light there). I'll be getting a hose to blast my exhaust pipe b4 going down. Just curious, how do they inspect the speed warning thingy? by pressing the button or driving up to 70km/h on the machine or anything? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. hi guys, Need some input: I'm about to get a double cab pickup ( 2nd hand), was sourcing around for some insurance quotes, one agent got back to me with like a quote of almost $2k and tells me that premium for commercial vehicles increase year by year ( not like normal car, go down year by year due to NCB) i know the NCB cap is like 20%, but wtf, commercial vehicle so expensive meh? pick up will be registered under personal name ( no company involved) and this is possible as it is a double cab. But is it true insurance for these kind of vehicle so expensive? thanks in advance guys cheers
  3. Hi In light of increasing petrol prices, i am toying with the idea of registering a company in order to buy 2nd hand one of those small diesel vans with a 2nd row of seats (like Renault Kangoo or Opel Combo). Reason being my bro is getting licence soon so need to find a 2nd vehicle Has anyone done this, and what are the limitations? Speed/lane limit is one i know, as well as cannot go to JB (no big loss). Will there be any other complications/problems that might arise? i heard insurance will only cover passengers who are registered employees.... PS: i posted this qns elsewhere, but didnt get much response. Try my luck here....
  4. Hi, I was looking at my G-plate commercial vehicle insurance terms and conditions. Realized that "geographical area" includes West Malaysia and 80 km into Thailand ! So I am planning to drive G-plate into Malaysia without getting the relevant permits from Malaysia side. I wish to know: How is the ban on Singapore commercial vehicles enforced? Is it aggressively enforced, or just another close-one-eye type of regulation? Exactly where do they do they conduct checks?
  5. Pickup trucks in America are one of the popular choices in the American car industry. Not just American car makers, Japanese like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda has also entered this market segment, without or with failures. Even continental brands like Mercedes Benz is trying to enter this market with it's new X calss, which has not been introduced in the North American market yet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickup_truck Once a work tool with few creature comforts, in the 1950s consumers began purchasing pickups for lifestyle reasons and by the 1990s less than 15 percent of owners reported use in work as the pickup truck's primary purpose.Today in North America, the pickup is mostly used like a passenger car and accounts for about 18 per cent of total vehicles sold in the US. While in the United States and Canada most pickup trucks are used primarily for passenger transport, agriculture, and commercial uses, pickups are also used in law enforcement, the military, fire services, and for pickup truck racing, a form of auto racing using modified versions of pickups mostly onoval tracks. Race pickup trucks are mechanically similar to coupé-shaped stock cars. More reads: https://www.americantrucks.com/a-history-of-the-classic-pickup-truck.html The recent Detriot Auto Show has show cased some of the new models for 2018/19. Let's look at them in the following posts.
  6. Hwang79

    Funny Advertisements For Sharing

    Dream Job and Yet Complain - Singapore Parody! Funny Commercial! This video has been around for quite sometime. If you see this for the first time, don't fall off from your chair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9v9_NWPh_g Massage Uncle Part II Massage Uncle Part III
  7. Would appreciate recommendations on models that are reliable and have reasonable service costs. Looking at those that are 7 years old or more or even COE renewal type. Any particular models to check out? Not sure if the kangos are ok or I should stick to Japanese brands. Thanks.
  8. Tjon

    NTUC Insurance : Fearless

    A commercial video by NTUC Insurance on National TV showing kids jumping off staircase in some HDB block. Should any kids follow the act and injured themselves, can one hold NTUC Insurance responsible?
  9. RadX

    Best Thai TV Commercial

    [laugh] LOL, them Thais damn creative! Enjoy this on a nice Friday!!!
  10. Hi, I have a question pertaining to renewal of COE for commercial vehicle and the lifespan expiry date of the vehicle. Scenario : The commercial van's COE is expriing in Mar 2017 (van registered in Nov 1998, COE was renewed once in Mar 2007 for 10 years). The lifespan expiry date is Nov 2018. If I renew the COE in Mar 2017 by 5 years with the lifespan expiring in Nov 2018, it will mean that I must deregister the vehicle by Nov 2018. Question: 1. Can I renew the COE given that the lifespan expiry date is in Nov 2018? 2. In this case, does LTA refund back the unused portion of the COE to me upon deregistration? 3. Is it worthwhile to do so? The condition of the van is very good and it is a waste to scrap in Mar 2017. Appreciate feedback from fellow members here. I understand can call LTA hotline to check, but it is always good to hear out different opinions. Thanks !
  11. Donut

    Commercial Property

    Say someone has a new commercial B2 light industrial unit, TOP soon. How does one go about looking for tenant? assuming without agents' involvement? is it possible for the owner to settle the tenancy?
  12. Audi of America has released a new commercial for the new TT and they believe that the TT is capable of making your imagination a reality. Directed by Mouse McCoy and produced by the Bandito Brothers, the commerical, “Audi TT: Reality? Check.” uses the cool tilt-shift photography style to obtain the miniature effect. Yes everything you see in the spot is real! For those who want to see how it is done, there's a little behind-the-scene clip too... https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=86&v=vKW5_dYsd8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=154&v=XyOgFi4OG7o
  13. any one-stop insurance websites that i can get the cheapest quote for my company van?
  14. Ktglfc

    Last Day of School

    Finally, a decent commercial ... One that earn my rare thumbs up... And one that earn my tears .... If my kids are so well-behave or understanding, my wife and my life are really well worth living so far ...
  15. Hi Guys, If I were to broker a business transaction between 2 companies, is there a way whereby I can get the supplier or buyer to sign a legal document giving me a return for the deal without setting up a company myself? (i.e. I am represented by myself and not a company). Need advice from bros here If No 1 is possible, can I get the companies to sign an NDA with me? Appreciate advice from bros who are knowledgeable in legal terms.. Thanks !!
  16. Hi, is there any website that show the commercial shop rental rate within certain area? those below HDB blocks. thanks!
  17. By right commercial vehicle not suppose to enter JB, unless got wadever licence or road tax. Was thinking could i drive my company kangoo into JB? using the by left way. Anyone had tried driving commercial in and manage to siam the authorities, or what will be the consequence if i kana booked? If i not wrong, diesel vehcile not affected by the 3/4 tank rule, so i can go in empty tank to pump.
  18. The National Environmental Agency recently revealed that vehicles, especially diesel powered ones, are just as pollutive as a few years ago. Are we backwards when compared to the western continents in embracing clean diesel technologies? The figures say it all - 5,809 summons issued for emission-related offences for the first nine months of this year, compared to 6,381 in 2012 and 4,794 in the year before. Though it is arguable that this year saw a slight reprieve from last year - with three months to go but 500 cases less - the current figure is still substantially more than that of 2011’s. The legal limit for vehicle emission in Singapore is 50 Hartridge Smoke Units (HSU) - any vehicle caught exceeding the limit will be fined up to $5,000. Many see it as a natural course of actions. Diesel vehicles are often perceived as being pollutive, loud and unrefined. But on hindsight, it can actually mean that our local nation has been dilatory in adopting clean diesel technologies. We have spoken much about technological advancement in the field of combustion engines, especially those that run on diesel. The efficiency, refinement, and emission standard have been substantially improved, so much so that diesel engines have found their way into premium passenger cars. Diesel powered cars are particularly favoured over their petrol driven counterparts in the western continent. Fear not, though, as a new rule will kick in starting next year - a smoke opacity test that requires diesel cars to score an emission result of 40 HSU and below, before their road tax can be renewed.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XviR7esUvo [thumbsup]
  20. http://dai.ly/x1mqm3t In its latest advertising effort, Lexus is asking buyers to 'wake up from the hypnotism' and seriously consider before making their purchases. What it is trying to hint at is that people, in general, think that German cars are better. Unsurprisingly, rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are roped into the commercial as the 'main culprits'. http://dai.ly/x1mqm6f While most of us would think that the pendulums are work of computer graphics, Lexus has also shown us how the interesting ad is made, with a 'behind-the-scenes' footage. Now jump to the video to catch the craftsmen at work.
  21. This is from the recent Superbowl commercial...cute...
  22. Did a search, didn't see this posted. Just wanted to share with MCF-ers. Careful when speeding,especially in places with blindspots. 110kmph might not be excessive speed on some roads (like highway), but 50kmph might be excessive speed on other roads (like school zones). Drive safe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK0f0go72rw
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwLfhVnALOAThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(U.S.) would like drivers to know that when eggnog and Christmas cheer get the best of you this season, driving is the last thing you should do, and it has enlisted the mercenary services of Robocop to remind you. In a $7.5-million ad campaign, at least. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INmtQXUXez8 The anti-drunk driving commercials are part of "Drive sober or get pulled over" ads that accompany a heightened police crackdown on drunk drivers until January 1. It coincides with the release of the Robocop reboot, which is scheduled to be in theaters next February. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPLSpmAtc1Q You can check out the 32-second NHTSA spot below, and also two trailers for the Robocop film just to make sure you understand what you're dealing with. You know what needs to happen now. Rather, you have ten seconds to comply.... Here in Singapore, Drink driving is a very serious offence and the penalties are severe. Drink drivers, on conviction, will be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months, which would, in effect, invalidate their driving licences. These motorists will have to undergo the theory and practical tests in order to obtain their driving licences again. In addition, first-time offenders can be fined between $1,000 and $5,000, or jailed up to 6 months, while repeat offenders may be punished with a maximum fine of $30,000 and a mandatory jail term of up to 3 years. They may also receive up to six strokes of the cane should death or serious injury occur. So, don't drive to drink :)
  24. beautiful song, and nice nostalgic advert think this was made in 1970s can see in the advert, the Singapore River was still filled with bumboats, the streets got the mobile hawker stalls, etc nice [:)]
  25. [extract] The last time we saw the Maserati Ghibli was at the floor of the Shanghai Motor Show. The new entry model for the Trident brand looked great under the special lighting conditions. However, a car