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  1. has the pharmacist contacted you yet? may need to up dosage
  2. actually i will sarpork more...even crowdfund and jio him to carry on doing that stupid thing...go jia you...jia you....
  3. RadX

    Who here is part of the 40k Telegram group?

    Dun bluff u one of the runners liao
  4. This is so apt except the goody guys are not who they are
  5. Pls use some of your gray matter in future
  6. Why is there a need to post this AGAIN when we have the banned ad sugar drinks? you starting your spamming nonsense again ag
  7. RadX

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    Good that our efforts have been outsourced 😂😂
  8. Bubble tea da worst
  9. No gd bro that is oxymoron at its best hahha
  10. Time to renew your nick le now 2019😂
  11. I dunno where u are coming from BUt clearly it’s the ppl who USE THESE devices are 3rd world my recent trip to japan proved them to be gracious in using these devices so get ur facts straight, not that I’m disputing the 3rd world mentality
  12. eh whats 75k? peanuts...in fact, not even a peanut hahhaha