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  1. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

  2. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    New thread for latest news. Cos if it's inside an old thread, most people will just assume it's a continuation and not click into it. With how social media works these days, people want news fast. And old threads spanning years back but with a latest news will not gain eyeballs. The current mods have all been briefed on this and will not give warnings for legit reasons to start a new thread. I would say, when in doubt, just create a new thread. We will merge it if it's a repeat. And with the search function down now, you will not be penalized for starting a new thread. 😀
  3. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Don't sweat over the small things! Take a break. We understand it can be a little frustrating during this upgrade in progress. Listen to Pusheen's advice. 💟
  4. Her other appearances will be reduced to flashbacks. Even as a 'ghost' tonight lol.
  5. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Why not both?
  6. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Contest section is currently down. You can still take part via sgCarMart: https://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/
  7. Here's a breakdown for those who are kinda confused by the two time slots. What is the Singapore story about? The story centres on Guo Hao Sen (Blue Lan), a Taiwanese chaebol (heir of a business conglomerate), who reluctantly takes over as CEO of Teng Sheng Bank’s Singapore branch after his older brother dies in a skiing accident. A wine merchant with little knowledge and interest in the workings of the financial system, he’s thrown in the deep end and gets caught up in a dark web of murder, mystery and power. What is the Taiwan story about? Computer whizz Eric Loke (Elvin Ng) and his BFF Ye Dong Huang (Romeo Tan) get embroiled in a Taipei ATM heist after a hacker uses the former’s programme to commit the crime. Pursued by the police, the two guys go on the run while trying to prove their innocence. Who’s in the cast of All is Well? Elvin, Romeo and Blue are joined by an impressive ensemble cast that includes Desmond Tan, Ian Fang, Sheila Sim, ah jies Fann Wong and Zoe Tay, Taiwan’s Pauline Lan, Joanne Tseng and Pets Tseng. Familiar faces such as Zhang Yaodong, Chen Hanwei, Paige Chua, Denise Camillia Tan, Rayson Tan, and former actress Lynn Poh also pop up in bit parts in the drama. Are any actors exclusive to either storyline? From what we understand, Sheila only appears in the Singapore story, while most actors are featured in both storylines, albeit some in the form of flashbacks or backstories. Fans of Elvin and Romeo would probably be more excited about Taiwan-All Is Well as they have majority of their scenes there. What is the best way to watch All is Well? Each drama can be watched on its own as all the pieces of the puzzle come together for the final episodes of both shows. Alternating between the episodes of both plots (i.e. watching Episode 1 on Ch 8, followed by Episode 1 on Ch U, then episode 2 on Ch 8, then Taiwan's episode 2 on Ch U and so on and so forth) however, offers viewers more insight and opportunities to uncover Easter eggs of information revealing the intricate links between the shows. Basically, toggling evenly between ‘Singapore’ and ‘Taiwan’ will give you a more satisfying viewing experience than loyally bingeing all the ‘Singapore’ episodes before starting on the ‘Taiwan’ storyline. For example, in episode 1 of the Singapore-based series, Zhang Yaodong is suddenly seen going on the run on board a vessel after he discovers a dead body. Wait. What? Why? How? The answers are, ta-da, found in episode 1 of the Taiwan story. Don’t be mistaken: we love twists and suspense, but when you’re overloaded with so many characters and side stories, zigzagging between events taking place in two cities, it can be challenging to keep up with all the information being thrown at you and picking up on what exactly is happening. You might feel a sense of déjà vu as some scenes are repeated, but repetition is definitely better than confusion. Just think of All Is Well as one is fine, but two is better. And maybe because we’re partial to heist dramas, we find ourselves more drawn to the Taiwan All Is Well. The pacing is faster, story and characters more light-hearted (it will be interesting to see how the May-December romance between Romeo and Pauline Lan’s characters unfolds), whereas Singapore All Is Well’s Blue Lan just mopes around looking, well, blue…
  8. Not exactly a repeat also. Singapore plot focuses more on the murder of Paige and also the three young bosses. Taiwan plot focuses on the ATM hacking.
  9. Kinda shocked Paige died like on the 2nd or 3rd episode? In comparison to her Taiwanese counterpart Joanne Tseng, her acting seems a little stiff and awkward?
  10. I'm still watching. Two episodes daily 9pm to 11pm hahaha.
  11. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Weeeee thank you! Did @Carbon82 treat you to lunch?
  12. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    I guarantee you that's exactly what everyone's been doing. Gathering feedback internally, externally, compiling mistakes. Now what the tech team needs is time to fix things up back end, this means prioritizing what's on top of their list and working their way down that same list. The purpose of this thread is also to gather constructive feedback and also compile the errors faced by members, most of which already recorded. We are also super thankful for some members here who have been exploring the features of the forum with an open mind and sharing with others what's new, how to better navigate this new board etc. We can't address every single comment here for now though. For members too stressed out over the newly revamped forum, I would highly recommend to go watch some cat videos on Youtube now. 💟
  13. BabyBlade

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Some of you have asked about the PREVIEW function. If you haven't manage to use it, it's actually right here. You can preview desktop, tablet or phone. We'll see if we can change it to something more obvious. @mersaylee @VteckiCk
  14. BabyBlade

    July 2019 - Most Worthy Thread of the Mth (Mod's Choice)

    Hi all! Here's to announce the winner of most worthy thread for the month of July! This is the first winner ever since the latest myCarForum revamp! *drum roll* Congrats to @Heartlander for your July thread on Mercedes cars! Please PM me with your name, email and mobile number. Thanks!
  15. Anybody following the latest 9pm drama? Singapore x Taiwan co-production suspense drama. Not a lot of Mediacorp fans here but finally a serious drama! Filmed in SG and Taiwan, a mixture of SG actors and Taiwanese actors, relatively big names in the local acting scene (Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Desmond Tan, Chen Han Wei, Paige Chua, Ian Fang, Zhang Yao Dong). When was the last time you watched a Zoe Tay X Fann Wong drama? This production is helmed by Award-winning Taiwanese director-producer Wang Shaudi. Actually what's interesting is the parallel plots presented as two interwoven series. Two episodes will air each day - Singapore plotline 9pm to 10pm on Channel 8, and Taiwan plotline 10pm to 11pm on Channel U. In Mediacorp words below: Multi-platform format. Hinging upon the real-life high-profile hacking of ATMs across Taiwan in 2016, All Is Well will thread two parallel plots, both sparked by the same seismic cyber-crime that occurs in the first episode of each series. Events diverge in dramatically different directions in each series, before coalescing to a heart-stopping head in the final episodes of both series. Therein lies the twist in this dual-action drama: The Taiwan- and Singapore-situated sequences can either be enjoyed as standalone series or watched in tandem to tease out the intricate interlinks between the two. If you haven't been watching Mediacorp productions for a really long time, maybe this is a good time to support your local production again. Lots of panning skyline shots of the famous Singapore backdrop and even the beautiful Taipei City! Let's see how this plays out!