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  1. BabyBlade

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Hi ya! 👋
  2. BabyBlade

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    No need for personal attacks @RogerNg_185295 @Unfazed Its a car show thread. Let's not bring politics into it. Life is tough for many, regardless of whether you're in the 70% or 30%. Let's move on. Rather the debate be about Venue vs Seltos vs Stonic.
  3. BabyBlade

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Don't always bring this into the topic? 😑 I was one of the 70% who voted for the PAP FYI. Not proud of it but it doesn't have to be on every thread and subject and what's not.
  4. BabyBlade

    Royal Family Rumble

    Britain's Queen Elizabeth has summoned her grandson Prince Harry for a crisis meeting to discuss future arrangements for him and his wife Meghan following the couple’s shock announcement that they want to step back from royal duties. Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, and his elder brother Prince William, will also attend the meeting, due to take place on Monday (Jan 13) at the queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, eastern England, a Buckingham Palace source told Reuters. Meghan, an American former TV actress, will try to join via telephone from Canada where she returned earlier in the week to rejoin the couple’s baby son, Archie. Prince Harry and Meghan, officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, surprised the rest of the royal family last Wednesday by publicly announcing they wanted a “new working model” that would allow them to spend more time in North America and to be financially independent. They did not consult the 93-year-old monarch or other members of the family before making their announcement on a new website, sussexroyal.com, a move which hurt and disappointed the queen and other royals, according to a royal source. The split between Prince Harry and the other Windsors is the latest crisis the royal family has faced in a period described last month as “bumpy” by the queen in a televised annual address. Such is the global interest in Prince Harry and Meghan that their news has overshadowed a scandal surrounding the queen’s second son Prince Andrew and his friendship with disgraced late US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who hanged himself in jail in August while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges. In an emotional TV interview last October, Prince Harry admitted he and Prince William had fallen out. The Sunday Times newspaper said the elder prince had spoken of his sadness at the rift. The brothers were close for years following the death of their mother Princess Diana in a Paris car crash in 1997. The newspaper quoted William as saying to an unnamed friend:“I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more, we’re separate entities. “I’m sad about that. All we can do, and all I can do, is try and support them and hope that the time comes when we’re all singing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the team.” This isn't a crisis la. Australia is a crisis. Not this. Hmmm.
  5. BabyBlade

    Audi A4/A5 Sportback owners thread

    There is but it's a very old thread dates back to 2010 if I'm not wrong. Which year A5 SB are you driving?
  6. BabyBlade

    Audi A4/A5 Sportback owners thread

    So are you a A4 Sedan or A5 SB owner?
  7. Woah all the videos. We get your point.
  8. Sadly the Ukraine airliner is just collateral damage, at the wrong place wrong time.
  9. Unlike the previous MH17 incident, this time SIA is decisive!
  10. BabyBlade

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Yes Mazda and Lexus is nice too.
  11. Maybe if it happened in Singapore.
  12. With all the intelligence and spy satellites on them, don't think they have other choice. The military shot it down. How would they not know? They knew it. And, respectable is if Iran had admitted right away that they made a mistake. They denied right from the start, even until yesterday. The only reason they admit was pressure from the international media, governments and evidence. There's no way they can run away from it.
  13. A military statement carried by state media said the plane was mistaken for a hostile target after it turned toward a sensitive military centre of the Revolutionary Guard. “The military was at its highest level of readiness,” it said, amid the heightened tensions with the United States. “In such a condition, because of human error and in a unintentional way, the flight was hit.” It apologised for the disaster and said it would upgrade its systems to prevent such mistakes in the future. The responsible parties would be referred to a judicial department within the military and held accountable, the statement said.
  14. Very tragic. I don't know what's worse. Death by mechanical failure or an unintentional missile launch. Both results in the same thing but...... This was indirectly brought upon by Trump, the way I see it. Unintentional or not, innocent people paid for the mistake and conflicts between the United States and Iran. The blood is on US's hands too. A massacre that will go unpunished.