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  1. Volvobrick

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I think no one from LTA check that the bollards are properly constructed with at least half the length below surface. Contractor makan material and save labour. These Singapore bollards give a false sense of security to the pedestrians behind them.
  2. Each pax wear 1 set HeatTech, 1 set in luggage. Winter time, no need to change clothes, at most 1 extra set in luggage. Take photos also won't notice cos can only see the winter jackets. Plus disposable undies. Thick heavy winter jacket just wear on body. Maybe you can even get away with 2 bags for 7 pax!
  3. Sounds like a girl screaming... Face and skin likely gone. Maybe will be the new face of anti rioters....
  4. Means they are literally in deep shit....
  5. Volvobrick

    Who misses their BMW E46

    Had the E46 325 Ci. Nice shape, good steering feel, smooth 6, but I didn't really like the firm ride (it was on sports suspension) and lack of low end.
  6. No wonder Mr Dyson gave up building electric cars - you just need to bolt two of these together and screw on a seat to beat anything from him! All for 2500 bucks or less!
  7. Outback is sufficient for 4 pax with 3 bags this time.... Will be on the road a few days before Christmas. They have arrows hanging like lamp post on both sides of the road, but even with that it was still very challenging when everything was covered with fresh snow. Main roads should be an issue just follow the traffic/tracks, but on country roads when you are the only car.... 😅
  8. I thought the PMD users (not counting food delivery) here use it to solve first 10 mile and last 10 mile problem... ie home to where ever the destination is.
  9. When braking to a stop, it doesn't matter how many wheels are driven... 😂
  10. OK I have driven twice in Hokkaido during winter, once in Alphard Hybrid 4WD actually. There were 4 adults 2 teens, and barely enough space, using one of the 2 3rd row seats for luggage (3 large hard bags, 1 large soft plus a few carry-one's). So if 7 pax, I doubt you can make it as all the seats will be taken, plus you will have more bags. The driving itself was OK, except when once immediately after snowfall I couldn't see where the road ends on both sides! And give plenty of distance at junctions when stopping. I forgot and skidded 2 or 3 times. After the first time, you will definitely be alert for the rest of the drive! I had to clear this before driving too: I am looking forward to my 3rd drive there next month (this time in Outback)!
  11. Volvobrick

    [Spyshots] 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E

    That phallic grill..... 😂
  12. Volvobrick

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Chay! Thought he went back for parang.... Went back to take phone!
  13. I think emails would just go straight into Trash folder and auto empty.....upon start up.
  14. https://www.scmp.com/comment/opinion/article/3037787/what-future-its-end-hong-kong-we-know-it I think this is a well written article. We are witnessing the end of old HK. Maybe I might even miss it!