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  1. Playtime

    Do you trust the police?

    Huh.. got sp much? Tot only +GST... the other ++ is what😳
  2. Playtime

    Do you trust the police?

    Maybe when they signed the ceca contract, India also don't allow then keep a copy... so no one knows wtf was signed and we end up.. https://wap.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/singapore-should-put-in-place-billion-dollar-funding-arrangement-for-indian-start-ups-experts-119111800622_1.html Maybe part 2 coming 😭😭😱😱
  3. Playtime

    How many of our ministers can speak and debate well?

    You forgot the tiolibans and aware saga... they were openly flaunting their fundamentalist ideas in parliament and public institute. . No repercussion at all it seems. In lky time, he may have broken bones over it.
  4. Playtime

    Senoko Energy in Trouble?

    Hmmm... money dumped into the cancelled India city project 🤔🤔... Karma ah?
  5. Playtime

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I actually wondered why they highlighted the case. To be honest... I am in favour of taking a heavier approach to hoarders.. they are public fire and health hazards. So I tot the article was praising ahtc 😂😂😂
  6. Playtime

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    Platform wise.. the Russian heavy fighters. Mission wise, a stealth plane is needed to evade aa and enemy fighters. What others to choose
  7. Playtime

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    The air force is meant to be able to carry out a massive strike to knock out an opponent. Its very much more an offensive , not just defensive arm... which ties in with F35 which are designed with ground attack in mind though it's still a fighter. Can't do that with s400... or s500 ... etc etc. Also they're heavy systems that need a huge fixed deployment area, plus integration into nation AA system.. its like we android.. trying to integrate apple os.. just much much worse. With the gradual progression of the heavy Russian Su series fighters into SEA air forces.. the f16 are reaching the end of the line, the f15 still holding on for foreseeable future. If it's just for politics, can just buy new f16 or f15 .. but it isn't the main concern. Hard choices
  8. Playtime

    senseless fighting

    Golden mile... must be tonnes CCTV in the entire area.. how to escape..🤔 Sure kenna
  9. Playtime

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    What choice is there? F16 is reaching end of life and potential. F15 has since upgraded.. but no volume. F22... no chance. Unless go euro
  10. Playtime

    Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

    Literally first thing he says.. is about domestic and national interest. At last he's open.. he's buying supporters and fixing opponents.
  11. Playtime

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    Dino if they consider phv as employment. That sector hides many jobless pmet.
  12. natural aristocrats suddenly all quiet....
  13. Ah... you planning on visiting questionable places ah 😏 Think those are cash leh 😂