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  1. ER-3682

    Beware of scammers

    Just 1 word Greedy...
  2. If Emergency,should call 995 & not break the Law & drive Recklessly,the Jaguar nearly hit a Motorcyclist.
  3. Brand new Car,Owner sure "Heart Pain"'😪.Owner wanted drive out slow to Run in the Engine...ended up in Truck's Blind Spot....
  4. ER-3682

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Then quickly buy a F20 or F22.
  5. Hoped TP can see this Video.
  6. ER-3682

    MAZDA 6

    SkyActiv-D is Diesel Engine....already many Years in Service.
  7. ER-3682

    Another doctor in trouble

    Common Knee Surgery costed a Woman's life..
  8. ER-3682

    Winter Tires for 2019 Mercedes C300

    Singapopre NO Winter...Tyre Shop also don't sell Winter Tyres.
  9. ER-3682

    MAZDA 6

    Is your car very dirty.?Dirt covering the BSM sensors can cause Error.
  10. Most likely pay Insurance first...more important than Road Tax.
  11. The PHV may have look Left before Turning,it was clear...but the Cam Car turned too fast,PHV cannot react fast enough...so in Small Roads like this better don't take Cornering like F-1...
  12. Anyway,you also driving a tad too fast after taking that turn...
  13. ER-3682

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    Indonesia is too BIG...cannot catch All..
  14. Nope,alot of PHV very bad driving Attitude..
  15. ER-3682

    Unusual or rare cars

    Any Speed Limit like Buses.?😆