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  1. ER-3682

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Look like Kia Stinger.
  2. Malaysian come Singapore to earn a living still want to drive like this....
  3. LTA won't approve it..because Rear Windscreen covered up.
  4. ER-3682

    Any one know about the new Infiniti Q50

    Depends on mileage & condition....I would pick the Q50 if condition is nice,difficult to find a low mileage E250.
  5. TP will still ask for a Driver for the 12 Points,or else deduct from the Boss's Licence.
  6. The Rider thought now He is in Sepang or Pasir Gudang.
  7. I heard that these FT's TP Test is not like Singaporean taking Driving Licence,theirs are just ''Convertion''....easy to pass....Taking a driving licence in Singapore costed over $3,000.00...FT who can afford it.?
  8. Yeah,but He will tell Judge no $$$ pay,go Prison instead,waste Citizens $$$ on Him.
  9. ER-3682

    All BMW owner thread

    Maybe Diesel are on Indent basis.
  10. ER-3682

    To leave in neutral?

    Agreed,not only that,a ''Unique'' Car still have to go thru another LTA Inspection,for Emission & Specs...which will cost extra....So indent a Manual Car will be at least $4,000.00 more.
  11. ER-3682

    Subaru got it all wrong in 2020 Forester FUCKS

    Ah Beng always bullied his ''Blur'' Worker,pity the Worker,always got Whack.
  12. NEA should Fine Car Owner & Passenger for Littering...
  13. Not Car Lousy,Driver Lousy.
  14. ER-3682

    New 2018 BMW X3

    Most BMW are built for handling,suspension will be on the hard side...
  15. ER-3682

    To leave in neutral?

    Agent can indent for You,if can wait for Months & if your Car is the only Manual in S'pore,anything wrong with it...you also may need Weeks to fix it.