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  1. Yup, a very satisfied Zolo user here. Actually my first pair of wireless earbuds.
  2. My guess will be it will be down again
  3. My zolo's volume is loud enough at half the volume slider on my phone to drown out most of the sounds on the treadmill.
  4. Lotr

    Audi 9.9 sale

    Wonder how it will take between launching in Europe and selling in Singapore.
  5. Lotr

    Audi 9.9 sale

    Wait for 10.10, 11.11 or 12.12 sales. 😀
  6. The aptly named Outback
  7. Lotr

    Audi 9.9 sale

    Yeah, I went down but was checking out the A4. Anyway, based on the pricelist which was based on their recent roadshow, the A3 is going for as low as 113k.
  8. the guy with the stroller is the driver? btw, his car really end up "outback"
  9. Lotr

    Audi 9.9 sale

    more like gimmicks i think. Just raise the selling price then give the 9 months free installment and 9 years free road tax, total discount say 30~40k but profit margin still at least 30k or more ...rinse and repeat... still i might go and have a look to see if I can resist the "temptations"...
  10. times are hard, need to make as much money as possible when the opportunity arises
  11. what's the big deal? 大惊小怪 少见多怪 见多不怪 Just practice defensive driving
  12. Lotr

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Size or wheelbase /rear legroom?
  13. This one clearly favors the dealer. More gimmicky one is the audi's on-going 9.9 sales. Nonetheless, still successful (somewhat) as I am going to test drive and see if there is actually any discount. Heehee..😀
  14. Exactly. What's so special about local driving culture? There are others that are better and there are others that are worse.