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  1. Year end a lot of promo. My guess is go up
  2. I LOLed when I saw the screenshot of FB's statement reported in the news.
  3. Lotr

    Opel Insignia 2017

    Does OPC mean Opel Performance Center or Off Peak Car? In the context of this thread.
  4. Lotr

    Volvo 1 for 1

    Most probably not even a used volvo
  5. Lotr

    Volvo 1 for 1

    nice gimmick. at first i thought where got such a good deal then i think the free car can be worth only a few Ks ..
  6. Lotr

    What's inside a Tesla Engine?

    Motor, not engine
  7. Lotr

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Dbs one yes Mas one looks local, to me at least
  8. i am also like you ... just not so smart
  9. if I were to buy a new car next time, I will be sure to ask AD to quote me without COE
  10. Thanks for pointing out. I really have to not bought one with my own coe. And I thought it should be pretty straight forward
  11. can self bid and bring coe to buy the car. the basic cost of the car is without coe. the price of the car is basic cost + profit + coe. some sellers may be happier to sell to such ready buyers since they can register the car immediately if they have ready stocks. of course, they will lose some commissions from smaller loan quantum. Furthermore, some buyers may not or do not want to pay full cash for coe so the next choice for them will be to get from dealer.
  12. Coe bidding is open to all.
  13. Cat B only up by <1k, weak