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  1. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    U can get it here; https://s.lazada.sg/s.gWIjA tad expensive if you ask me. Otherwise, just go to any car aftermarket parts shop in JB and ask around.
  2. I agree with u that its personal preference to choose something mechanically simple. Notice I mentioned TS should consider getting something more reliable and nothing else? Personally, I feel safety is more important than having an unpredictable premium ride. I can empathize with TS. If I paid such a high cost, I would have high expectations. Ultimately, TS will have to decide if its worth fighting SA or move on.
  3. Wow brother, that's a long post. I didnt expect one of Germany's 4 premium car makes giving so many problems. I have always felt uncomfortable with cars with so many electronic systems because if one goes haywire, the whole car will have issues and you will have to return to the AD for repairs since it is considered proprietary equipment. I still drive a manual transmission (probably rare nowadays). Please dont get me wrong, i have got nothing against using auto or conti cars. I just prefer to deal with conventional mechanical parts that all car workshops can handle. My 2 cents worth, change your car and get something more reliable asap. Dont commpromise on safety especially when you have your family using the ride.
  4. So to complete the story, the other driver did make good on her word and traveled down to the workshop to pay for the repairs. We also both signed a private settlement form to close the case. Since she was sincere about the repairs, I didnt follow the workshop's recommendation to replace the entire bumper just because of a small dent. I just told them to knock out the dent and respray the affected area. For the price they charged to replace the entire bumper, I could have bought 3 of the same bumpers in JB (with installation) and still have change. The labour costs in SG is ridiculously exorbitant. I collected my car today after 3 days down time, the front now looks and feels like new after the respray!
  5. Yeah I learnt my lesson in this; put private settlement forms in the car. At best can use it for private settlement, at worst use it as a notepad. Plan to help my mom install a dashcam in her car too. Super important for cases like this.
  6. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    Thanks @Vinceng. Perocom quoted a fair price and the private settlement was..settled (no pun intended)
  7. Hmm, if what you say is true then the NTUC guy is scamming me? Ya I guess the silver lining in such cases is you meet someone with honour/integrity. Worst kind of cases is both say dont report then one person go bao tou and claim insurance then jialat. Its a middle aged lady. She will be chio if you are into tomboys
  8. Thank you both @Jster and @Showster for your advice. I decided to report the accident to insurance (NTUC motor service centre at Ubi) but settle privately. According to the person taking my statement, he said if its not the driver's fault, the premium and NCD should not be affected. Keyword being *should*. If one decides to claim 3rd party, he said you will still have to go the authorized workshop. The workshop will handle everything from there (provided its a clear cut case). The other driver had a passenger with her so didnt want to take the risk the passenger claim for medical fees and whatnot. For the benefit of others visiting this post, will update again once the case closed. Again many thanks to all who contributed, you guys really helped allayed my worries.
  9. Wow, thanks bro for the comprehensive explanation. It sure answered a lot of questions. First time encounter accident, kalang kabo. Cheers
  10. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    Thanks @Cypher bro. Should I go to the AD or the list of authorized workshops from my insurance company? Regardless of the either mentioned, should I also report the accident to the insurance since its private settlement? I understand some insurance companies might increase the premium even though it is entirely not the driver's fault (not sure how true is this).
  11. Hi @car50 Thanks for the advice! Regarding the private settlement, the insurance company should still be notified yes? I was reading some forums mentioning your renewal premium might go up if you report accidents even if the accidents are clearly not your fault.
  12. Hi guys, Need some advice on what is mentioned in the title. I stopped at a traffic light earlier this evening and a car reversed into me for no apparent reason. The damage was mostly cosmetic (at least from what I can see) on the bumper, number plate and the tow hook. Thankfully, the entire event was captured on the dashcam. The driver said she was willing to settle privately but will decide upon knowing the costs. My car just passed the one year mark a few months back. Should I bring the car to the AD or a workshop from the list authorized insurance workshops for assessment? Should I claim against her insurance? Oh right, I should add that the AD is not part of the list of authorized workshops (that is kinda odd). First time encountering this, any advice is appreciated.
  13. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    Hi bros, need some advice urgently. A driver reversed into my car earlier this evening. The damage on the bumper isnt bad but the front proximity sensor also kena. What I am afraid of is there is radiator damage although no signs of leaking. She offered to settle privately but said depends on the cost. We took the photos, exchanged contact details and drove off. I am thinking of going back to Perocom to assess the damage although its not part of the insurance authorized workshop. Any advice on this?
  14. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    Yo @Cypher I got them from Era Maju Taman Desa Jaya after doing some research and asking around. The price they quoted for 15" inch rims with lock nuts and the tires was about 2198RM and this is not even counting my old wheel/tire trade in. The salesperson i spoke to was very patient, explaining everything through WA and they had a wide rim selection. The tires were 258RM(85SGD)/tire which was darn cheap (made in Jul 2018). I was asking around the usual SG tire shops and the range of quotes for XM2 was $95-108/tire. I am probably gonna get some online bashing for using replica rims but I felt the rims had to be of certain quality since they offered 1 year warranty. PM me if u want the sales person's contact.
  15. _Sam_

    Perodua Bezza

    I never think so far bro @Jamesc. I did think of installing aftermarket suspension to avoid the floating feeling but am more worried about insurance coverage when installing such stuff....in the event when something happen *touch wood*. Insurance aside, can you feel the strut bars and ARB helps in the handling? Is it expensive?