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  1. Jamesc

    Photos of the week

  2. Jamesc

    Photos of the week

  3. Jamesc

    India school exam cheat

    Hahahahaha Maybe it the only way to stop Indians cheating in exams. Think outside the box! Indian school makes students wear cardboard boxes on their heads in an attempt to stop cheating.
  4. My MIL has a lot of influence. Does he want buy her used and unwashed clothes? Better to sell to him than just throw away. It's green to reuse and recycle right?
  5. Thank goodness they increase your premium. None of us here wants to pay higher insurance to cover your accident. I don't think it can be 50 50 if the other party successfully claimed against you. But then I don't have many lawyer friends so I could be wrong. And I also not ex SPF.
  6. Not if he got commission for bringing in new customer. I think kiang is more appropriate.
  7. SPF got many jobs right? Admin clerk and guard at the entrance also SPF staff right?
  8. Just don't report to your insurance company and the other party cannot claim against you. I learn from MCF one. Must be correct.
  9. All my frens are doctors that's why I am very qualified to hands on examine good looking young ladies.
  10. Shaqiri is also this type of player. Create goals by dribbling, passing and crossing.
  11. One stupid VAR rule is it cannot over rule a mistake made by the referee. What a stupid rule. We want VAR to over rule a mistake made by the ref. That's why VAR have multiple angles and slow motion replay.
  12. Jamesc

    Horse therapy gaining traction in Singapore

    No money for horse just stoke a pussy to feel better lah.
  13. Yeah Man Utd feel worse for dropping 2 points and Ole not getting sack is a bonus point.
  14. Firmino also tired as he scored against Senegal in Singapore. They should save their goals for Liverpool.