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  1. Throwing money into a hole.
  2. Jamesc

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    And don't forget to exercise to complement a healthy diet. I know not everyone is a fitness FREAK like me but I do a bit of yoga. The latest trend is beer yoga. Beer is a 100% pure vegan nutrient food. Its not easy but I got into a routine and I cannot even miss one day now. No matter how busy or tired I am.
  3. Jamesc

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Eating pizza everyday is very very healthy. Pizza has the perfect combination of nutrition a person needs. The bread is carbo, the tomato sauce is vitamins, the cheese is calcium and the meat is protein. All the important food groups are there. Just don't forget to eat some ice cream or cake as you don't want to miss out of your daily requirements of sugar. Just not too much. Maybe one slice this size each day is enough. Or maybe one small cup of ice cream. Or just one small scoop in between meals. Please not more than one scoop.
  4. Maybe when we play the kids as CBs we might win.
  5. Yah lah so true. Just like my MIL. But she cannot admit. She cannot see and think she is NOT like that at all. I don't know how to tell her.
  6. Jamesc

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Anyway disc or drums all good. Only problem is no brakes.
  7. Jamesc

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Every inspection they tested my brakes. But they just see how strong the brakes are. I don't think they care if its disc or drums.
  8. 2,000 people globally infected and 56 in China killed by the disease.
  9. Anyone with 6 get a free 9 seater MPV.
  10. They say so hard to get people to have more kids. I say its so easy. Anyone with 3 kids get 50% off COE Anyone with 4 get 75% off COE Anyone with 5 get 100% off COE
  11. Now they regret being so hard on those that have 3. I say no need to regret lah, just give us all free COE for doing national service.
  12. How to call the driver a road hogger? Innocent until proven guilty right? Really not long enough to determine if the cam car would hog or not.
  13. I see things exactly the same way.