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  1. Jamesc

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    Ah the company that sells more clothes than bikes. The clothing company.
  2. And the German spent a lot on advertising. All those expensive ads by BM and Audi. All the ads so stylish one. The money went to the ad designers and not the engineering dept.
  3. I think Korean engineering is better than German engineering. How come German cars keep burning oil and Korean cars don't? Engines should be burning petrol not oil. Its just that German designers make better looking cars but Koreans are catching up here also. German engineering is really over rated. DSG problems, oil burning problems, emissions scandal etc etc
  4. I said it before and I will say it again. If you attack Man City they will leak goals. If you put 10 men in your box and try to defend for your life and let them control the ball they will kill you. More teams need to attack Man City and not just admire how they move the ball around. Man City players have lost confidence. Last time they felt they cannot be beaten and that gave them so much confidence they played like champions. Now they are scared and play as if they feel they can be beaten.
  5. Jamesc

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    In the middle east because of the desert and water is so precious when a woman wants to make love they will have a bath. All those Filipino maids bathing twice a day really confuses the old arab men. They are thinking are the maids trying to tell them something?
  6. Jamesc

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    Lots of people go thru red lights and get fined. Does that mean it doesn't work too? There are lots of people in jail so jailing people don't work also? So what do you suggest? No capital punishment? Even with COE there are still so many cars on the road so remove COE? I support you. 👍
  7. Jamesc

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    Could be a translation issue. None of the religions you are talking about was founded using English. All this books were written in another language and translated into English. Its possible "thou shall not kill" was meant to be translated as "thou shall not murder". If "thou shall not kill" is correct all those people that follow that religion should be vegetarians.
  8. Jamesc

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    Must train this dog to bite it off. Poor doggie. Bite hard next time.
  9. Jamesc

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    Maybe they are not aware?
  10. Jamesc

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    You must be one of those serious buyers. I like to go show room touch touch see see waste the sales lady time asking questions but no money to buy only. I never got the 1k discount.
  11. If people willing to work harder and do "dirty" jobs other people turn their noses up at there are many good paying jobs. My massage place still looking for men to massage male professional models. Anyway we massage professionals really earn our money. Work until sweat like mad. Not easy job. No one can say we never put our backs into the job.
  12. Same depre obviously go for the 4 lah. If 4 scoops of ice cream same price as 3 scoops I would go for the 4 scoops.
  13. How can a 3 cylinder engine not be good? So many are turbo charged. With the extra boost and pressure if the engine no good it will be up lorry already. In terms of reliability don't hear of many 3 cylinder engines breaking down.
  14. Klopp does not like to bring in players in the Jan window but Jadon Sancho is desperate to leave Dortmund. Klopp wanted to get him but City refused to sell to an English club. And because of his good relations with Dortmund I think Sancho will come to Pool in January.