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  1. surprisingly, sgcarmart is up to date
  2. Jp66

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    well done, mod!👍 The page look refreshing!🏊‍♀️
  3. I feel otherwise. Cat A $26k-$30K, Cat B $30k-$35K.
  4. 99.99% down, no doubt about it.
  5. honestly, if I were to buy car's brand like jaguar, volvo, bmw, merc, bmw. I would not bother too much about coe bidding unless coe suddenly shot up $20k-$30k. I am pretty sure these AD will finally close the deal.
  6. Jp66

    Komoco new promotion

    no change https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/pricelist/14/2019-07-18.pdf
  7. what feasibility study! 99.9% "chop" and go ahead one.
  8. Jp66

    Landed terrace btw Cashew and Lentor

    https://brooks-signature.sg/ future Springleaf mrt is 2 bus stops away
  9. Jp66

    Landed terrace btw Cashew and Lentor

    TS, did you consider sprinleaf area opp Ngee Soon camp? I think there few developer units left, price point 3M-3.5M. One drawback is without built-in wardrobe.
  10. Jp66

    Landed terrace btw Cashew and Lentor

    Is it true all landed houses do not have piped gas supply from City Gas, owner must use cylinder tank gas from Union Gas?
  11. Jp66

    Chemotherapy experience at NCC

    Hi Lala, wish you a speedy recovery. Take care!
  12. Jp66

    Another Starhub doozy

    https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/two-starhub-technicians-came-to-my-house-and-nothing-was-done Two StarHub technicians came to my house, and nothing was done Recently, StarHub advised its customers whose TVs are connected by cable to switch to a fibre line connection as it is ending cable transmission in June. I went to a StarHub outlet at Plaza Singapura to arrange for this, and was told that two technicians would visit my house - the first to lay a fibre line and the second to connect the new set-top box for fibre. On Tuesday, the technician who came to lay the fibre line examined the set-up in my house and said there was no need to lay a new fibre line. He left without doing anything. On Thursday, a second technician came to set up the new fibre connection to the TV. He said the first technician was wrong and there was no way he could set up the fibre connection without the line having been laid. He left without doing anything either. I am back to square one after taking, and wasting, two half-days off. StarHub should realise that for some customers, time is money. It should ensure that all its technicians know what they are doing before going to customers' homes. Obviously one of the two who came to my house did not. There might be other customers who are similarly affected. Can the StarHub management please explain what is happening? Goh Khee Kuan
  13. Jp66

    2018 / 2019 7th Generation Lexus ES

    is this price for selected colour only?
  14. Jp66

    Favourite Radio station/DJ-Morning

    ufm1003, very entertaining for TCSS