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  1. therock

    Best Selling Cars of 2020

    What does the data from the past year tell us about projected sales this year ? PI cars form a significant portion of sales. More importantly is the choice of cars. Apart from expensive conti imports, the budget models under 100k form a significant number and of these, the Jap origin models take the biggest slice of the cake I believe that buyers want value and also want to avoid issues with their purchases These are not car enthusiasts and gravitate towards cars perceived to be reliable and cheap to service. This applies to cars destined for private hire too So if one sees certain makes and models in the forecourts of PI showrooms, these are the cheap and good cars. I foresee Vezels and Sientas forming the bulk of the sales, thus pushing honda and Toyota sales far beyond the Hyundai cars. And now with the Elantra and Mazda 3 going up in price, buyers who want a car from the ADs will look elsewhere the top ten cars list will look very different but at the end of the year, Mercedes will still feature along with the value cars of 2020
  2. This is interesting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IDkReHnTjr0
  3. Aural engine porn... forgot to watch the video...
  4. I didn’t get any vouchers but I got an sms from shell for a free notebook for spending $250 in December
  5. Friends, before we throw this driver under the bus (pun intended), I think that our own drivers aren't much better, and given the proportion of foreigners driving trucks instead of cars, it may seem like they are worse, but our own drivers are pretty awful too... food for thought bros...
  6. therock

    Best Selling Cars of 2019

    At the end of the day.. I guess our fellow drivers prefer to pay more for reliable yet less featured cars and don't mind paying more for these brands.. And the opinions expressed in MCF hardly represent the average motorist.. 😉
  7. therock

    Honda Owners..... Pls Check In..

    When someone asks a question like that... it probably means the owner doesn't want to follow the guidelines and wants to save a little $$... 😉
  8. Yep, check out Levelz, Sommerville Park etc all close to Farrer MRT, market, and 5 min from town. A far cry, literally from Seng Kang or Punggol... Which will you rather have, a brand new condo (like the 'new' smell') in the middle of nowhere or right smack in CCR... mind you, these condos aren't barebone ones.. these are full facility freehold condos. Real lap pools, gyms, tennis courts and parking for all.
  9. The cam car is more interested in recording the handbag incident than in safety
  10. You can find something in the 1700 range.. just need to look around 👍
  11. For that kind of money, unless one is hard up about new, it’s better value to get a 10 year old condo in the Holland or Queensway area.. unless jams are considered a condo feature 😉
  12. therock

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    The good news is that there’s some war going on in bukit Timah however discounts won’t last forever otherwise Singaporeans will get that entitlement mentality ..
  13. therock

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Somehow I can't see it...
  14. therock

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Caltex has dropped it's price... let's hope I have enough until the others also drop their prices 🙂