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    King Kong don’t even know
  2. I was also thinking what the f is wrong with this guy?!?!??!??
  3. Don’t go and use lah this one destroy tiles one it is so strong can eat into dried bird shit and still got spare power to eat into the concrete you use on tiles, the protective layer on the ceramic tiles will be eaten. Then your tiles will forever black black toilet bowl I don’t know lah
  4. your tiles will be destroyed!! you go scrub or you go buy the Bar keeper friend the brown bottle can only use on concrete
  5. Whoa!! I gonna buy this. My scrub method doesn’t work on the glass doors the review in amazon Damm good!!
  6. this type no point using bleach dont bother with any chemical all no use one. There is no easy way to deal with these type of stains. Only way is either (drill + brush attachment) or green scrub if you have a Battery powered hand held drill the easier: can use this: 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Scrub Pads Grout Power Drills Scrubber Cleaner https://s.lazada.sg/s.hdA4 trick is to spray water on the wall first, then use the drill + brush. Start with the lower wall. That’s the hardest to do. Then work your way up the wall. Last then is the floor which is the easiest. Scrub one section, use water to spray one section. Prepare to spend one hour. Usually your battery won’t last very Long one so you probably have to spilt up the work Don’t bother with the power jet spray. These type just use drill brush if you don’t have drill brush, then you need new green scrub. Same method. Water, scrub, water. Very siong one. but once you do once nice nice one. Then every week maintenance is not so siong. Those very week maintenance can use power spray but the best maintenance trick is this: everytime bath finish, use the shower head to spray cold water on the wall to flush down any soap. 10 seconds job but save one hell of a work
  7. Mustank

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Starex have this one
  8. Hey guys check this out!! Very funny one a lot of nb eh cb