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  1. KNN, I love human bitches, not the animal world one.... DLLM, dogs live is about 7 times human, how can be 9 months? You go ask our best friend google see what he say, he every day mix with bitches one...
  2. Tiagong got xiao hui and xiao hua also, there is a reason female dogs are call bitches you know....
  3. and soon after, the chicks grow up, and become food to the hawker...
  4. next time you pretend to be a dog when you buy chicken rice, see how. Mayb you get one whole chicken FREE?
  5. halo, dogs no same human hor, no need 9 months, 60 days only....
  6. Tianmo

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    You no know this one who ah? You want to give him 24 hrs to prove that the wtm is really made by his mum?
  7. If can use part of the money to buy land back, I believe cheaper than reclamation. 丁权 I think also can talk one, end of the day is all about benefits. 只要有好处,什么都可以谈.
  8. 油炸,红烧, i think no body will object also, but I think 碳烤 not bad, sld go well with some cool beer...
  9. who knows order from BJ to all the HK CEs is, your job is dont do anything, but thats also the toughest job.
  10. this is crazy lor. they got so much land and yet need to do reclamation, and when the damn thing is ready, if it ever will, would be at least 10 yrs later. why no body think of home building earlier? and so much money, which main con can undertake such a project? later all one by one take money liao pretend toh and run road, then HK ppl really need to queue up and DLLM liao....
  11. he will want to 动 something else...
  12. He got more important thing to handle and plan, you know like count money and prepare to run road, very important you know...