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  1. Tianmo

    where's the street food in sg?

    are you sure? TW 辣妹 for supper not nice?
  2. Tianmo

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    If you are like me, eat breakfast at 3/4/5pm, fried elephant also is not very heavy. Those night shift ppl, they go to work at night, when they wake up, many also can eat fried chicken, that one also their breakfast leh. You got eat roti prata, curry puffs or you cha kuay for breakfast? Those all fried food hor.
  3. Tianmo

    Exercising and losing weight

    I was speaking to one of the national coach some time back, and he said one of the reason for doing multi event is because they realize that the drop out rate is very very high. Many top youth athletes who showed potential at national school games drop of out the sport after A division. Could be due to NS, could be due to starting too young, and they lose interest after more than 10 years doing the same sport from a young age. So now they start to work on the basic (run, jump, throw) for everyone, and filter them later according to their strength. There is this young chap in my son's training club, he played basketball in Sec sch, but decided to try track in ITE. Big and tall fellow, when he first came, nobody really paid too much attention to him except for his height (1.85m). But he pick up real fast, and in 6 months, he beat everyone in the team, including one 4th place A div national runner. Even run his way into National B team. He has very good physical advantage from basketball training, and is able to understand the new skill, one example of switching sports at a later stage.. me son also never did hurdle until later part of sec 1, he said the others know each other because they were already competitors since Pri school, he was the new kid on the board, and nobody paid attention to him.
  4. boleh boleh, suma boleh!!!
  5. Tianmo

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Looks like congee, taste like congee, but its not congee.... Oatmeal porridge with can tuna and 3 eggs...
  6. atas atas turun turun atas atas turun?
  7. Tianmo

    Marathons in Singapore

    Anyone remember our very own Lim Ngee Huat and Yong Yuen Cheng? I was and actually am still quite sad for them. 50km for 50 days in a row, and few ppl in our land actually give a shit about it. It sld have been a grand event if I have any say in it... And nobody even talk about it now...
  8. Tianmo

    Freezer door seal

    DIY change?
  9. Tianmo

    Exercising and losing weight

    Yah, I guess is more for young kids who dont specialize in a certain sport too young. Because they are still growing, so focusing too much on a certain set of muscles may result in imbalance growth or early injury too soon too early. I am starting to think that mayb it is a good idea to let the kids cross train in multi sports before they go into something at a later stage rather than starting them real early, like what is happening now. So although many old time coaches are not really in favor of the change, I think it may result in an all round development in the kids before they really show their strength in certain sports or events.
  10. Tianmo

    Exercising and losing weight

    Almost all the top school athletes have some form of injuries, and not once. In fact, all top athletes have injuries, is how bad and how fast they recover. Hamstring seem to be one of the main area that gets hurt very easily, so I pay a lot of attention to my boy's hamstring... Every time you take a walk ard the national athletes training ground, sure can see one or another bao kar bao chew ones training and walking ard. I guess the gov may have realize something, or may have read into some research recently. Starting this year, MOE has gone away with the usual track and field events in Pri sch, and replaced with a "combine event" track and field event. So Pri sch kids now do multi event( run, jump, throw) instead of specified events, they only go into a particular event when they move on to sec sch. serious athletes actually very hard to cross train, unless they know that a different set of training can help improve their performance, otherwise most of the time weight training is about the closest cross train you can get...
  11. Tianmo

    Boleh Land Election 2018

  12. Tianmo

    INEOS159 Challenge, can he break 2?

  13. Tianmo

    INEOS159 Challenge, can he break 2?

  14. Tianmo

    Taxi service from City Square JB to sg

    tio the custom jam, I think same same stuck .... JB taxi got special lane or not ah?
  15. Tianmo

    INEOS159 Challenge, can he break 2?

    what she wore for London marathon? the big different is actually from London to chicago in 2019. Chicago 2019 and London 2018, her timing actually quite close, so have to look at what she wore for London 2019.