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Tianmo have made 1 car review, 2 merchant reviews, and 7 product reviews.
Tianmo have made 1 car review, 2 merchant reviews, and 7 product reviews.
car reviews (1)
  • Well featured fuel saver
  • Tested the car during the event on 28 April 2017. The exterior reminds me of the 5 doors back in the 90s. Interior is well layout and clear. Space is average, nothing to shout about, not too bad either. However features are plentiful, so much that it may take a while to sort out and get use to. A great important from Hyundai cars of yesteryear ( I owned two Hyundai b
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merchant reviews (2)
  • Precision Motorworks Pte Ltd
  • Was introduced to try this WS by a good friend, so called them 2 weeks ago to fix an appointment to service the C4. Their time slot was very full because of the nearing CNY, however they were very nice to squeeze out a slot for me on 26/1, their last day of work .

    Went over in the afternoon, and everything was done swee swee. Chop chop all done and left a happy m
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  • AL Tyres Pte Ltd
  • I met a friend there to get some switching work done this morning. It was raining and I was the first customer there. The few workers were very friendly and helpful, a lady worker even came with an umbrella to shelter me into the workshop. However i thanked her and stayed in my car waiting.

    Their service was fast and the workers took my instruction to rotate the
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product reviews (7)
  • Goodyear Assurance TripleMax
  • With the discount from Goodyear, I had my tyre replaced on Monday. I find TripleMax the best all round tyre I have used so far as compared to other tyre in the same price range.They are very quite and comfortable, my engine is quite noisy and I usually can still hear tyre noise, but with the TripleMax, I didn't really hear any road noise, a good choice for long drives
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  • Firestone TZ700
  • Switched from KU31 to TZ700 because shop has no stock. Very comfortable and quiet tyre. Dry grip is fantastic and wet grip acceptable. TZ700 seem to be more lasting than KU31 given no change in driving format. Wear is more even ( I had the same alignment issue and TZ700 wear better than KU31). Value for money installing on a B&B car. Anything cheaper and better got to s
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