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  1. Spring

    Happy Chinese New Year

    I've worked till 7pm+ on CNY eve in the past. Financial sector is like that as Europe and rest of the World is still working. Thankfully I don't hv to do this anymore. In fact some colleagues come back on 1st and 2nd day of CNY as well but this year being weekend, it will not happen.
  2. Spring

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Burger from Meat Smith at Amoy. Went with some MCF buddies. $10 on offer days. Nice n juicy😋👍
  3. Yes think quite confirmed “others” refers to hybrid, electric etc. This table on onemotoring which is published monthly doesn’t give the AD v PI breakdown which is important info in my opinion. I also think Honda PI numbers shld be huge n hence wanted to confirm if they are indeed the top PI brand. Tried to search TS posts n I don’t seem to see him posting the AD v PI numbers despite his claim but maybe I missed it somehow. U got any links on this AD v PI? Tks!
  4. Appreciate if u can post the AD v PI numbers. I’ve googled and unable to find anything. Also one motoring website only shows the breakdown between the different types of vehicles sold by brand but nothing on AD v PI so if u hv a link, pls share tks!
  5. My point is that there is a difference between paying back and not. If sentencing is based on intent only then there is no incentive to pay back and a lot of guilty parties would have the attitude of "might as well keep the loot" since it's only a year more. In this case, the aggrieved party will not be able to recover what they lost which shld be a consideration besides punishing the guilty. Actually, the law does take into consideration remorse but obviously not in this case and that's why I say I don't quite understand how they dish out sentencing as it seems inconsistent to me. By the way, perhaps I didn't spell it out but this colleague's associate was actually just a few minutes away from the bank to return the money when the spot check took place. So he would have returned the money even if he was not caught but that doesn't absolve him from his crime but the return of the money should be a consideration.
  6. Spring

    2019 7th Generation BMW 3 Series (G20)

    Think u missing the point altogether. No one is disputing that IL6 or large cc cars are great but the situation has changed not cos of manufacturers nor consumer preference/choice but cos of environment laws, BS or otherwise. So we have to adjust to this change like it or not just like many other things in life. If we still continue to beat our chests and hanker for the good old days then we will be left behind as the World moves on. This is an advice coming from an old man like me who is not always receptive to change as well. Coding off the ASS is a moot point cos like u, I feel it's BS that ASS can really help the environment but unlike u, I accept that this is what the World of today wants and so like it or not, I accept it albeit reluctantly.
  7. Spring

    2019 7th Generation BMW 3 Series (G20)

    Try telling the environmentalist that it is BS. I don't like the auto start stop as well and I also think it is BS but do I have a say? U shld know that in Europe they are strict on environment and the car manufacturers have to comply, BS or not.
  8. I'm no court expert but sometimes I nvr understand how sentences are meted out. Some offences I deem as serious gets away with a light sentence whilst some relatively minor offences get hit by a sledgehammer. I personally know an ex colleague who was thrown in jail for more than 3yrs for CBT. He took out cash from the bank vault at the start of the day and returned before closing. He was caught in a spot check before closing but returned every cent. Another bank employee from the same bank cheated a client of almost half a million $ and got 4yrs+ jail. He nvr paid back a single cent.
  9. Spring

    2020 Volkswagen T Cross

    This DSG issue has left a very black mark on VW and whilst the claim is that it has been solved, skeptics are still not convinced. On one hand, it may be true that it has been solved so no point harping on it any longer but on the other hand, it's once bitten, twice shy as GB issues are a real headache and very costly plus long downtime. So to each his own, those who like VW cars and have confidence in the brand, just go ahead and buy a car which is generally well built and is the Toyota of the Western World. Those who are not convinced, just stay clear. As for myself, I'm kiasu so unlikely I will bite but many times we buy cars with our hearts rather than our heads so if a model comes along that wins my heart, I could possibly bite, who knows? I saw this T Cross at the Motorshow, it looks good and being SUV I quite like it but price and drive feel needs to be verified.
  10. Spring

    2019 7th Generation BMW 3 Series (G20)

    Haha yes I agree that as body grows, quite incredulous that engines become smaller instead. That said, in this day and age esp with environment issues at the forefront; more manufacturers are going smaller cc with turbo so I guess we have to accept it instead of the IL6 or nothing, no replacement for displacement mentality some of us have. Times have changed.
  11. Spring

    2019 7th Generation BMW 3 Series (G20)

    I have been told that our local 318 will be 1.5l
  12. Spring

    Scam in SMS and Phone Call

    I also got this and I also got another from "NTUC" saying I got 36,000+ points waiting to be redeemed, another from "Courts" who says I won a handphone etc
  13. Spring

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    What I meant by light is the weight of the car feels light to me hence the pickup n FC is good but of course don't expect to corner fast. I'm not sure if Kona is bigger cos I don't see much Kona anymore. Anyway for a sub $90k car with quite a no. of features and 6 airbags, I think it's "mai hiam buay pai"
  14. Actually be it cheque or CO, if you deposit before 3pm; your bank should give you value same day but of course it will be on hold till 2pm next working day. I'm surprised to hear of banks discriminating between the 2 and this shouldn't be the way.
  15. Spring

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    Sorry, just my opinion only but I don't fancy Mei Zhen Xiang Bak Kwa and worse still is the minced pork version as I feel it mixes other parts besides meat itself but to each his own I guess. I suppose minced pork will always have its share of the market for those who prefer softer Bak Kwa.