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  1. Mockngbrd

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Got $$$$$ buy no scared one
  2. House and nationality?????? AMDL???
  3. Mockngbrd

    where's the street food in sg?

    x 3
  4. Mockngbrd

    where's the street food in sg?

    Methodology: The 50 cities were selected after reviewing numerous “best street food cities” lists and included those cities that appeared more than once. To get a figure for the number of street food vendors in each city CEOWORLD magazine analysed street food data in Google Maps. CEOWORLD magazine used Numbeo to find out the current price of an inexpensive meal in each city. Data from UNICEF was used to rank the cities by food hygiene. The Street Food City Index 2019 ranks the cities on 4 parameters: number of street food vendors, affordability, number of street food experiences, and food hygiene. The data come from an annual survey of 92,000 business travellers and 1,400 corporate travel agent in 86 countries commissioned by the CEOWORLD magazine. The study was conducted over three months from July 18 – September 19, 2019. Survey of travellers. Not Locals. Msia butt hurt.
  5. Taiwan tok so big but still scared ah?
  6. kns these ppl.... where to buy?
  7. Mockngbrd

    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    No Brain wear for what
  8. + if amdk molest girl, must punish the girl for bring slut.
  9. Mockngbrd

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    They used to run many Company. HQ, alpha, bravo, Charlie.
  10. This fella not nus still trying luck. Confirm no bright future one. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/polytechnic-student-edmund-chong-jail-video-woman-showering-12020786
  11. Can police don't work for a day? Then can have the purge.
  12. Mockngbrd

    where's the street food in sg?

    Because why? go out eat wun kenna rob
  13. no hav 5000 la. they hard reset in 1966 wiped out all their culture.