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  1. I wonder if the increase in premium can be attributed to more claims due to influx of PHVs over the past years.
  2. keywords "both are dentists" and "both parents stay landed places". No wonder they have so many kids. financially not a worry.
  3. True and False. I have a lady unmarried colleague who takes good care of her mother. But her married sister basically "disowned" her mother. I have only one daughter. So fingers crossed that we raised her well. We don't expect her to support us financially though. We have sufficient health and life insurance to tide us through old age.
  4. The interior looks pretty old school. Like back to the 2000.
  5. I have just renewed insurance with DirectAsia. Its website quoted additional $75 premium for my two not-at-fault claims. Called and spoke to a customer service officer and requested their underwriter to review my situation. As a result, they "waived" the additional $75 premium charged for the not-at-fault claims as my car was parked stationary at MSCP both times. Those in similar situation may wish to do the same for your renewal. This deal is further sweetened by $150 (CNY promo) + $25 (referral) CapitaLand vouchers.
  6. Nutty

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    Whoever in charged of Standchart... Shifting to Jun, the hottest month in SG. Brilliant move... Brilliant.
  7. Nutty

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    Just did my 3rd year inspection at STAI Sin Ming this morning. Only 2 cars in the queue. Smooth... Showed them Hitch Club on my Grab app and gotten 10% off.
  8. Nutty

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    The lesson that I learn is - If I cannot afford $10 parking fee, then jolly well don't buy a car or drive. 😉
  9. Nutty

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Nearby HDB a lot of parking options. Just need to walk for a couple of minutes.
  10. Nutty

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Just a slap on his wrist. LOL...
  11. I think Hondas are largely found in Prime Taxis.
  12. My friends encounter higher premium renewal too. Sigh... guessed there are just too many reckless drivers in SG.
  13. I have various quotes ranging in the $600++ region. My current premium is only $563. My current insurer quoted me $680 for renewal. So I suspect the increase was due to my not-at-fault claims.
  14. Yup. For both claims, I produced video evidence to both TP and insurance companies. One happened at a parallel parking lot. The other at my MSCP. Unless we park at a solo lot or private house, I can't find a less risky place to park.
  15. Some companies like DirectAsia requests me to declare not-at-fault claims, while others don't. Guess those who don't will not consider that as a risk. Googled a bit, and I found out not-at-fault claims may impact premiums in other countries as well. What a twisted logic.