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  1. kobayashiGT

    2020 Mitsubishi Lancer

    Hahah. His youtube channel has quite a number of views. Don't play play.
  2. kobayashiGT

    2020 Mitsubishi Lancer

    Oh. hahaha. Grand Lancer is also AKA Gallant right? I find this design quite nice leh. Don't you think so?
  3. kobayashiGT

    2020 Mitsubishi Lancer

    This thread is curated from this youtube channel. This is the 2020 Grand Lancer. This is the front view of the Grand Lancer, the design cue does have a bit of Triton in it. 🤔 But it is definitely a whole new take from the past Lancer outlook that hasn't been a refresh for the longest time. I sure like the side profile of the new Grand Lancer, the line from the front A-pillar to the driver door does make the car sportier. I just hope that the vent is real! So that there is some performance purpose for the holes. The rear view of the car is nicely shaped too. The boot has a little duck tail the looks sportier. And I also like the rear bumper the way it has vents. The c shape LED lights to seem to have taken a lot of re-iterations from the recent Civic and Impreza. Nothing much to fanfare about it. A closer view of the Rear LED Light. Here's a look on the front DRL. A bit like golf thou IMHO. Okay. To the interior. This youtube channel is from Taiwan, so is LHD. I like the ipad style centre display! The steering wheel looks very minimalistic! A full LCD display and a nice pedal shifter. 🙂 You can do different configuration on the smart display too! How cool is this! This is by far the favourite for this car. A tesla-like infotainment system! Just look at the size of the screen! OMG! This is so damn good for displaying a map. Reverse mode. Let's come to the back, the centre trunk is quite protruded, so maybe for a long-distance drive, best is to just sit 4 paxs. Look very spacious~! Here's the car key. The boot opening is very practical. I think is big enough for all barang barang. The wheels are fitted on 16" 5 spokes alloy rims with Bridgestone Turanza T001, A very highly recommended touring tyres for those who want comfort and minimum road noises. I will highly recommend Turanza! Okay. That's all for now! Enjoy!
  4. kobayashiGT

    EV demand pok

    Next time all our car will have this. 🤣🤣
  5. Maybe it's time to buy insurance for PMD?
  6. German firm hopes to debut flying taxis in Singapore as early as 2021 Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/german-firm-hopes-debut-flying-taxis-singapore-early-2021 SINGAPORE — German company Volocopter hopes that its air taxis can make their debut in Singapore as early as 2021. Speaking to TODAY on Wednesday (Oct 16), Volocopter's spokesperson, Ms Helena Treeck, said that the company is currently in “introductory talks” with the Singapore Government to bring its air taxis, which are named after the firm, here. The German company has been in talks with the Economic Development Board, Transport Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for the past year to assess the feasibility of bringing in air taxis, although Ms Treeck was quick to caution that nothing had been firmed up yet. “We hope to have our first commercial routes open in the next two to five years. Singapore is one of the potential contenders to be among the first routes, but from Volocopter’s side, we cannot say yet when the first route will actually be open,” said Ms Treeck. The other contender for Volocopter’s commercial debut is Dubai. The air taxi had performed a public unmanned test flight there in 2017. A research and development version of the air taxi, named the Volocopter 2X, will be flown in Singapore for the first time on Oct 22 at Marina Bay. It will fly for three minutes at noon as part of the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, which runs from Oct 21 to 25 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. In another first, Volocopter, together with its partner, British firm Skyports, will display its take-off and landing site for the Volocopter called the VoloPort at the Marina Bay Floating Platform during the congress. The VoloPort’s structure resembles a helipad with an attached passenger terminal to cater to the high number of passengers expected. However, the Volocopter 2X will not be taking off or landing from the VoloPort during its demonstration here. Ms Treeck was unable to disclose where the air taxi would do so. Skyports’ infrastructure manager Damien Kysely, who was also at the interview with Ms Treeck, said that Skyports and Volocopter were considering sites such as Marina Bay, Changi, Sentosa and Seletar for their commercial services, although these have yet to be approved by the authorities here. When asked why Singapore was a potential contender, Mr Kysely said that even though cities like Los Angeles, Jakarta and Bangkok suffer from traffic congestion and are where Volocopters will have the biggest market, he said that Singapore is being considered due to its “great innovation culture”. Citing the example of Changi Airport’s skytrain, which is autonomous, Ms Treeck added that Singapore is “forward-thinking” when it comes to new technology. “It’s about having a fertile environment where you know authorities in the country and potential customers are open to trying new things,” she said. HOW THE VOLOCOPTER WORKS The Volocopter is an electronically-powered drone which runs on 18 rotors. It differs from helicopters which are fuel-powered and run on main and tail rotors as well as a turbine. The difference in design means that Volocopters also fly more quietly than helicopters. The Volocopter 2X can be flown by a pilot with a joystick, or remotely from the ground. When commercialised, the Volocopter will be able to fly autonomously as well, although initial flights are expected to be piloted. At maximum speed, the Volocopter can travel at 110km per hour and carry 200kg, or two passengers and their luggage. Ms Treeck said that if the Volocopter is any heavier, its systems would automatically prevent it from taking off. In this regard, the Volocopter is safer than a helicopter which can be flown by a pilot against stipulated regulations, increasing the risk of accidents. There are, however, limitations to where a Volocopter can fly or land. For instance, it cannot fly in areas populated by tall buildings and trees. If it were to land on a building, the building must be able to support the weight of the air taxi. WHO CAN HOP ON A VOLOCOPTER Unlike helicopters which are designed for “low-frequent, private services”, Volocopter aims to market its air taxis as an “on-demand public transport service”. It will serve as a premium taxi service as part of the larger public transport landscape, and cost more than regular taxis. While it may initially be used by tourists and business travellers who may want to save time, Ms Treeck said that the plan is to eventually commercialise it for the general public. With the addition of more routes and more passengers adopting the service, prices for air taxis could also fall with time, she reckoned. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/german-firm-hopes-debut-flying-taxis-singapore-early-2021
  7. kobayashiGT

    Speed warning device for Vans/Lorries

    Hahha. that one any shop who deal with wiring can do. hahahha.
  8. kobayashiGT

    Speed warning device for Vans/Lorries

    For those who are looking to replace a speed warning device. you can visit MCF Marketplace and look for it! https://www.mycarforum.com/marketplace/info-143627/
  9. M’sia to release ‘flying car’ prototype by end 2019, claims 1-hour KL to Penang trip possible Source: https://mothership.sg/2019/10/malaysia-flying-car-end-2019/ Malaysia is expected to launch its “flying car” prototype at the end of 2019, according to Malaysia’s Minister of Entrepreneur Development. Malay Mail reported that Minister Mohd Redzuan bin Mohd Yusof did not give parliament an exact date, but said that “air mobility” will continue to undergo further development. The prototype was previously planned to be unveiled in October 2019, according to The Star. Flying cars by Vision 2020 Khairy Jamaluddin, the youth chief of UMNO, had parliament in stitches after he said he was glad to have lived to see his dream of “flying cars”. “Vision 2020 was introduced when I was 15 years old. We imagined that there would be flying cars by then. I would like to congratulate the minister for being the only one to keep the promise of Vision 2020,” he said cheekily. Vision 2020 is a goal set forth by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who called for Malaysia to be a developed nation by 2020. Khairy also asked Redzuan when the public can expect to see the entrepreneur development minister riding the “flying car”. In response, Redzuan said that Mahathir had barred him from the air mobility vehicle, unless it was insured. He also gave more details about the vehicle, stating that it can accommodate two to three passengers. Redzuan also said that the “flying car” can cut short travelling time, and claimed that travelling between Penang and Kuala Lumpur will only take an hour, compared to four hours on the road. Flying car timeline On March 2, Redzuan announced that the “flying car” will not be for sale to the public, but companies such as Grab are interested to use it for taxi services. A model of the proposed “flying car” was first unveiled in March this year, at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2019 exhibition. The model drew a lot of flak for being little more than a glorified drone, although Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was reportedly pleased with the idea when he visited the booth. Later, it was clarified that the “flying car” that was being developed was actually a drone that can carry people and cargo. The passenger drone can reportedly carry a load of approximately 150kg to 200kg, and fly about 50m above ground level at 60km/h for between 30 and 90 minutes of flying time, according to the vehicle’s developers. On Aug. 20, it was announced that works to construct Malaysia’s first “flying car” was 85 per cent complete. The world awaits with bated breath.
  10. Haha. you want me to join the nasi lemak group issit. I still need to be here to look after you guys one.
  11. I think she has taught me more about life than helping her. So is a win-win. I am a supporter of adopting than buying. So anyone who is reading this and is keen to own a pet, please consider adopting. It will be much more meaningful to you and your furkid. You cannot choose how they look, but you can love them how you always wanted to be. Don't be judgemental on their past, age and sickness. They are all the same. they will grow old, they will be mischievous and they will fall sick.
  12. kobayashiGT

    Cannot post an Ad

    Hi @chubbs, We will get in touch with you shortly and find out what is your issues. Cheers!