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  1. kobayashiGT

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    yeah. i have taken notice of the control bar. will check on monday.
  2. kobayashiGT

    Dunlop SP Sport LEMANS LM705

    next time i wanna buy thing on japanese website i know who to look for le! hahahahha
  3. kobayashiGT

    Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia

    In Asia mah.
  4. Driver of Maserati found guilty of causing grievous hurt to policeman, faces 59 other charges Source: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/driver-of-maserati-found-guilty-of-causing-grievous-hurt-to-policeman-faces-59-other-charges/ar-BBXMY4f?li=BBr8Cnr Singapore—Thirty-five-year-old Lee Cheng Yan has been found guilty of voluntarily causing grievous hurt when he dragged police officer Staff Sergeant Khairulanwar Abd Kahar in his Maserati at a speed between 79 km/h to 84 km/h in an incident on November 17, 2017 at Bedok Reservoir Road. He was convicted by District Judge Ng Peng Hong on Wednesday, December 4, who also found him guilty of nine additional charges, which includes obstruction of justice and failing to stop after the accident. This is aside from 59 other charges that Mr Lee is facing, that have to do with illegal money lending and online gambling, which will be ruled on later. Additionally, on the day when he dragged the police officer, he was actually forbidden from driving due to previous traffic violations, and lacked the required third-party risk insurance for his Maserati when the incident occurred. On that day, Officer Khairulanwar apprehended Mr Lee as he drove down Bedok Reservoir Road shortly before 9:30 in the evening, as he had seen that Mr Lee had no seat belt on. The officer then approached the driver’s side of Mr Lee’s car. When he stood beside Mr Lee’s open window, the driver of the Maserati “fled the scene by suddenly reversing the Maserati, before accelerating quickly forward while the victim was standing next to the driver-seat door,” according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Timotheus Koh. Unfortunately, Officer Khairulanwar’s uniform got stuck in the car window, and he was dragged for over 100 meters, finally falling on the road. Mr Lee then drove away. The policeman sustained pain in his right knee, neck and lower back, and had to take 20 days’ medical leave. Mr Lee left the Maserati near Aljunied Road, at Willow Avenue, and later sought refuge with a friend, Jeff Chan, who tried to convince him to turn himself in. He borrowed a shirt from Mr Chan and threw his own shirt away. He was eventually arrested at Mr Chan’s house at 2 o’clock in the morning on November 18 and charged in court on that same day. Mr Lee claimed his innocence, saying he had lent his car to an acquaintance known as “Kelvin,” whom his defence team had never been able to produce at his trials. Nor was Mr Lee himself able to give any pertinent information about “Kelvin“ such as his last name or address. Concerning Kelvin, Senthilkumaran Sabapathy, the Deputy Public Prosecutor on the case told Mr Lee, “You are obviously lying.” The other DPP, Timotheus Koh, said, “The defence is conspicuously silent on the fact that the accused has, to date, failed to produce this Kelvin, even though Kelvin is key to the defence’s case. He said Kelvin was the driver, Kelvin caused grievous hurt, Kelvin drove dangerously. Kelvin is a cornerstone to the defence’s case. Yet all they can muster … is that the accused was not asked by the prosecution and the police for more details about Kelvin.” As he has been deemed a serious flight risk, Mr Lee’s bail was increased from S$10,000 to S$70,000. He will be back in court on January 14, 2020. If he is found guilty, he may receive a maximum jail term of 15 years, as well as caning and/or a fine. -/TISG
  5. Please help us continue to monitor too!
  6. kobayashiGT

    Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia

    if they need runner, they can just activate all the grabfood!
  7. kobayashiGT

    Dunlop SP Sport LEMANS LM705

    bro. you know kanji?
  8. kobayashiGT

    Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia

    Ahhhh. Like money laundering. hahahahahah.
  9. I think all PMDs will have an OBD or CPU right? Can we just limit the speed, Making sure all the PMDs top speed is controlled, if tempered just fined and jail and rotan. make everyone scare. Anyway, it is the minority that causes the problem mah. Not all of the riders are to be blamed.
  10. kobayashiGT

    Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia

    Got summary anot arh? tl:dr abit leh.
  11. kobayashiGT

    ASMR Brake Restoration!

    Brake is a very mechanical part. Just make sure you are skillful enough, have all the correct parts (genuine ones) and a clean dust-free room for the rebuild. But for us, we will just go workshop lah. hahaha HDB cannot do all this one.
  12. Huh? Do we have a cycling path? At east coast park arh? I don't think the theory tests can curb the problem. And then again, waste taxpayers money again. need to create exam format, venue, license and database to record all the PMD riders. This money I rather spend on the needy ones. Like orphanage or hospice.
  13. Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia source: https://mothership.sg/2019/12/grabpay-credit-card/ Grab announced the launch of GrabPay card in partnership with MasterCard on Dec. 5, it’s also the first numberless credit card available in Asia. Numberless credit card? Wha? The physical GrabPay card is completely numberless, front and back, and it looks something like this. The physical numberless card is designed to minimize security concerns, to prevent theft of personal and financial information. No more cashiers using their photographic memory to capture your credit card information. The card numbers will be reflected in the digital version of the card. GrabPay wallet users will have the details of their card stored within the Grab app. Great card for travel For those who prefer travelling cashless, the GrabPay card offers a foreign exchange fee of two per cent, a bargain compared to other cards out there, which range mostly between 2.8 per cent to 3.5 per cent. GrabPay Card users are also entitled to flight delay passes, they can access over 1,000 airport lounges across 100 countries if they face delays for over two hours. Rewards points galore On top of that, money spent on the GrabPay card can be earned as GrabReward points, credited at the point of transaction. As part of a limited launch promotion period, the GrabPay Card will reward users with up to 10x GrabRewards points per every dollar spent, redeemable all over Southeast Asia. Samsung users can add their digital GrabPay Card to their Samsung Pay wallet and make offline payments as well.
  14. kobayashiGT

    ASMR Brake Restoration!

    I find this video very therapeutic. Got the ASMR feel. haha.
  15. kobayashiGT

    Refrigerator conked out, please recommend.

    I am using Hitachi 2 dr. My aircon man told me the energy tick is also quite gimmicking one say that if buy aircon, don't just choose the tick must see the BTU and brands also. I applied this theory to my fridge too. haha.