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  1. ? The article is about pre-u scholarship.... I think singaporean get almost free education...
  2. Wind30

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    Did government say anything?? Just keep quiet?
  3. Wind30

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    Ya Lor, I did not know until mcf posted.... lucky never go to town that day.
  4. Wind30

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    So did they move the timing next year? Is there a petition to force them to change the timing? i think the timing this year was just horrible. For the non runners, I am sure they hated this year timing. even for the runners, was it better?? I don’t think so too right.
  5. The government requested a correction order, not removal. See below on the powers the law empowers our government. Anyway I am not saying FB will pull out of singapore for this but I think our government will find it harder to enforce certain more draconian powers. Example, if our government ask facebook to disable the posts instead of correction... what will happen? I REALLY hope our government is not stupid enough to force a showdown with an internet giant. Even correction order is stupid. That guy reposted in twitter, etc, is our government going to go after every internet media to correct it? https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapores-fake-news-law-kicked-oct-2-here-how-it-will-work
  6. It is rare that we see the government being so careless. Previously, we are used to seeing LKY getting his way, maybe he is more astute in knowing which battles to fight. This case of States Times Review... I am not sure who even trust a website called States Times Review. All this hoohaa for a small footnote at the bottom of the post... "Facebook is legally required to tell you that the Singapore government says this post has false information."
  7. Wind30

    Stress society

    I put my boy to sleep at night by scratching his back 🙂
  8. I am not insinuating. I think I am stating a pretty obvious fact. " SG competitiveness will be threatened by not playing to the rules of international community. I am surprised I even need to explain it. Do you live in Singapore? MNCs invest in singapore because we hold in general the similar values. Remember MNCs answer to their shareholders, CEOs and those people have certain values. Example, some companies choose not to invest in China but in singapore even though the conditions like workforce, market is better in china. Reason could be we protect IP better, there is less conditions like forced technology transfer. Sure we can have our own laws... similarly companies can decide if obeying our laws is too tough, they will just pack up and go. There are many recent examples, like bicycle rentals, etc. It is a fact that Facebook will not like this fake news law. It is obvious this Fake news law is not helping to attract MNCs like Facebook to set up shop here. Whether the benefits of this fake news law outweighs the detriments is up for debate. Personally I think the law could have it uses and although I am against it, I can see cases whereby it could be necessary. Unfortunately, this example which the government has evoked the law is so ... unnecessary and stupid. Looking at your posts, you are just arguing over semantics...
  9. There are many difference between NYT and facebook... The public don't really mind NYT being banned in singapore but what would you feel if facebook pulls out of Singapore? It is easy to strong arm NYT as there is a way out but I think our current government does not understand the present situation. Not just the public and the economy of Singapore will take a big hit. Singapore has always try to play by the rules of the international community because we have to. The fake news law is so draconian as it basically gives the minister the power to DECIDE first what is fake news and take those down and then allow appeal... Going against the accepted norms of international MNCs will impact our competitiveness. Is this tradeoff worth it? What does the fake news law buy us?
  10. but I am pretty sure PAP got hurt in this episode. nobody won, except maybe states times review as I bet their traffic went through the roof... Notice that this incident is no longer reported in mainstream media.
  11. not really. I haven’t seen a grab delivery on escooter since the ban. for me, I don’t need zero escooter, just stopping most of them is good enough.
  12. I just hope Singaporeans remember this two incidents, presidential elections and the fake news law come election time.
  13. Actually this have real implications on our economy. I think it is really stupid to go after this states times review by going after Facebook. He reposted on Google twitter. Is pap going to go after all of them?? If the government go harder on Facebook, I am more convinced that they are trading off Singapore economy wellbeing just for ... I am not sure what did pap gain out of this episode. just a stupid move on pap part.
  14. Wind30

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

  15. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/states-times-review-pofma-facebook-post-fake-news-shanmugam-12133420 Facebook complied but putting a link at the bottom. I think that is a pretty fair outcome. singapore wanted them to put the correction notice on the top of the post. i think the government realised how stupid their law is as in reality u can never takedown fake news. It’s much better to do clarifications... if the public don’t trust u, it points to a more serious problem. This way, there is a incentive for the government to build trusts with the people. I bet the state times review Facebook page hits shot through the roof. So many other articles there... are they going to correct every post. If they never correct, does it mean the other posts are true news?? i think this stupid fake news law really need to be used rarely and cleverly. Not like this.