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  1. Why losing battle? Unless the hiring manager is racially biased. I can tell u most companies will want to hire locals. Why would they not with all the policies in place now? I am on the ground hiring and there are a lot of incentives for me to hire locals.... but the main problem is our government lump pr as local in some or most of their policies... so maybe the effect is diluted... At the end of the day, people have one or zero kids while complaining about increasing number of ft.... it’s kind of ridiculous... I really think if locals can give birth more, we will have much less ft. Many years ago we have tough policies against singles like hdb ownership but now all changed because people complain.... lky take on it https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/money-wont-solve-low-birth-rate-problem-mr-lee
  2. Wind30

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    The Nakajima suisen at Taka basement is really good and cheap. Tried the cod fish but I thought the salad, miso, appetiser and free green tea are all quite good. Definitely going again.
  3. how many kids u have? I think the problem lies in those family with kids... like mine. I think most Singaporeans want to have kids but not many. I wanted to have only one but end with with 2. Theoretically I think each family needs to have three... cuz there are people who can’t find spouse, gays, cannot have children etc. These people sometimes has no choice in not having kids. But it’s hard to convince family to have more than 2 I think.
  4. ? Why quote Sweden??? Uncle, Sweden quite far away.... aren’t u cherry picking data? I googled, Korea, Taiwan, hongkong, japan....all similar to Singapore...
  5. have kids lor... I believe my kids are the best thing in life to me... most of the time when they are not irritating me http://www.keehian.com/gallery/
  6. Wind30

    Sdp pofma case

    But we are not Lawyers. I don’t know how far pofma covers, I do real diligently the explanations given by our minister burning its enactment. Let’s see if the judge can clarify exactly what pofma covers. If it’s a North Korean law, rest assured I know how to vote.
  7. Wind30

    Sdp pofma case

    I think each of us decide whether our lives has improved in Singapore. I travel quite a bit so does my wife. Kind of curious which country present government would you trade for PAP? Any asean ones?? Any Asian ones? Better still worldwide? maybe Norway? Or Finland? Trump? as I said many times, I judge based on alternatives...
  8. Wind30

    Sdp pofma case

    Great read. All the promises by our law minister saying that appealing against pofma will be made simple and accessible so that even individuals will not be at a disadvantage. this case has shown that is not true. And this is a fact. Pofma me ... to me, freedom of speech is so impt. Granted we have lky early on. Current pap although getting incompetent is still pretty solid. But 10 years later, 20 years later, we will get a Najib. Like what they say about terrorism, it is just a question of when. at that time, our children needs to be able to have access to information, to fight for a better life for themselves.
  9. ?? Do u understand his argument? And he was not even arguing to withhold the data... sigh... he said it up front, first sentence that he can get pritam the data i am pretty sure the argument is not valid in 4 5 and 6...
  10. Wind30

    Sdp pofma case

    That is not what I remember Shanmugam said previously. I really hope the judge will rule against mom. Pofma does not cover opinion... my statement is obviously an opinion.
  11. ? Maybe you do not but the policy makers do. It is really not about one person... to me it is a bit like circuit design... there are all sort of constraints and trade offs. Do we have the right specs? Is our specs the quality of living of Singaporeans or ratio of ft vs locals? They are two different things. Having the right specs is the first and prob the most impt step in design... Just like I simulate my designs and measure the performance based on the specs, the right data is impt in policy making. to me all along, the ratio of ft and locals is not as impt as the hard salary numbers of local born Singaporeans tracked over many years. your post is a perfect example for ccs argument. Most people are like u, they don’t try to understand if there is a valid reason behind bad statistics. They take the numbers and say we will vote out the incumbent. Without even trying to understand, let’s say we reduce ft, will that give us locals a better life or even worse?
  12. Wind30

    Sdp pofma case

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pofma-challenge-sdp-mom-pmet-agc-judge-verdict-court-12273078 I think this specific case require a separate thread as I really think sdp case is strong. This should be a landmark court case that every singaporean who values freedom of speech should follow. mom is arguing as Long as they can prove one interpretation of your post is false, they can shut you up. I don’t want to live in North Korea. I hope the judge clarifies the law. If the law is so over reaching, I know exactly who to vote for. ps, I not sdp supporter. I think 90% of their suggested policies on their websites are populist destructive policies.
  13. Exactly! Actually your post supports exactly ccs argument..... the specific data, the division of new jobs between ft and locals actually does not tell how much the lives locals has improved or gotten worse. As I mentioned multiple times, the relevant data for that is local specific employment, salary data plus cost of living. To me, the main thing this specific Set of data does is to fan envy and sway votes like you mention...
  14. Wind30

    Garmen tackling fake news trolls beware

    Yes good read. I really dislike pofma and the way it is used in sdp case is Super bad. If it is not an outright falsehood and subjected to interpretation, why should It be pofma in the first place. the arguments the government used is chilling... it is up to sdp to prove their statement is true... it is shocking to me... seriously, my understanding of pofma was to prevent spread of false facts. Shunmugam has repeatedly shared scenarios on how the pofma law can be exercised. He also say the ruling should be fast as government cannot use this to silence the public. let’s see how Long the judge takes to rule. To me, if the judge needs to much time to decide if it is false, it should not even come under pofma at all. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pofma-challenge-sdp-mom-pmet-agc-judge-verdict-court-12273078 "In other words, a statement would be false under POFMA as long as one of the meanings it is capable of bearing is false or misleading," said SC Nair. i don’t believe the above is true. I will vote for opposition, even if they send a monkey up if our judge rule against sdp. Basically, anything can be taken down if one interpretation out of 100 is false... duh.... I don’t even believe they are making this argument. this is so much more serious than what wp is arguing....