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  1. Tianjin alone has a population of 13 million and it attracts a wider talent pool in the vicinity of the city, just take the top 0.1% and you have a student that is probably smarter than most here. Just statistics. There are many Asean scholars in Singapore.
  2. Nolar, the main objective is to improve the Singapore gene pool.
  3. Voodooman

    Pay for fines according to your income?

    What about a billionaire with a poorly paid chauffeur?
  4. Voodooman

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    I am also not sure since my friend could be bulls**tting me but from my actual cross checking in the past, there are differences. This is especially so when it comes to less liquid regional currency pairs. The 2 websites in your post are USA based and I am not sure how it works in the States. https://www.singsaver.com.sg/blog/visa-mastercard-or-amex-which-is-better-for-travel The above may be more relevant (can't vouch for its accuracy as well but it seems to explain there are 3 components in overseas spent and issuing banks have some discretion on pricing.
  5. Voodooman

    Most Expensive City In the world

    If you are paying $10-20k a month in rental, the landlord had better make sure the turnaround time is fast (table wipers are plenty), the aircon is working and footfall is good. The beauty of money. Actually if you go to new Hawker centres like Ci Yuan, it is pretty ok. Don't think the bureaucrats at NEA will ever beat the private operators in managing hawker centreS. NEA should instil in more people the need to clean up after oneself to keep cost low for everyone.
  6. Voodooman

    Most Expensive City In the world

    You are comparing a heavy footfall central food court that operates from 10 to 10 with a neighborhood hawker centre whereby individual operator has more options due to lower rent?
  7. Voodooman

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    Last 8-10 years have been good for locals, restriction on FT plus tons of liquidity which helps to keep the economy humming along on real estate, finance and perhaps disruptive technology, fuelled by cheap money. Tharman did a fairly good job but as the 4G network is being replaced by 5G, which is expected to be faster, cheaper and better, we can expect more good years ahead? Haha... Bloomberg is saying we may need to open the FT tap to bail out developers and to grow the economy, will they do it after next GE?
  8. That is what I am doing. Lol... Just trying to make it more user friendly so that i can surf with 1 finger while digging my nose. Wahaha...
  9. Voodooman

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Yeah, I agree with your analysis. Maybe we use the crossings at normal hours. I certainly don't want to get high on what he is smoking. Lol...
  10. Just a suggestion, I surf MCF mostly on mobile and I often struggle to click on the link highlighted that will bring me to the last read post. Maybe I have fat fingers. Wonder if other mobile users have the same issue. Can make it bigger and easier to click?
  11. Voodooman

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I haven't used EDL entry point to Johor CIQ for years unless I return from MY at some weird hours. At the custom merging point, too many drivers trying to cut into the center lane. They should just build a lane divider there to give those using EDL a chance and traffic will adjust itself.
  12. Voodooman

    Fractured collarbone

    Sorry about your misfortune. Hope all is well. A few years ago I injured myself while at Tahoe. Used to ski once every few years, closest thing to flying. As I get older and become more kayu, decided to give it up. Lol. It could have been worse and I thanked my lucky star. 😓 I am hearing at least one such incident every Hokkaido winter. 2 friends broke their legs, a cousin his upper arm. Just a function of Niseko being flooded by Singaporeans?
  13. Voodooman

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Haha.... Won't ask you that question. But once, I swiped 2-3 credit cards on same day while overseas, the exchange rate differential surprised me. Asked a friend who works in a bank and was told the rates are set by individual banks daily. Someone in their FX department decides how much is reasonable. 😅
  14. The Nature Society must have a lot of expertise to opine on the maths. They should just keep to the argument that flora and fauna are priceless. LTA should rebutt with numbers. A simple table to tabulate all the costs and benefits of the 2 routes but will they? Surely for such a big investment, they would have done their maths.
  15. I don't quite agree. For those staying in the Northeast and working in the west and vice versa, it will make a difference. You have also not take into account the energy cost to run a longer route over 20-30 years. The Punggol LRT cost less than $360m to build in aggregate, with the $2b savings, there are lots that can be done to ensure connectivity in the areas surrounding the nature reserves. I am no expert, just TCSS using Google. 😀