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  1. Wt_know

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    when was the ji pa man song released must catch up with No1 inflation and accolade ma ... at least 2.5M now? winning the most expensive city in the world 5x in a row is not for nothing hor ... credit must be given when credit is due for our millionstar ...
  2. if a person can only survive by “believing” xjp also can climb tree ...
  3. if buy bike to do food delivery ... cant even recover coe buy escooter ... can smelly smelly make $3.5K per month liao ... that’s also the reason of sudden explosion of escooter food delivery
  4. Wt_know

    Mercs: property news & updates

    tengah is a slum area? simi village and garden ... lol
  5. what we need is just a Honda Fit
  6. got cheong up genting fast and furious bo? ... lol
  7. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    more like m-performance car get aisin gearbox to reduce cost to increase profit aisin gearbox is mostly used in "fwd entry model" ... sushi rice vs german sausage aisin gearbox is made for transversely mounted engine ... so 135i is entry level?
  8. initially, ah gong is sibei sibei hiong to support gig economy, disruption, this and that but ah gong never think properly and act slowly until hdb was burnt, ah mah was killed, si gina e-scoot-F1-cking on road at 100kmph since spore inc ah gong is the most tough in the world ... ah gong can put a law to catch and punish speedster gao gao sanction only approved e-scooter with top speed at 10kmph since want to ease last mile transport and make delivery on footpath. any modification to break 10kmph will sue until pants drop for company and sent escooter speedster to changi chalet i support the idea to BAN e-scooter because i don't use it and find it hazard but i do feel it's extreme ... saying PMD can be used on PCN literally saying PMD is banned in spore case in point .... bike sharing also sibei screw up
  9. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    in addition to RWD vs FWD, the gearbox is also a serious consideration for performance, agility and shiokness 135i = 8sp by Aisin 330i = 8sp by ZF
  10. Wt_know

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    can rename to woodlands mount everest ...
  11. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    i want M110 .... sibei hiong ah!!!
  12. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    with factory ///M badge here there everywhere but not real ///M ... so called YAM lo .... muahahaha
  13. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    ok la ... the direction is going for downside engine last time ... 4pot normal car, 6pot smooth smooth petrol head, real ///M at least 8-pot and 10-pot now 4pot is entering YAM territory liao ...
  14. Wt_know

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    of course not la it’s simply M performance “tune” 4-pot engine for x35i .... ///M where got 4-pot FWD one ... muahahahaha