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  1. Worst part is , the first thing most of these PR does is to go buy a HDB flat , stay while they are here , even when they decided to go back to their motherland , they just rent the whole unit and continue to leech on Singapore by collecting rental income for their retirement . Cannot understand why they are allowed to buy HDB when they are just PR . Am pretty sure that no land limited countries would allow their PR to purchase government subsidised housing Lor .
  2. Then why withheld these data in the first place ? Cos they knows that the true blue Singaporeans will not like it and hence may affect their vote percentage . I view PR the same as FT , they all have a choice to go back to their homeland whenever things are not as good here in Singapore . Does true blue Singaporeans have a choice ? If your argument of these PRs helping to bring up Singaporean’s salary , FTs does the same thing too ? Then why separated the FTs out from this data ?
  3. Hubwee

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Think the walking over to Audi / BMW or other brands only works for those B&B range .... Last 10 years , have brought at least 8 cars from them so am pretty sure the walking over to other brands will not help my case as most of the time , they help to indent my cars .
  4. Hubwee

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    The C&C Se all have to get an offer for your used car from RA . If Heng Heng after the overtrade , the customer accepts , then RA will buy it . If the buyer makes noise about the usual very Low value for your used car , and if your SE wants your sale and contact their own network of used car dealers , RA will more often than not match the higher price that those dealers offers . The AD used car division not only make money from selling those trade in cars to their own private buyers , they from time to time hold those auctions for their remaining stock for outside used car dealers to buy over those cars that are not in very good conditions and they again do make good money from it Lor . due to the over trade practice that most AD practices , lots of used car dealers cannot find enough used cars to buy and sell . These used car dealers needs to buy cars to so that they have cars to sell .. so AD these days jin ho tan Lor .... New cars , old cars , used cars they also make good money from it .
  5. Dun care how we many games we win or how many games we lost , as Long as come May , either at Anfield or last game at St James park , hendo lifts the EPL trophy , that work very well for me . simi unbeaten records or record points achieved , leave it to the next season . This season is all about getting the EPL title ...
  6. Team out . Aliison Trent Gomez VVD Robertson Ox Hendo Gini Firmino Salah Mané
  7. Hubwee

    Carlos Ghosn sacked

    What’s the best way to sack him without having charges that will stick ? Let him run road and he will be presumed guilty by almost everyone in their country . Good move by the Japanese government
  8. Wooooohooooooooooo wolves came back from 0 - 2 down to beat 10 man city by 3-2 13 and 14 clear with a game with west ham in hand . Seriously if we still dun win this season , would really think that we will never be able to win the EPL ever ...
  9. Liverpool have always perform better during the night games . The crowd atmosphere is so so much better during the night games . Reason why we have not lost a 2 legged euro games is i think becos all these games are played at night ....
  10. Singapore got no live coverage at all Lor ....
  11. Hubwee

    Watch Part V

    Am sure banks can arrange your replacement card in 24 hours even if you are overseas . Am sure you will still be able to enjoy the rest of your holidays even though it was not a good start to it . At least it was stolen and not you guys begin robbed !!
  12. Hubwee

    Where are you now...

    There is this arrow like icon at the end of the subject that will works the way like previous first unread post . Just needs to click on that instead of the thread header .
  13. Just read that Minamino had passed his medical and expects confirmation of his signing to be made by end of this week .
  14. AM with Costa is going to be a very very tough game for our defenders . edited , just read that Costa should be out due to a Long term injury .
  15. Hubwee

    Fighting outside A&W Changi Jewel

    AMK Hub open liao . Much bigger seating areas so not much queue there .