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  1. But which gahmen agency wanna do it? Enforcement is a cost centre, not a profit centre...
  2. Soya

    Audi A6 Avant $1,087/m what's the catch?

    I guess a similar question would be, buy a 3yr old Lexus ES or a new-ish Camry?
  3. Soya

    Audi A6 Avant $1,087/m what's the catch?

    It's FWD w longitudinal engine. Supposedly improves the balance
  4. Soya

    Audi A6 Avant $1,087/m what's the catch?

    The FL 1.8 tfsi A6 engine is longitudinal mounted I'm assuming you're asking abt the Superb1.8 tsi. Not sure if it's the same engine as that's transverse mounted
  5. Apparently odo tampering isn't illegal in Sg The onli way around it is to avoid buying those models usually used for PHV
  6. Juz count the carbon footprint created there enuf liao Simi sign what Paris Climate Agreement, simi carbon tax, simi VES? BS laa
  7. Bro, nursing is a skilled and difficult job that also requires a lot of human care & emotions. Doesn't suit everyone and it's not something that can be easily automated by machines On the other hand, chop passport is not exactly a highly skilled job and is already automated and a human obsolete profession
  8. 16 taxpayer-funded counters. Open only 5. Less than 30%. Typical Imagine if Changi airport has 16 autogate lanes. And 11 of them has 'Out-Of-Order' signs on them. Heads sure roll.
  9. Well said bro. In fact, the chop passport role is already automated and obsolete as a human occupation Juz go Oz n Sg passport pass thru auto gate without seeing any custom officer. Enter Canada oso liddat ICA so many scholars there can't figure out how to improve immigration clearance at land checkpoints? 5 hr jams are acceptable and publish useless advice on ST means they've done their work? Liddat wasted my taxpayer money funding their ivy league education liao....
  10. Mai haolian hor. Even rubbish by crazy rich asians oso get to ride in MB....lol
  11. Heng I drive overpriced VW. Still got unfulfilled dreams to chase.....lol
  12. Look left look right it's MB. Entry level staff, mid level staff, towkay all MB. Knn...even retrenched lau par sat table wiper oso MB. European tourists come to Sg will really think Crazy Rich Asians is a true story.....
  13. Soya

    2020 Volkswagen T Cross

    Still using dry DSG or not?