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  1. Soya

    2019 Honda Fit / Jazz (4th Generation)

    Couldn't recognise it without the Spoon, Mugen and fake carbon fibre stickers.............lol
  2. Soya

    2020 Mitsubishi Lancer

    Forget abt this old Lancer....the beedeo host hair sibei stylo mylo sia
  3. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    Tink u watching too many movies lah. Would take a Marvel superhero to overcome the cabin pressure mid flight....lol
  4. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    Besterestest is this, my friend.....lol
  5. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    3-5 hrs normal seat can liao. It's those long haul red eye that such seats come in handy
  6. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    Think most full service airlines do this nowadays. Easy money. Some even charge extra for aisle seat vs middle seat
  7. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    I reckon paying USD100 extra for these seats on long haul Sin-US flights are an absolute bargain
  8. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    Don't think that so-called non stop Per-LHR is really a point to point service. They still rely on domestic feeders from the other oz cities to perth first So instead of Syd->Sin->Lhr, it's Syd->Per->Lhr
  9. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    If T5 depend on those drunk aussies alone, changi can close shop liao. They oredi bypass Sg n cosy up to the emiratis n but the meantime, we continue to build Jewel, announce T5. In other words....no diff
  10. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    For the aussies, it's a perfect excuse for a 20-hr drinking binge....
  11. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    Not all SQ ULR flights on that config. Still hv economy on Sin-SFO non stop
  12. Soya

    World's Longest Flight

    This Qantas study sibei academic. Everyone was in biz class and they had a curated wellness programme. The results muz be overwhelmingly positive for management to launch the service...
  13. This kind is typical frog lah. Among his kind he is probably 'rich' so walks around w a inflated superiority complex. Wait till he meet our MCF sifu....
  14. Ai mai? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-10-19/i-just-took-the-world-s-first-20-hour-flight-here-s-what-it-did-to-me
  15. Who says no good? Cronies sibei good at calculating how much to profit from every feeble gahment funded project ok?....