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  1. Not sure if it was considered branded but the 80s were the jap-era where everything that came out of jeepun was cool & desirable. Maciam Seiko Matsuda....sibei hot then.
  2. Wah sei....retro sia. I used to hv a ixi:z velcro wallet maciam in the pix
  3. Clarkson's hilarious & entertaining. Juz leave it as that
  4. Must be beri beri specific wor. Coz some of these PMD riders more legally savvy than lawyers e.g. LTA neber say cannot ride on kerb, neber say cannot ride on rooftop, etc. No need go law school, ride PMD can oredi
  5. LTA neber say cannot ride on bus lane bah
  6. Soya

    Old man with Hammer subdued

    Bedok North is now known as Asgard
  7. Soya

    Old man with Hammer subdued

    Lemme guess....his PMD kena ban and he angrwee?
  8. Erection cumming lah. Better go bang table now n get what u want Hope they get GE quickly over and done with so that common sense will return and they regrow some balls
  9. Regulation is a cost centre Collect COE & transfer fee is a profit centre No prizes for guessing which one ah gong will pat LTA's back for
  10. Putting a box of lit candles in a cardboard box to pay respects??....these PMD riders really champion sia
  11. Manual cheap labour delivery is so last century. So much for 'smart nation'.... Time to bring in the 'bots https://sg.news.yahoo.com/robot-surprises-man-thank-being-051525189.html
  12. Enforcement probably close one eye liao coz they scare kena blame for MP's discomfort at being shouted at MPS Loudest voice does win after all
  13. And this would probably be the dealer's reaction...
  14. Soya

    Grab Cash Advances service

    Liddat u asking at wrong place liao. MCF all pay full cash one hor. Sifu say one
  15. Probably true most of the time but there are exceptions My previous Merc C&C trade in try to lowball me i laugh until cry. Eventhough the car was tip top, bought from & maintained by C&C, no mods, no scratches n all Put up for auction at Quotz. Small time dealer w just 5-6 cars in his shop bidded and I got $15k above what C&C quoted me So some small timers out there do hold good quality stock, not just the big ADs