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  1. Benarsenal

    Visiting Klassikstadt in Frankfurt Germany

    I've been there twice. Very cool place. 👍
  2. Benarsenal

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    This answer best. 😂👍
  3. Benarsenal

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Huh. Take photo only what. His excuse does seem a bit weird. But honestly I wouldn't really care if someone wants to take photo of my car.
  4. Benarsenal

    Has Our Road Etiquette / Courtesy Improved?

    Hard to really define I guess. There are still bad drivers out there, but yeah I think things have improved a bit. I think maybe a few reasons. 1) More in-car cams as mentioned above, so people now are more careful in case they kena spread all over the internet 2) More educated people who have experienced driving overseas? And so they learn how to behave when they come back here 3) (plausible but not 100%) Younger generation now are less inclined to get license and drive (given public transport and PHV now). So those that are left are those that actually take driving seriously and less likely to mess about/be idiots. Just my thoughts.
  5. Benarsenal

    Seven habits of the Singapore Driver

    Sigh. Why like that. 😥
  6. Benarsenal

    Chemotherapy experience at NCC

    Wow, alamak. Just saw this. Cancer sounds scary. Thankfully you managed to caught it early and get treatment. Wishing you all the best bro. Take care.
  7. Benarsenal

    Incident/accident with PMD

    I almost kena one today. GrabFood rider came out of side road very fast, cut right in front of my car. And then he went on to show me middle finger...? 🧐 Unfortunately didn't capture on car cam, but I was like WTF?
  8. Buy for collection la. Like expensive watches. They hoping to resell many years later.
  9. Benarsenal

    First all-female S’pore car wash to open in Yishun on August

    Alamak, bo hua leh like that. What time they open until?
  10. It's the mentality la. We are too comfortable. It's the poorer countries, where they have nothing to lose, that will fight harder on the pitch. Sports is about mentality as much as it is about physicality. If you don't take it seriously and think you cannot, then the battle is already lost.
  11. Benarsenal

    Seven habits of the Singapore Driver

    Honestly, compared to many other countries, we are considered quite ok already. The main gripes here is probably drivers too impatient and inconsiderate perhaps. But you don't see people randomly knocking other people over or driving in the wrong direction (except for the very rare exceptional case). As always we are in that middle ground, better than third world but not as good as first world.
  12. Benarsenal

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Honestly I won't ever register for this. I think the way they are implementing it is f***ed up. If it means I won't get to drive into Malaysia, so be it.
  13. It's a very positive sign. I don't believe our local boys lack skill. They just need to have the belief, and right attitude, and they can do well.
  14. Nowadays LCK very on already. Always got police patrol. Dun play play.
  15. Benarsenal

    Public statement by Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang

    Exactly. From my POV the only reason he not suing is merely the fact that they are his siblings. So the message being sent out is that Lee family can do anything and no consequences. 🙄