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  1. Benarsenal

    where's the street food in sg?

    Different perspective I guess. I think for some, all that 'unhygienic' stuff is part of the experience. No laosai, no count. But for ang mohs used to restaurants and likes, no aircon = street food. And our version, the civilised, organised version, is the best to them. Personally I also prefer our cleaner version. Trust me, it's no fun having to gamble on whether you will need the toilet after every meal. Or worse, eat something that will put you out for days with food poisoning.
  2. Otherwise known as taichi. Everything push to other people. F*cking cock.
  3. Well... Singapore and Malaysia have many business dealings with each other. if they do well, we do well too.
  4. Benarsenal

    Auctioning a NIssan GTR in facebook?!?!?!?!

    I thought the char bor is @BabyBlade 😜 😂
  5. Benarsenal

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    I think SGCM will be unaffected la. It's more or less quite an independent subsidiary, and it's still earning money.
  6. Benarsenal

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    Digitalised = more or less close shop la. It will be mostly run by SGCM team. Before long the content will end up being consolidated.
  7. Hahahaha. Sibeh bullsh*t leh. Instead of spending money on actual helpful things like the SG-KL High Speed Rail, they waste money on all these nonsense. Boleh indeed.
  8. Benarsenal

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    Depends I guess. Print magazines still have some use, but now mostly for the premium segment where nice pictures are important, for those atas people to feel good. But yeah, otherwise have to adapt to the times.
  9. Benarsenal

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    SPH quite jialat now. They closed a lot of magazines recently. Even Torque also closing shop end of the year. https://www.mumbrella.asia/2019/09/sph-to-axe-print-issue-of-motoring-magazine-torque
  10. So what do you suggest then?
  11. Benarsenal

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Urban start-stop traffic will always have worse fuel consumption figures, regardless of engine. Only hybrids will have better.
  12. All the more we should treat them better, given that we don't have a choice. Sometimes I feel that the way MINDEF treats our soldiers, are a bit of a disgrace.
  13. I feel that MINDEF needs to treat our soldiers better also. In other countries military personnel are highly respected and get lots of privileges in society. Here our soldiers get sh*t all and are treated like dirt. Measly allowance and token benefit here and there, who will happy.
  14. You know what this means or not? It means they know parking spaces are limited at Holland V, and so expect parking charges to go up soon. Everything up up up.