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  1. Heard you do everything well - bare, so for you bare foot running oso good lah !
  2. Maybe more than that, just get your pronation checked, actually can DIY google it ... won't regret this and then maybe go to some of the higher end running flagship shoe companies where they have lotsa ways to test it/ thread mill test too and they will suggest you the type of correct shoe so next time in your entire life you know the type to get
  3. BanCoe

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    wing mirror also did not collapse (retract) ; how did he get in without scratching or collapsing the wing mirrors??
  4. This maybe happens only in 3rd world countries or maybe 30/50 years back , doubt her statements , maybe just roughed up
  5. BanCoe

    Marathons in Singapore

    Ha ha interestingly many come stylo milo with a beltfull of dunno how many liquids n camelbacks as if we are running in some kind of remote desert..... more than enuff Is provided for even bananas to get you monkeying 💪🏼 ...... my only hope is that they have sufficient lighting since it’s at night and slightest terrain change or even road humps or incline can be fatal as feet become wobbly after like 35km
  6. BanCoe

    Marathons in Singapore

    Pretzals ...... something really new .... Ice was used traditional in the old days in a plastic bag and I have asked many times to Sports Council to provide them for easing pain and also cooling our body .... easier to suck ice cubes in mouth slowly than taking a large gulp of water ....: more difficult to swallow too
  7. BanCoe

    Marathons in Singapore

    Wouldn’t do that actually .... be in your comfort zone... take some water for sure ..... dehydration can be fatal ...... don’t even think of the repercussions even if you are elite runner
  8. BanCoe

    Marathons in Singapore

    SCM makan makan is good all the way but maybe he is asking when just running solo at park and his endurance testing
  9. BanCoe

    Marathons in Singapore

    Nutrition is subject to how much loading ( carbo) you have done like 2 days prior to run but under normal diet situation I can last upto 18-19km without any 100 plus or refueling but water can go without 1st 5-6km ( night time running ) start and then need to rehydrate every 2-3km for sure; weather dependent to say the least........ I’m sure it varies person to person; more worried about untoward things like fainting
  10. BanCoe

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Last 2 days were freakin' hot like hell , good relief for plants/ grass - but now back to sun now
  11. When challenge Sinkapore everything Boleh Boleh , when kenna US .......balls shrink🤪 ...... suddenly think of Israelis
  12. Aiyah! Unker tell you so many times , check mail box ... your Pioneer Gen Kard in mailbox 😁
  13. Now he knows the meaning of Bully Kechil down his spine..... suddenly the Malaysians can get wet dreams of Mossad to nab Jho Low Quote We can go to war but we will lose the war and Jho Low. We are conscious that we are not a very strong nation. “Sometimes people are nice to us, sometimes they are not. We have to accept it,” he told reporters here when asked if the authorities were considering clandestine measures to bring the Penang-born businessman back for trial. Advertisement The prime minister’s media and communications adviser Datuk A. Kadir Jasin had earlier this week suggested Malaysia emulate the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency known to adopt clandestine measures that include abductions and assassinations, to end the protracted bid to bing Low back for justice. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/world/mahathir-says-malaysia-can-go-war-get-back-jho-low-will-lose?cid=emarsys-today_TODAY's evening briefing for Nov 7, 2019 (ACTIVE)_newsletter_07112019_today https://www.todayonline.com/world/mahathir-says-malaysia-can-go-war-get-back-jho-low-will-lose?cid=emarsys-today_TODAY's evening briefing for Nov 7, 2019 (ACTIVE)_newsletter_07112019_today
  14. BanCoe

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Cars involved money making/spinning biz , insurance , road taxes , GST, petrol taxes, parking charges , fines ..... not forgetting COE ....supports a regulated industry , PMD hit/run even if caught the guy will say declare himself bankrupt .....go jail also govt nothing to earn