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  1. BanCoe

    Safety shoes

    Heard fly open always n became a butterfly 🤣🤣
  2. BanCoe

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    I really doubt so it will be held in June as Sundown marathon should be near end May ..... so encroaching into it
  3. BanCoe

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Must be a new model battery “green” car .......🚙 ......... i is table wiper ask @Angcheekhe is car valet 🤣
  4. Maybe that’s why they refuse to submit the black box and now say it’s badly damaged ........ was it a heat seeking missile ?? So many conspiracy theories will now spawn
  5. BanCoe

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Dunno leh
  6. Nostradamus seems right, Old middle age is/was 40 new middle age is trending @ 54 now😁 or you have the Merdeka or Pioneer Kad
  7. 2020 off to a bad start ...... gonna be a disruptive year ..... Australian fires , Ongoing US/China spat , Indonesian floods and now the US/Iran spat and already looming poor economic outlook
  8. BanCoe

    Sugarbaby $3k range

    Aiyoh!! put youf foto here lah! , many prospective see only your MIL foto here/ everywhere .... belly scared mah !!
  9. BanCoe

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Pay $6-$10 got Free COE??
  10. BanCoe

    Sugarbaby $3k range

    Boss..... so far got any response ??? Just asking only
  11. BanCoe

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Dinner at Vivocity at Jamie’s
  12. All this in the name of curbing vehicles growth and allowing decent speeds on roads which is kinda true if you compare the traffic jams in majoe metro’s - KL/Bangkok/Jakarta in ASEAN alone ...... anyways I salute this guy lobbying ..... let’s see how it pans out ..... who knows it may even turn out to be an election issue
  13. BanCoe

    Watch Part V

    Make sure buy matching sneakers oso 🤣
  14. They do allow 2 x 5 year COE for commercial vehicles upto max 20 years so it should be streamline for cars too ; of course goodS/commercial vehicle max allowed is 20 years but cars is no limit if on 10 year renewals but classic kicks in only at 35 years so I reckon last COE is to be for 40 years and on 35th year convert to classic scheme if not used as daily drive and collect back balance COE of normal car
  15. BanCoe

    Watch Part V

    Laoban when you buy please arrange meet up , I be there wipe table for U