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  1. Yes it’s built in 1937 according to google , now in govt hands so it’s going to cost them quite a bit to maintain
  2. I oso tot it was the one in the city ...... don’t really bother much with the Sentosa one ......... anyway nothing in Singapore is permanent , everything is like 30 year lease , wonder what will happen to Haw Par Villa too as it’s really high maintenance and also sitting on good real estate and not earning much
  3. BanCoe

    Signs of a stroke

    Is the link attachment showing all the photos of compromising women stroking me ?? 🤣. I think the article is not well written
  4. BanCoe

    Unusual or rare cars

    And if the pix was like taken today noon, I was stuck there from Benjamin Sheares bridge till Middle Road ( opp Shaw Towers) diversion for over 35 mins for sure
  5. BanCoe

    Unusual or rare cars

    some Royalty??? looks like some kind of crest/coat of arms on the door
  6. BanCoe

    stealing plants in front of cctv

    U my sifu bring me there one 🤣
  7. BanCoe

    My MCF 88,888

    Got treat ?? 🤣🤣
  8. BanCoe

    A New Electric Era - Volkswagen ID.3

    hope Got no Cheat cheat now ?? 😇 with electric ??
  9. BanCoe

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    The voucher thingy I remember many years back when I went to the one at Aljunied junction .... they give you vouchers to buy more junk instead of clean clear cut discount , bought same thing in Paris Silk just have to bargain with them though
  10. BanCoe

    Your loot of the day

    You’re a good son ..... how is the wind power and noise compared to conventional fans like Panasonic ??
  11. Unker U the bestest know everything from slim to stim 1💪🏼🤣
  12. When arranging Meet up for MCF ?? Test drive , Of course charge the usual $10/- registration fee 😇
  13. Izzit On Victoria Street ?? @Carbon82 asking 😖🤣