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  1. Donut

    Allergy - Do you have it?

    How about getting very fast heart beats after consuming caffeine, like going to get heart attack? Is it allergy too?
  2. Looking for Jazz, for own use. PM me if you have one to let go. Prefer to deal with direct owners.
  3. Donut


    I'm going there on Christmas day. Staying at Somerset Medini. Actual entry to Legoland is on 26 Dec, with family. Anyone going as well? It's been awhile since I enter MY. If I need to buy new touch and go card at Tuas checkpoint, I shld buy it at the customs? Is there a counter there? My own card, very long didn't use, more than a year. So I think it's not valid anymore.
  4. A real terrorist will not shout out loud that he's one. Which sane enemy will do that? So obviously if u see one like the boon lay interchange, most likely it's siao lang. Having said that, if this siao lang tried shouting out in US airports or other high security areas, he will get a very painful experience, that's for sure.
  5. http://goodyfeed.com/10-secret-durian-places-jb-sporeans-dont-know-exist/ Found this list of JB stalls.
  6. If this is a true old skool trusted biz, then we should support it. Personally i also like old skool mech. Very fearful when i see young mechs touching my car. Hope to hear from other MCFers' feedback after their buying experience from this biz. If kena chop carrot, we will know it very fast. BTW, what's the opening days and hours? will be useful for MCFer to know
  7. LKY is like a tree. When the tree falls, the monkeys run away... What a sad outcome of his family.
  8. Donut

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    Ours is the opposite extreme... *Ahem*....
  9. Donut

    Honda City 4th Gen

    Oh, I mean maybe got EQ adjustment. Remember a friend was adjusting it.
  10. Donut

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    I still think the president alone cannot sack the heads of national security. Presidents are not saints. They can be corrupted to the core. And when comes to national security, it cannot be affected by one person alone. But of coz they have this special committee hearing that Comey is going through now, to testify. But why come to this stage?
  11. Donut

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    I'm actually surprised that the president alone can sack the heads of national security just like that. No checks and balances measure in place, to prevent the president from abusing or misleading? For national security issues, I always thought the parliament, Senate or at least a special committee should be involved in hiring or sacking? How can a democratic country like USA allows one person to affect the national security?
  12. Donut

    Honda City 4th Gen

    Maybe have
  13. Donut

    Got my NS50 pack liow !

    How's the JB massage? U happy after it ended? :)
  14. Donut

    Treetop Walk

    Normally snakes are shy of people. It will go away faster than you can react. Just need to stay calm and don't do sudden movement. It will just go away.
  15. Donut

    Treetop Walk

    Laying and hiding, waiting for it's next meal......