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    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    Huh... for the premium price tag it don’t support 5g !!! I’m going to give it a miss liao
  2. I’m really amuse with the news the mainlanders was being exposed in China. I’ll be meeting with my China business associate in Taipei next week. And she telling me she will be transferring her flight through HK. I warn her about HK because she’s a mainlander. She replied no worry lah, the next thing surprised me is she ask me is Taipei safe or not. She’s more concern with her safety in Taiwan over HK
  3. https://youtu.be/itDEzpjlim4 HK Hokkien gearing up liao
  4. We grew up watching heroic HK mata drama Wherever the suspects run the mata had no problem laying ambush and round them up But in reality HK mata seem lost and always being outsmarted Perhaps it may be better for the HK movie director to direct the mata, they can predict the rioters next storyline better
  5. https://www.facebook.com/498565150232596/posts/2427538727335219?s=565333788&v=e&sfns=mo
  6. https://www.facebook.com/498565150232596/posts/2427202410702184?s=565333788&v=e&sfns=mo Above see liao also hot
  7. Wow too extreme! I picked up a video via WhatsApp a kid beat up his mum and dad after they refuse him to join the riot
  8. The city is in Anarchy mode now Time to declare state of emergency and apply martial law
  9. I think rumour usually buay zhun 的Last Monday 3.00pm press conference also rumour the Chief Executive will be replaced because she fall sick liao But the announcement was the other way round Weekend live big show? 1. The Voice of China 2. The Rap of China 3. Street Dance of China
  10. https://youtu.be/nYvXn6H8Ltw 没家教
  11. It will end by 11.30pm, Cinderella need to catch last train home. The rioters working hours is quite standard.
  12. What’s happening in HK could happen in SG also when our kids found themselves couldn’t afford HDB and being unemployed because of government open door policies
  13. https://youtu.be/HnazButkGb4
  14. Their action and behaviour remind me of the pix below