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  1. Perspectives ....... we could end up with 200 infected and less than 10 deaths. Hundreds of millions lost in productivity, economy dipping into recession, disruptions to our lifestyle for months etc....... but probably 10 dead..... maybe 20..... If the millions are spent on road safety education, safe sex, counselling for the suicidal etc...... maybe more than 20 lifes can be saved........ perspectives........... are we over reacting?
  2. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ About 15% of infected develops Pneumonia. Close to 20% classified as severe. The transition from normal to severe is between 5-8 days. Based on these information I really would not equate it to normal influenza. As to whether it is less deadly than SARS.... too early to tell. We can expect the number of critical cases to go up to about 9. Death of between one to two pax based on 45 infected should be expected. So do be highly vigilant.
  3. When Wuhan was locked down on 23rd January 800 were infected and 25 dead. 3% fatality rate. To date this rate has been sustained in China. Why did China made the decision to lockdown Wuhan if the rate is only 3%? China reported 6.6% fatality rate for SARS and I dun remember any lockdown even though the virus was airborne. Questions.... SARS fatality rate in Singapore was 13.9% which was more than double that of China. Just a few days ago news was this virus is not as deadly as SARS cos only two were in critical condition but this has since jumped to 7. I dunno how medical staff defines critical condition but I guess the chance of dying should be higher than 50%. If 3 is dead the fatality rate is 6.6%. If 4 dead it jumps to 8.8%....5 dead it becomes 11%. Numbers....its how you crunch it. Worrying that we have doctors here who gave us insight that they are extremely concerned but government seems to be down playing the situation..... with decisions to go ahead with air show and Chinggay etc.
  4. But in the videos.... you see people fully suited up attending to them.. . half truths perhaps but I was pretty shocked cos I wasn't expecting people to just drop like flies from coronavirus. ..
  5. Many think that China is understating the actual death rate..... I see videos of people lying dead on the streets..... you cant add these to the mortality rate I guess...... and they probably won't have the resources or bother to test these for cause of death. If such videos are not fakes.... then it is quite worrying cos people actually drop dead....
  6. If by hiring one foreigner a local benefits albeit not at the expense of another then so be it. Benefits can be hdb rental, cheaper food, 24 hours services , unwanted jobs getting done etc...... there are many ways to look at how we benefit. It is not a zero sum game. As long as people cannot accept this fact then ya..... its always a local suffered cos a foreigner was allowed to come in......
  7. Piyopico

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    So your plan is to raise lots of money. Spend all of what you have to contest and get custody of your child which may take a few years and bang!!!! When the kid is about 2 or 3 years old you somehow managed to gain custody and grab him away from his mother???? Seriously dude...... I am no judge but you can go high court whatever family court or appeal court etc..... your chance is next to zero. The interest and welfare of the child always comes first to the judge. You win, your child lose. Go figure.
  8. Read my quote from QBE.
  9. QBE. Low premium could be a tie up with broker under a special scheme.
  10. CCP can and will chop off HK if it has to do it. Been there done that. Make no mistake. People who try to play Russian roulette with them will not win. The only reason why they are not taking immediate action is due mainly to the existing Bigger problem with Trump plus slowing domestic growth. Understand XJP position is not as secured as it may seem. Many internal factions waiting to pounce. He has amassed many enemies. Top priority is for these sort of unrest to not spread beyond HK into the mainland. Once that happens it is gonna be shitty. The CCP has studied enough of how the Soviet blocs and Arab uprising etc to be fearful. Like I say. Bloodshed is inevitable. Course of no return already set. Once the rank and file policeman gets fed up from these daily hammering they will simply walk away and leave it to the PLA to SOLVE the problem and we all know how the latter solves problem.
  11. Piyopico

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    I think it is better to have their family here to support the rental market and boost consumer spending even though they do add strain to the transport system. A lone employee here that remits all their money back home is worse.
  12. CCP probably will wait till sermester break is over end of August and assess the situation. If most go back to uni then half the problem solved. If these kids ditch their studies and continue it means their parents support their actions. CCP will still endure till their 70th anniversary in Oct....... After that....... if situation persist........garrison will mobilise and there will be bloodshed. Escalation is already happening with the civil service out in support of the protests. The trigger point will be when the HKPF stand down and side the people....... When two objects are on a collision trajectory it's a matter of when and how big the impact is. I hope it wont end up this way but difficult to see how it can be avoided.
  13. Just to give my perspective of what is really really competitive. My premium after 50% ncd. Comprehensive cover with ncd protector. Zero excess for insurer workshop. $700 plus. Ride is 4 years C200. It's like 50% of my previous premium.
  14. Piyopico

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    Go to a siam dui .........you will feel better.