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  1. Just witnessed an accident right infront of me.. Time 3.08pm today at cte towards aye around mountain exit thereabout.. If you need video footage.. Do pm me..
  2. Hope that culprit get caught soon... Cannot let this driver got away...
  3. Ya lor.. Proberly the tp might have missed it.. And seeing this car already so far.. Its not like the car just zoom pass this tp car on next lane.. This one is the car zoom pass but is quite far from the tp car.. Its like 1km away.. Tp might not even see it..
  4. Ya.. It really happened to me.. There is one time I was driving at morning peak hours.. Then at 8plus close to 9 am, I feel that I need to go toilet soon as bladder start to guy full. I am thinking, still can fatch maybe 1 or 2 more then go toilet.. As by then it will be off peak hours.. So I continue to fetch 2 more pax.. Than after the 2nd drop off, my bladder is full to max and I have to chiong to petrol station, literally run to the toilet... So yeah..
  5. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Ya.. So true.. I think it is the difficulty of catching them later that resulted in cisco officer that made a split decision to use kick to get the pmd rider off the ride.
  6. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    As long as it is not too excessive.. In the cisco officer instance.. He maybe making a very quick decision and his kick is to ensure the pmd rider do not escape.. However because of the speed the pmd rider is riding.. End up the fall and injuries is greater than say stationary fall.. So well..
  7. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    It was also reported in the news.. Both are injured.. PMD rider taken to hospital for treatment.. The cisco officer was attanded to on the scene.. Oh ya, good idea.. Since their role is to catch pmd rider, they should also need to have the proper equipment to catch them. If not chase on foot vs pmd speeding? Crazy man.. These cisco officer on the job should have fast enough pmd to be able to keep pace and catch these speeding pmd..
  8. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Face recognition? Difficult la.. Although there is face recognition like in hp, digital camera and etc.. It still need good lighting, good resolution (meaning far away distance will not be able to determine the facial shape). So let's say we have facials recognition technology onboard with cisco officer camera. So this cisco officer managed to capture the pmd rider speeding pass him after they given him few warnings to stop (but he did not stop). Remember no kicking.. So they no choice only way is video camera with facial recognition. Then when they went back office, upload the video. The video is not able to determine the face due to it is coming at fast speed and distance is not near enough to have good resolution, plus this rider is wearing face mask and no licence plate on that pmd. So that rider managed to escape. Imagine let's say they stationed for 4 hours.. In that 4 hours managed to capture 6 pmd riders speeding pass them, zero get caught and in that 6 pmd riders speeding pass them.. All of them is unable to be recognised by the facial recognition technology. Like that how? I think given that situation where that pmd riders was given warnings to stop and that rider did not stop and escape by riding off from the pmd. It would be fair for cisco officer to resort to this kicking method to catch him. If not I don't see how he would be able to get caught.. If he managed to escape once.. Means he is able to escape forever if all cisco officer become ku niang because of circular state do not use force, only take down particulars, discribe the image as accurately as possible (like got use like that).
  9. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Yolo attitude.. So once get caught, die die will want to escape.. They feel that they have advantage, as pmd vs run on foot. Who will win in terms on speed? Of coz pmd la..
  10. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    See this pmd rider refuse to stop and trying to escape.. So if in future no kick, surely he would had keep escape from being caught and continue to keep ride pmd on the road. Although there are many cisco officer chasing after that pmd rider, these cisco officer are handicapped as they chase on foot vs rider rode on pmd.
  11. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Ya lor.. Like as if discribe as accurately as possible can help catch that pmd rider later on. Most likely they would had excape and continue to ride pmd on the road...
  12. Yewheng

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Latest news.. That enforcement officer is suspended.. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/certis-cisco-officer-suspended-after-kicking-pmd-user-off-device-at-bedok-reservoir#xtor=CS9-78 Looks like in future a lot more pmd riders will be able to easily escape from being caught.. Due to they knew that enforcement officer are not allowed to use kick to kick them off the ride. Haiz..
  13. There is another one at slip road from simei to pie tuas..
  14. Maybe it is too urgent already.. As a taxi driver not easy.. Sometimes on the road very long and then thought still can tahan and pickup one more pax before finding a toilet after that.. Who knows after drop off that pax.. The bladder is to the max already..
  15. Hmm.. Beside you, is there any other family members that drive your car? Maybe you could check the mileage before you go for overseas trip and after you come back to tally..