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  1. Still have. There is one opposite Sim Lim Tower. Inside one of the coffee shop.
  2. Twister

    Class 2 Bike Choices

    Bro, You referring to SilverWing or GoldWing? SilverWing is a Mega Scooter But GoldWing is not lah..
  3. Twister

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Still can try, I got mine replaced during my 70k servicing.. Talk nicely to the SE, they may help..
  4. Twister

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Bring back to MI if your car is still within 3 years (60,000km). Can get it replaced under warranty. Else you have to pay for the repair or bring out to external workshops for repair/replacement.
  5. Twister

    Washing machine front loading

    Been using TOP for many years. Very good for indoor drying. No foul smell even in wet rainy day.
  6. Haha..I was there just few minutes before you..
  7. Eh, only boarded out one side. This pix is taken this morning about 1030am. The direction to Farrer Rd is covered up, but the direction to Thomson is not, as per my pix.
  8. Yes, the device is capable to capture front or back. But during TP enforcement in SG, most (or all) the time is using the back.. Always see them on the bridges along Bradell and Lornie.
  9. Singapore Speed cameras should be capturing from the rear, not from front.
  10. Twister

    NUS GIRL takes her perpetrator to task

    Should be: 一失足成千古恨。。
  11. Twister

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    Why need to monitor usage? You have "unlimited" data usage FREE. 2Gb per day, beyond that speed will cap at 1Mbps.
  12. Twister

    Reckless Cyclist

    This is a left turn and go straight lane, furthermore the cyclist show his intention to go straight and also wave thanks to the cam car. I don't see any reckless here..
  13. NO. Im not inside SGRV..
  14. The FB post saying U-turn along a single continuous white line. Cannot meh? Only double continuous white lines illegal mah..
  15. PAB registration is already mandatory, all PAB on the road must have number plate. On the other hand, PMD registration is yet to be implemented. Regardless of how many seats, all PMD must comply to the specification allowed. The nett weight including accessories (eg. additional seats) must be less than 20kg, else is considered to be illegal to use.