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  1. pap is just pandering to foreigners. hey, don't forget, you have a chance to hit back... ...at the ballot box.
  2. they should have just close wuhan airport. otherwise, they are now exporting the virus.
  3. tip of the iceberg, maybe
  4. Amazon USA radio station is based on odd numbers: So you can 88.9, 89.1, 90.5, 93.3,... but you can't tune to even number like 98.0, 92.4, etc. You get some, you lose some.
  5. I thought the wuhan virus strike inside control tower.
  6. don't think it will work. mahatir always anti-USA and anti-Israel
  7. Kb27

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    You see, most people don't think about safety. If it hasn't happened to me yet, it will never happen, that's the thinking. I have a coffee table from Ikea with a glass top. No matter how tempered the glass is or how safe it's claimed to be, I won't put anything more than glass, cups, plates, forks and spoons on it. Try cooking on top of the glass is just playing the russian roulette game.
  8. Kb27

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    Maybe they will learn the meaning of "table". It is for putting stuffs on, not for sitting. What you sit on is called a CHAIR.
  9. Kb27

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    there's such a thing called "thermal shock" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_shock Maybe that glass is of inferior quality and not a real tempered glass.
  10. maybe it's that pig's revenge.
  11. will the sun be setting in the west ? maybe need to call ICA for information.
  12. go to sembawang hot spring to cook eggs ? save how much energy cooking them at home ?
  13. Kb27

    Confirm faulty MAF?

    It could simply be, your engine air intake is choked, throttle at idling is too small, not enough air gets in and the engine stalled. If you have change battery recently, an e-throttle car could have lost its memory and throttle position reset to default, but due to oil and grime in the throttle body, it blocks the air block at idle and engine stalled. If you have an engine with cable throttle, the throttle body just needs a cleaning.
  14. Kb27

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    This is one unlucky pig. Torture before death.
  15. Kb27

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    You shouldn't try your luck with glass table, esp when there's heat and heavy weights involved. Glass table is meant to put your drinks, your coffee, snacks, that sort of thing. This glass table also look quite insecure. It seems to be resting on 4 plastic suckers, which means the glass could shift if someone is pushing or leaning on it and will land on the ground in any case. For goodness sake, just get a solid wood dining table (from Ikea) and you're unlikely to face this kind of problem.