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  1. Kb27

    World's Longest Flight

    20 hrs flight, you may want to jump out of the plane, but then you can't I sat in a navy ship once, 4 days to ROC, also feel like jumping into the sea.
  2. Kb27

    Horse therapy gaining traction in Singapore

    clean tables also therapy. get paid some more. why waste time with horse ?
  3. Kb27

    Amazon.sg is launched

    My guess is some stuff is still under Amazon US, which does not give free shipping. Blu-ray may be such restricted items, perhaps due to local censorship laws. Other items not found in Amazon.sg may be due to licensing with the parent companies which prohibits Amazon, Thus you will find them in Amazon.com (paid shipping) but not Amazon.sg
  4. If WP is to be held accountable at GRC, more so should PAP ministers be held accountable at country level for the people's money foolishly spent. There are plenty of examples around. YOG, golden rubbish chute, etc.
  5. People should wake up and start separating things. Ruling party, PAP, PA, Town Council, Mayor, Ntuc, etc. They are not necessary the same or should be from the same ruling party.
  6. Kb27

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    I thought this story is in France, Marseilles.
  7. Ben Davis case will not be the last one. Any time one of our boys get a chance of a lifetime, mindef will be here to stop him.
  8. they are always talking about wanting to be in world cup..blah..blah..blah. then they do something like this to chase potentials away.
  9. People are talkling about Vivian and YOG. Is he going to pay back ?
  10. I wish Ben all the best. When an opportunity in a lifetime presents itself to you, you better consider very carefully for your own future. Definitely, not a 3rd party like mindef should affect your considerations.
  11. Didn't read everything. But it's surely to remove them from parliament.