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  1. In the months to come, as HK economy fails, and PRC grows at current rate ... perhaps the ATB working here will be gradually replaced by jobless young HK-bu??
  2. Don't even have the apps ... in my family, I AM the food delivery man when everyone's too lazy to go out Have been that since the days before all these food delivery services! But sometimes I can imagine it is convenient to call for dinner delivery when whole family (and big family) is involved, whereby going out for food means tackling the difficulty of squeezing into crowded restaurants or coffee shops. Add to that difficulty, when family size does not fit the standard cookie-cutter template of coffee shop seating arrangement that only seats four.
  3. It's always like that in the workplace. Those blur one can cause a lot of damage if left at the working level ... so must quickly push them up where they can cause least damage Then those who are good at their jobs and have expertise, the company will keep you there where you can contribute most effectively.
  4. These people don't mind the lower pay w/o benefits because what they want is flexibility. Feel like working or need to work, then go work. Wake up feel lazy or still have some money to spend, then no need go work also can. Basically suka suka can don't come to work but still have a source of income - that's why they mostly won't or can't hold down a proper job even if it comes with more pay and benefits. Govt already roll out many helping schemes to upgrade them for better jobs in industries through skills training and all that but ?
  5. I think most of these delivery rider types, yolo lifestyle when younger, keep late nights, drink or smoke or both ... by 30s, health is shot already. Maybe wear Spandex will help?
  6. No lah ... they prolly got maid or maids to cook, clean for them, no need lift a finger, okay? Why need to call delivery services??
  7. They really bo-pian and out of options now. Quick solution needed as it is a sensitive demographic and erection could be coming soon. But will any retailer even dare to sell PABs now given the history of this issue? Overnight the business can be made irrelevant and the stock declared illegal due to sudden regulation change (again)
  8. Once the pmd genie is out off the bottle, very hard to put it back inside. Actually to protect footpath users, all that's needed to deter pmd or at least slow the speeders is to construct small humps on the paths
  9. Sosaria

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

    Married, father of 3, but only 34 and driving BMW convertible. Must be some ASK, have lot of free time to dream up such schemes. Victims as young as 13 and virgins, but paid rubbish low sums. Deserving to be caned max. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/married-man-posed-woman-lure-8-teenage-girls-paid-sex-vacinta-12072404#cxrecs_s "SINGAPORE: When posing as other men to lure girls for paid sex did not work, a married man pretended to be a woman instead and offered girls the "opportunity" to earn money for sex acts. He then posed as his own "customers" and had sex with the young girls, paying them amounts ranging from S$50 to S$180 for a variety of acts. For 11 charges including sexual penetration of minors, commercial sex with minors and making obscene films, Angelo Anwyll Goh Hao-Yi, 34, was sentenced to four years and 10 months' jail on Thursday (Nov 7). Another 15 charges were taken into consideration."
  10. Or even have a special licensing scheme tied to the employer, the food delivery service company. A dual-scheme, where LTA tests and licenses the riders, but in order to operate the PMD on deliveries, must also have an approval from the company. Not employed = no business riding on foot-paths.
  11. Sosaria

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    Was going to say because medical school is in NUS 😁, but then, foreign doc.
  12. Sosaria

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    Why doesn't he just block her number, change his number, or just ditch the mobile if he really feels harassed?? Really don't understand. That's like 1 message per minute presumably if she spends 12 hr a day on it. Korean women if no make-up ... 🙄
  13. Sosaria

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    Have ..... it's called "Out-call"
  14. This guy really really needs a bike ... the manual, cycling type. It will do his waist-line and health a lot of good.
  15. Sosaria

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    Not surprising. At 35, still single and staying with parents, and have to rely on dating service to get a girl ... I don't rate his social skills very highly Anyway why do people use all these dating services? High chance will definitely meet people with some defects.