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    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    They just don't have the manpower to police up all the non-compliant pmd, hence offer money for voluntary surrender. Should hold something like the Purge for pmd
  2. Sosaria

    Couple Charged with Murder of 2-Year-Old Daughter

    This kind is very hard to help. It's not just a matter of giving financial aid, which will be frittered away. Give job also difficult, as unlikely they can hold on to it. Close follow up by aid workers are needed but not everyone want the close monitoring
  3. True for us modern-thinking or higher educated ones ... "dead" to us is finish THE END. But for the religious types, they don't think so.
  4. Sosaria

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

    Got pictures ... https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2019/09/18/accused-tried-to-have-sex-with-nurse039s-corpse-after-strangling-her Not bad, ATB. Wasted. RIP.
  5. Sosaria

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

    Forgot his viagra
  6. Sosaria

    Ok..who stole the gold toilet bowl?

    To go with the gold taps?? 😂
  7. Sosaria

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Best answer! Now you make him nervous again.
  8. Well, it seems that the way Palestine can play at that level, being essentially stateless, and without top-of-the-line facilities and budgets, not to mention being in a state of hostility with their neighbour with occasional rockets and air-strikes ... is more impressive. I thought at first they were the Lebanese team - but turns out Palestinians!
  9. Sosaria

    AI - Job Killer?

    Actually, true. Lots of new (human) jobs in specialised fields to support the AI tech. The AI can only do specific functions but they can't fix themselves.
  10. Sosaria

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    When I am outspoken at work to point out higher management stupidity, is also YOLO ...
  11. Sosaria

    AI - Job Killer?

    Strange = Unfamiliar 😀
  12. Sosaria

    AI - Job Killer?

    For extremely shy or socially inept, I guess it can work. But nothing beats the feeling of real, warm AND strange ..... 😉
  13. Sosaria

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    Wonder how their Risk Assessment form can be passed ? Seems perfectly pointless to use live ammo in such demo. Not just danger to participants but also to spectators
  14. Sosaria

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Came here to look for more leggy wifey peektures, but no updates lehh...
  15. Sosaria

    Start review of caning in schools

    Hmm ... doing some math here. Yes, I was already also programming in BASIC on the IBM PC XT (clone!) In those days, we even knew how to create batch files on DOS, and create RAM-drives (virtual drive) to minimize floppy disk changing. I think today's strawberries don't even know how to bring up the command prompt on their PC, not that they need to these days. Maybe only those who mess with Linux will still be doing a lot of typing.