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  1. That number includes all those "suspect" and showing flu symptoms or fever. Could be just normal type and not the virus. But once go in hospital ... worse, have possibility of cross-infection
  2. Once give birth to more, and having to deal with the additional costs and opportunity costs (career time sacrificed), high income earner will be living lower income lifestyle!
  3. The lockdown is just a halting of public transportation. Does not yet stop anyone from leaving on private transport, if i am not mistaken, if you have good reason. Prevents convenient long-distance travel and fast spreading, which is probably effective deterrence for a huge country like PRC.
  4. If have prc relatives by marriage, still must visit during lunar new year, no? Decent prc is ok, I suppose!
  5. Sosaria

    Myanmarese neighbour's food

    Yes, bamboo shoots. Acquired taste. Some people don't like it. Not commonly found in SG too.
  6. Many people equate getting married and having kids as companionship in older age. But to be honest, as the grind sets in, and you reach middle age, daily life is mostly a list of chores to be ticked off the list, and yes, you can be pretty lonely and alone with your thoughts as well, despite being surrounded by family members. Hard truth. Hope I didn't discourage those thinking of building a family
  7. Definitely there are a lot of sacrifices involved and you'll age faster (lack sleep, lack exercise, lack self-care) and lose much of the productive and arguably best times, (from your personal interests point-of-view) of your life. And once you go down that track, there is no turning back. Maybe will end up regretting having kids also when you are old and your life is mostly over, who knows? But I had my first little one when comparatively young and in love, didn't think too much Nowadays better not think too much also, because it never makes sense. Give you a live example like later after work, instead of enjoying my own leisure time and unwinding, end up having to fetch one kid and ensure he is fed, and then pick up another younger one, and then hold the fort at home till mom comes back and reinforce (no maids horr !)
  8. This is true. Going around, shopping malls, coffeeshop, quite often see 3-kid families these days. If anything, very often the case, is those with 2 girls and one youngest boy - obviously trying to get the boy
  9. Sosaria

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    Don't forget that all the "civilized" westerners, started off the space exploration programme by sending rodents, dogs, chimps first. Same thing, subjecting uncomprehending animals to a bewildering environment, noise, G forces, zero G and the forces of re-entry (and these were the lucky ones that returned). Only fault was that the pig was put thru this ordeal for no great purpose except maybe to test the bungee setup.
  10. Sosaria

    Ban employers from asking about previous salaries

    If you really want the job, you'll answer everything that the interviewer asks!
  11. Find table at food court or hawker centre also tough I have more than the usual number of kids, to be honest, it's do-able, but not something that should be done as a duty, or thinking about economics etc. Having two is at least already a good thing, because our TFR is abysmal, less than 1.5? But to have more than two, some things gotta happen. 1) You must meet and marry your spouse early in life, and consequently have children early on. Many people who put off, or don't try to find relationship in schooling days, end up working first, then too busy, ultimately having to rely on dating services or apps at 30+ years ... that's too late in life. 2) If you have (1), then you have the luxury of time to space out your kids, thus the workload and cost is not too overwhelming. Have additional kids as your career grows and you pull in more income. Or one kid graduates and goes to work first, alleviating the cost of the siblings, hopefully, if you brought them up with the right values. The trend of putting off marriage and kids, and prioritizing career seems to be an asian thing? I read recently that PRC is also facing shortfall of babies born - about half a million thereabouts reduction? After scrapping the one-child policy, horrors, they found out that nowadays young people actually prefer no children!
  12. Sosaria

    Garmen tackling fake news trolls beware

    It's the same old silly theory of learning more languages will be at the expense of another. Just look over to malaysia where some of the chinese can talk dialect, mandarin, english and malay languages, no problem. Maybe not all at high level of proficiency but better than zero.
  13. Feel-good story lai liao ... https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/india-entrepreneur-kinexcs-chinese-integration-immigrant-12280904 His small start-up team employed 5 SGs, okay? ... not so subtle. But the fact that after graduating from local uni and employed, he had yet to get his PR, according to the article - shows that indeed the requirements were tightened in recent years, to be fair. Whether too late or not, better than never.
  14. Inevitably there will be. Because of the short history as an independent country. Before 1965, everyone was "malaysian". And after independence, definitely there'll be relatives on the other side of the fence. Then, now what? For the sake of the debate, draw a further distinction between PRs from malaysia and from rest of the world?? And then, another distinction, PRs who have potential to become SG, and PRs who have held the status for donkey years with no intention of converting to SG and are thus considered "taking advantage"? If it's beginning to sound ridiculous now, yes, it is.
  15. Because the victims of this earlier Iran Air accidental shootdown were mostly non-westerners, it's so obvious.