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  1. Somewhat1975

    Malaysian PM Mahathir has tendered his resignation.

    most of the lucrative function, including control of GLC https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/dr-mahathir-still-de-facto-finance-minister-—-ideas
  2. Somewhat1975

    Malaysian PM Mahathir has tendered his resignation.

    Nah, most of the Malay support UMNO and PAS.
  3. Somewhat1975

    Malaysian PM Mahathir has tendered his resignation.

    LGE's finance ministry is a strip down version of the old finance ministry. Most of the finance ministry's power was transferred to a newly formed Minister of Economic Affairs, Leaving LGE as a bookkeeper.
  4. Somewhat1975

    Malaysian PM Mahathir has tendered his resignation.

    The loser is Azmin Ali with any doubt. From No 3 in the government to pariah overnight.
  5. Somewhat1975

    Malaysian PM Mahathir has tendered his resignation.

    Madhatter is a madman and Chinese/Singapore hater. His only agenda is to elevate Malay to "modern race" status like Japanese to compensate for his inferior complex and to cure his PTSD, which resulted from his study time in Sg. On the other hand, Anwar is an Erdogan wannabe. Both sucks and Malaysia Chinese is the sucker.
  6. Somewhat1975

    Income inequality

    The last time Singapore has a CPI above 4% is in year 2013, 7 years ago "In real term" means taking out the effect of inflation already.
  7. CCS's full 25 mins audio leak. https://vocaroo.com/mtT3m7YAiGv I don't understand why people are getting upset about it. I find it very funny.😂
  8. nice info to observe the trend. copy from weibo
  9. I have been monitoring the trend of the confirmed case in the past few days. I focus on the confirmed cases in Zhejiang and Guangdong, which are the worst-hit areas outside Hubei. Number of confirmed cases in Wuhan and Hubei province is not a reliable proxy to the trend of the outbreak because of the shortage of test kit in these areas. The increase in confirmed cases depends on the availability of test kit. From what I read, the whole Hubei province with a population of 60 million has only 4000 test kit per day. The trend in Zhejiang and Guangdong starts to look stabilizing. The number of new confirmed cases is stabilizing or even slightly decreased. Keep the figure cross and hope for the best in the next few days.
  10. found the text version
  11. This is the info from the web。 Basically old and sick are the high risk group.
  12. Somewhat1975

    How many kids do you have? local singaporeans only

    Two. I stopped at two. The only reason I have the 2nd one is to keep the 1st one company. Nurturing a baby needs a fulltime father or mother. It is exhausting to work and to raise a baby simultaneously. The structure of the present society, which predominantly full time working father and mother, is not baby-friendly.
  13. The sudden spike was due to the availability of the testing kit. Before that, it was difficult to confirm the infection. With the distribution of rapid test kit in the past two days, the identification of infected persons becomes quicker and thus, leading to the sudden spike in the confirmed cases.
  14. Somewhat1975

    Singapore factory output posts 9.3% shock drop in Nov

    No doubt China always want to eventually have their semiconductor industry. That is the reason they have SMIC. But their determination changes significantly after the sanction. Now, the supply of semiconductor chips becomes a national security issue. Hundred of billions will be invested in the next few years. With that kind of investment, overcapacity of fabs will be followed. China is not alone. EU, an ally of the US have its "European technology sovereignty" initiative now.
  15. Somewhat1975

    Singapore factory output posts 9.3% shock drop in Nov

    with Trump anyhow sanction this and sanction that, the trust on the global supply chain by other major countries is severely damaged. Major countries will try to build up their own domestic supply. Sg's manufacturing positions itself at the high-end side of the global supply chain. The Fabs at Woodlands and Tampines produce chips to be consumed in US, Europe and China. Now, with China's determination of semiconductor self-sufficient, the future is doomed for Sg's manufacturing.