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  1. No no.. no me. I don't subscribe to that.. But apparently someone wants to reopen the service with only more sanitising...
  2. Remember that someone said not airborne right? No worries.. Can share the air in the hall and won't tio ☠️
  3. And PayPal or Paylah.. how can u forget that 🤣🤣
  4. My whole family medical insurance renewal this year has seen the premiums gone up again.. I'm considering dropping private hospital coverage and keep the gov one instead.. There's no end to it when there's a group that's willing to pay huge premiums and probably still shout chip chip.. situation like us spending in Malaysia and Thailand
  5. Going to be a tough battle.. Hope that vaccines and med get developed soon
  6. Don't be happy too soon.. other countries are still in trouble, like SK. Any of those come in and mingle with our people and tio, we are back to square one
  7. Those jobless and looking for one... sibeh jialat... no additional help coming from Gov..
  8. This virus infection so jialat and can ward people into ICU.. What kind of permanent damages can it cause even if one gets discharged? Does anyone know?
  9. It's like a nature's selection of the fittest.. but nature or man-made created it's debatable..
  10. They were caught with their pants down, along with the rest of the world. No doubt about it now that it's clear.. They are just too egoistic to admit it. Who to blame? The peasants that received half info from them and reacted irrationally lor..
  11. My sentiments also. Only after people start doing silly things did they start releasing more info, and in the meantime being sarcastic and rude about it. Kns, in the first place, be upfront la.. people won't go find alternate sources for info and get misled.
  12. Bro.. Subsidised still more expensive than JB ah... I thought my subsidised thyroid pills are rather cheap.. Later PM me the pharmacy location u went can? 👍
  13. Knowledge is power.. but not everyone has the information he has. What about communications to the people before starting to sneer? Do they really understand what it was being delivered? This is not the way to manage people. Sometimes my subordinates and users also done and asked stupid questions. Instead of suanning or even scold them, use some patience and EQ. Who knows if these actions will come back to haunt u later on.