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  1. Lethalstrike

    Sports car within 7-8k/year depreciation

    Define your brother's definition of sports car first la. If I do a quick search on sgcarmart with 7-8k annual dep. and under sports car, I get cars like Scirocco 1.4A, KIA Coup, BMW 320i Convertible which I would hardly define them as a sports car. Unless any 2 door car will suffice. 😆 Rickster & Macrosszero covered the basics already. If it's going to be his first sports car, which I assume it is else he won't be asking you, I will recommend something which has the less potential to give troublesome headaches during his ownership experience (ie. visiting specialized workshops as a second home). NA and manual transmission is a probably a decent combination to start off with. Probably a clean Honda FN2R, Accord Euro R might fit the bill within his annual dep. FD2R maybe better but those are 9-10k-ish annual dep. WRXs etc and the likes can also be explored, but being turbocharged, there's more things to go wrong.
  2. Lethalstrike

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Very very nice, with the distinctively Alpina stripes and multi-spokes.
  3. Lethalstrike

    Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak in China: SG 1st Case Confirmed

    Because it's Tibet. If this sparsely populated area also red, it's really siao liao.
  4. Lethalstrike

    Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak in China: SG 1st Case Confirmed

    As far as I'm aware, the mode of transmission hasn't been quite confirmed officially yet. Animal to human, human to human etc. nobody can confirm how the virus is able to spread itself. Without this sorted out, whatever we do right now to stem the transmission can only be based on our past experience with SARS, which may or may not be adequate for this SARI. I'm hoping for the former though, as the developments in China look scary. Stay safe and avoid crowded places whenever possible folks.
  5. Lethalstrike

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    The roof line and rear profile looked good. But the blunt-off nose profile looks weird from these top angles. Not it's best angle haha
  6. The real limited edition, also with parts developed by Ralliart. Not beng optimised I'm sure
  7. Doesn't mean any kit that was from TRD, NISMO or Ralliart means it had real aero benefits too. Regardless of his actual technical inputs in the car or not, I stand by my initial personal opinion that these special editions are just styling exercises with JC's name on them.
  8. Made by Ralliart or Firesports, designed by Jackie Chan. 😁 Unless Jackie is an aerodynamicist, I'm inclined to believe the aero parts only serve a cosmetic purpose.
  9. Very very cheena and beng design with the ”龍“ chinese character.
  10. The Jackie Chan special edition Evos all looked like they were done up by the body kit workshops from JB. The carbon bits are executed in poor taste and I doubt the front bumper with all the curves/vents serve any real aero purpose. One of the most "interesting" carbon piece of these abominations is that rear carbon boot with deep V molded into it, what the hell are they thinking? Perhaps its key feature is to allow rain water to flow quickly off the vehicle, so that Jackie don't have to bring his lazy ass to wipe it off himself. But then again, Jackie himself is filthy rich lao ah beng. He can do anything he wants
  11. Lethalstrike

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    We can identify ourselves to get your chicken rice and bryani, but then let us say this, what is the point behind your request? 😁
  12. Lethalstrike

    NUS Molester gets probation for 'minor intrusion' offences

    Laopeh was an ex high-ranking officer from the SAF. Ash2017, was his laopeh one of your ex-subordinates?
  13. Lethalstrike

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    I know of someone who owns a dud, ABS module faulty. You can go source for botak tires on your own before gifting it to your MIL.
  14. Oh man this is hilarious! Is this at the current Singapore motor show?
  15. Lethalstrike

    What modified car is this?

    Its either a Vauxhall VX220 or Opel Speedster.