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  1. The government of Norway must be cursing at this MP now. Because of her, my Norwegian salmon exports to China kanna suspended, free trade agreement negotiations suspended.
  2. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    Under UK, no one gets to vote. Governor of HK reports back to UK. Under China, voting is a formality? Chief executive reports back to CCP of china. Both same shit, different smell only.
  3. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    About the latest development of Shanghai FTZ, China doubled up the size of Shanghai FTZ with the addition of Lingang area. This is also the place where Tesla built their mega factory to supply to mainland China. A quick google reveals the five policy directions of further expanding foreign investment, 1. Expanding market access on the basis of implementing the “pre-establishment national treatment and negative list system” stipulated by the FIL; 2. Promoting investment liberalization and facilitation of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Lingang New Area by introducing more innovative policies; 3. Encouraging foreign investment in strategic emerging industries and key producer service industries; 4. Implementing the central government’s plan for opening up the financial sector; and 5. Attracting regional headquarters of transnational corporations. Industries especially encouraged into Shanghai FTZ include, 1. Strategic emerging industries like new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, biological medicine, high-performance medical devices, new energy vehicle, smart connected vehicles, aerospace, marine engineering equipment, high-end energy equipment, and new materials; and 2. Several producer service industries like R&D and design, inspection and certification, supply chain management, and e-commerce. Out of the above industries, many are manufacturing related which are pretty much non-existent in HK. HK economy is very much dependent on its services and finance sectors. With how much China is trying to do in Shanghai, I cannot be confident and say that they don't have long-term plans for Shanghai to outdo HK for good.
  4. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    From what I read, the strongest argument coming from Huang Qi Fan is that HK's position as a springboard for foreign investments into China cannot be replaced. I think this might be true before the riots, as HK's advantages of the rule of law, freedom for business initiatives and the existence of soft skills built up over the decades for international trade cannot be easily replicated by Shenzhen or Shanghai. But now with the rule of law in shambles, foreign businesses are having other thoughts. In other words, HK's reputation has been shattered for the worse. The article also expressed doubts about the time frame he made the comment. and most importantly, its debatable if his opinions are totally inline with the top echelons of the CCP. Perhaps the context which he made these comments is to douse the fires accusing China's plan to have HK replaced. I think I would be naive to think that HK is indeed that indispensable to China. I believed that if there is a will, there is nothing the CCP cannot do in China. That includes having Shanghai made to replace HK for good. And China has all the time in the world to play this game, but I think the same can't be said for HK.
  5. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    Correct, that's the reality. In fact, the 3rd CE is now working for Beijing, as the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Next better guy or lady who take over will kanna the same shit all over again. DLLM lah...
  6. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    Come think of it, none of the Chief Executives of HK SAR had it easy.Tung, Donald Tsang, CY and now Carrie Lam all had to grapple with hot potatoes during their term. Carrie Lam's term had already went down in history with the most violent and sustained demonstrations since 1997. Or I should say they inherited many issues from their predecessor and they are not empowered enough to fix them thru legislation. Opposition and resistance from everywhere, as well as balancing of interests between the business community, Beijing and the common HKErs is almost impossible most of the time. The interests of the common man on the street are sacrificed. I do hope the riots will come to an end soon. After all, many of these rioting youngsters still had a long way ahead of them. In 10 years time, many of them might have to seek employment or make a living in Shenzhen, Shanghai or Guangzhou. That's the inevitable. In fact, the opening up Shanghai is already well underway to undermine the importance of HK to China. China wants to emulate HK's style of economic freedom, but not the political freedom which comes with it. HK needs China, not the other way around. The youngsters can continue to riot, but it will bring never independence, instead it just bring forward the expiry date of 1C2S policy (1 country 2 system) from 2045. If they are not careful, HK might just be relegated to the equivalent of a third tier city in China in the near future.
  7. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    If they are serious about independence, are they willing to sacrifice 2 yrs of their youth for NS? They can learn all the self defense skills they want for free.
  8. Organs of state have already been used against own blood brother and nephew. Is there anything else they won't do? PA is just another tool at their disposal, to give trouble to WP for ward management related issues.
  9. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    I would think it's karma at work too. The collective society of HK is now facing the brunt of the many societal problems which already existed for years, none of which had been addressed and solved. Take for example the infamous housing issue in HK. HK is many times the size of SG and yet, the HK govt failed time and time again to provide good public housing for it's citizens in an adequate and timely manner. When the govt tried to procure some land to build public housing, the move was blocked by environmental NGOs. Then again, the govt itself is no angel as it depended on selling land to rich private developers (the tycoons and fresh inflow of Chinese capital) to buff up it's coffers. That resulted in super expensive housing which further divided the society and add the stress and pressure faced by the regular HKers. It's no wonder that these kids see no hope nor future in their society as they know they need spend a lifetime paying off even a basic need such as accommodation. And most of the time the quality is shit compared to HDB in SG. Rent seeking mentality and real estate speculation have already been ingrained from the previous generations. The situation was worsened when the rich Chinese came in. So perhaps it's right to say that their pioneer and merdeka generation of political leaders and citizens have screwed up, kicking the can further down the road to these kids.
  10. Good to know that, I had a suspicion that WP wards are cleaner than PAP wards. I've visited friends staying in Hougang SMC and noticed the clean estate as well. Yes, as you mentioned, clearing the rubbish chute is still a two man affair in my GRC and sometimes the two banglas just splash some water on the floor of the rubbish chute after clearing the rubbish. A shitty way of doing it right if you ask me. I've talked to an old gentleman in charge of sweeping the floor of my block and he told me that it used to be 2 person cover 2 blocks, now he has to cover both blocks alone on top of clearing the rubbish bins at lift landings. And my conservancy charges increased also...knn.
  11. I'm a bit curious and I will to ask anyone who is staying in Aljunied GRC. If you are, is your estate well looked after and it's clean most of the time? I know mine is not perfect, there are lapses in terms of overall cleanliness within my Kallang Moulmein ward.
  12. Lethalstrike

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    Had been observing the video clips of the riots on Youtube. I think Type 6 can include some of the so-called hypocritical media on the ground as well. I think some of them deliberately report only to fuel the chaos. Anyone one with a bloody Youtube channel and a hi-vis vest can label themselves as a reporter, just like pretty much any Instagramer can label themselves a model.
  13. Nowadays seldom see the police or LTA mounting speed enforcement ops along TMCR already, as the stretch has a few speed cameras.
  14. Lethalstrike

    Ang Moh whacked local Security Uncle

    Kan ni nah, whatever such cases happened, one of the reasons given to defend the accused always involve depression. Fark that lah.
  15. Got video got talk. 150km/h max speed along TMCR.