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  1. Yah, resellers in China is one put off. KNN they really got the face to ask things. On the opposite, I admire some of their determination to succeed by trying all sorts of ways
  2. Arogab

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    I just read a few post. Thus do not know what many are talking about but here is my own view. I used to be neighbour with Tan How Liang (he was a weight lifter). Our sports man lived a poor life till his old age. If anyone can find out. I am telling the truth. As a young man, I was sportsman too. Here is my thots. I was a really poor boy in my days. To what stage? My Mum did not have money for me to buy a pair of running shoes let alone spikes shoes when I represented Singapore Schools. However, I soon realized why Tan How Liang has to go to attend Olympics opening being sponsored by Mcdonalds (to check history, this is true). When I was selected for higher levels, there is really politics. So much that I was even criticised for being late due to school and due to being unhappy that someone else's team is early.(this is somewhat internal politics that someone inside there is trying to fight another guy, Let alone the high level selection) So finally I tell myself that I will never appear in the National Stadium anymore and I did, I had never step in for sports even till the stadium was torn down. I do not blame anyone as that was my choice. And I think I did a right choice as I am now able to make my money without doing sports. I doubt I will make money if I had continue doing sports. I however enjoy sports and of cos I am now rather fat guy due to old age but people knows I do sports due to my shape. Nevertheless, I think if the original thinking of these people does not change. SG sports will never be good. Especially a sportsman's career lifespan is short. Given our small population, how many can we produce if a portion of them are play out by politics???.......
  3. Wah, OK.....Free one can take
  4. Arogab

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    Wahaha, Tok kong man My house luckily only use $15 type of tap ;)
  5. Arogab

    Unusual or rare cars

    Now this will be unusual and rare in SG.
  6. How I wish our neighbour is richer than us and we just tag along with their wu liu economy. They can come our country make money and spend on our economy rather than come to our country make money and then take home spend
  7. Don't make him happy. Later he laugh and then bye bye
  8. These HKer forgot about who has help them in their economy. I once spoken to a retailer in HK. He says, if we don't have the greater China to come for spending. We may be eating shit. Each time I go to Shang Shui on way to airport. I see so much shoppers. And they are real shoppers paying and taking away the goods but not window shoppers. Let them protest and kick the Chinese out. See how they survive?
  9. Arogab

    The (trade) war has started

    Yes, I agree. But SG is my home and I would one day come back home. Thus, there will be a time where package is not important anymore. It will have to come one day and need to be soon
  10. Arogab

    The (trade) war has started

    True, I am one of them affected. Last trip back to SZ, I got to know 2 guys, they also exploroing moving out
  11. Arogab

    The (trade) war has started

    Bro, you mean you go back liao?? I think boss got more plan and is hiniting me to get ready in 18 months, I sian liao but the money cannot reject
  12. Arogab

    The (trade) war has started

    Yes Baidu creates much problems and especially with lots of advertisements. Some of the advertisement are even providing improper results which is an internal concern that their G steps in. Anyway, it is China style. In SG, professionals are not able to advertise but they allow here
  13. Arogab

    The (trade) war has started

    For this, I can remember the landslide GE lor. I just hope our G to be ahead and care for the people. I am almost over, but we have younger generations If they want it work, it will work. Sometime they just close one eye when especially peaceful period
  14. Bro, SH one better and bigger lah. Don't bother to go the the small HK one which my friend say those mouse running around
  15. Arogab

    Samsung Note 10/10 Plus

    Like that no need to buy liao lor. Your one outdated. My boss sometime ago already given us a Note.......Book I highlighted the new design