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  1. Because they all go to same workshop to revert mileage? Haha, just joking.
  2. Optramagnum

    Car kena Scratched

    Based in the photos, I don't think the scratches were not intentional.. Most likely is some kuku hold something which has sharp edges grazed past.. Can even be handbag zip..
  3. Optramagnum

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    These impatience drivers are everywhere lah. Don't need to get upset over them. I usually will curse them in my heart.. Well, they will pay a price to learn their lesson one day..
  4. Optramagnum

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    I think I'm the last few to buy a car among my peers. Bought an used car at 31 y/o when first child was born. Didn't really see the need to own one before that. Yah, kind of agree that once you get to enjoy the "convenience", very hard to let it go.. I bought car is solely to improve mine and family's life. Nothing more.. I'm driving a COE car now btw. Cheers!
  5. Optramagnum

    2019 Honda Fit / Jazz (4th Generation)

    Assuming it's 70% loan with 7yrs repayment plan, the delta is about $625. But I will go for AD with maybe topup abit for leather seats. Reverse sensor and camera can be installed anywhere else.
  6. Optramagnum

    Has Our Road Etiquette / Courtesy Improved?

    I think upbringing plays a part. From young, parents will want you to win this, win that.. Moreover, Sg is a small country, everyone cherishes personal space dearly. Any drivers who cut in abruptly is similar to disrespecting their privacy.
  7. Optramagnum

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Actually if they are really serious about this, they should outsource the installation to a Sg company with their representatives from their immigration, so that all of us settle here before heading over. Win-win situation
  8. Optramagnum

    Advanced driving skills

    Did they teach how to use the signal lights? Haha, just joking
  9. Optramagnum

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I have my point of view and you have yours. No need to put your words into my mouth.
  10. Optramagnum

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Doesn't really matter whose view on this. Do you want keep watching how your love one die over and over again? Let the law determine who is at fault.
  11. Optramagnum

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I hope someone can remove the video clip. It will be heartbreaking for the loved ones of the decease to watch it..
  12. Optramagnum

    AC Issues

    Sound eerie esp when it is 7th month now.. Hahaha, just joking. My guess is that the temp of coolant is too high for the radiator to cool it down after prolong high speed driving. Quite common.
  13. Usually ask for driving license, as mentioned, to check if he/she got license to drive. If no license, chance is that there is no insurance coverage. Avoid taking photo of IC as it will disclose your home address. For hit and run, as long your cam captures his/her license plate -ok liao.
  14. Optramagnum

    Different version of 3M Clay Bar

    I bought mine at about $20 from Autobacs a few years back. You only need a small piece for whole car each time. Just pinch and mould it to resurface during each usage then discard after use. One entire clay can be used for years, depending how often you clay. I only clay every 3-4 months.
  15. I'm considering to replace my COE car for Honda Shuttle at $74,888 as advertised.. I think it's the car for best bucks for space. Have been driving Korean cars all this while. Think will give jap car a try..