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  1. Kelpie

    Leasing vs buying a car (new)

    Hi all, I am thinking of leasing a new car for 5 years versus getting a used car with OMV (say 5 years old). There will be no issue with down payment for the either options. On the surface, leasing seems attractive as it looks to me that one needs not worry about the following items: 1. Road Tax 2. Insurance 3. Maintenance and servicing (plus point as used car condition from the 6th to 10th year may be unpredictable). 4. What about consumables like the tyres, battery, wiper and etc? Are the above true? Can the experts advise us here? Thank you very much. Regards,
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a notebook with the following spec, can you help me? 1. i7 3rd Gen/ 4th Gen 2. Independent Video RAM (Non-Integrated) 3. less than 1.7Kg 4. Screen size = 15" 5. Windows 8 Pro/7 Pro 6. Memory, minimum 8GB 7. Not particular about brand Not easy find. But I'm sure there are experts out there who can help. Kindly advise me. Thank you very much. Regards,
  3. Hi all, Thank you very much for the advice. In the end the father got not no choice but to pay up and to deduct from the son allowance. I guess the youngster has to learn through the hard way. Regards,
  4. He rented the car himself. He signed the paper. He drove the car. Hence, the father questioned how come > 21 can rent a car so easily? Thanks. Regards,
  5. Like that, better to repair outside then return to the car rental company. Thanks. Regards, You mean Car rental company doesn't require to show IC to rent a car? I don't know about the TNC. I have SMS him to check. Thanks. Regards,
  6. Hi all, A friend of mine range me up just now and asked me to check in the forum for quick advice. His son (less than 21 years, less than 1 year driving license) rented a car without his notice and got into an accident. The car run into the car park railing and damaged the bumper. Now the Car rental company wanted the son to pay $1k for damages. According to the Son story, the steering wheel suddenly locked up when he was parking and then he knocked the railing. My friend is of the thought that how could a rental company rent a car to a minor (less than 21 with less than 1 year license) in the 1st place? Is this legal? This is the question that I can't answer him. I thought youngsters can learn driving so car rental company should be able to rent to them right? I actually advised him to go outside workshop to fix the problem and return back to the car rental company. This could be cheaper. I know there are many experts here, kindly advise me on this. Thank you very much. Regards,
  7. Sure, to be covered under for business use. Thanks. Regards, Thanks for sharing the information. That is indeed a rare one! Regards,
  8. Hi there, I think I've more or less narrow down to just Honda Airwave, Toyota Fielder and Impreza Wagon. By Browsing the specifications of these cars from web, Fielder appears to be the most spacious. Unless we've missed out other Japanese brand/models? No MPV/SUV, that is very clear. It is a work vehicle, an assigned staff get to drive home after work and weekend/public holidays. Now it is a matter of which one, assuming the boot space is acceptable from the 3? Thank you. Regards, Hi there, All Toyota cars have weak suspension meh? hahaha... Regards,
  9. Van cant drive into Malaysia that easily. Also got speed limitation. Thanks. Regards,
  10. Do you own the impreza wagon? Is it underpowered? Thanks. Regards, Thank you for the advice. I will still stick the Japanese made. Thanks. Regards,
  11. No lah, Jap cars more easy on the pocket for maintenance. This is for company use. Thanks. Regards, MPV usually costs more than small engine spacewagon. So it is not my option. Thanks. Regards,
  12. Hi all, long time no see and no chat here. Im looking for a spacewagon for the purpose of business and private use. It will driven by a staff most of the time. There are not many Japanese made options out there for preowned. There are the Honda Airwave, Toyota Fielder and Subaru Impreza Wagon. These are small engines. So i wonder how they performed when i load in cartons boxes in them. Are their rear suspension hardy? Do they have sufficient spaces for boxes. Say, 10 to 12 mid size boxes at time. Most of the time, either left empty or 1 to 2 boxes in the boot. Which do you recommend, value for money, less maintenance hassles, ease of access to parts and accessories? Kindly advise me. Thank you very much. Regards,
  13. Dear all experts, I wonder which is the most suitable external storage solution for the purpose of backup and speedy recovery for a SME? Option 1. (Corsair Voyager Air) I have the option to backup my corporate NAS to it via gigabit ethernet or USB 3.0. Backup may not be as fast as eSATA using USB 3.0. In a disaster, I can quickly access my data via network switch or a wireless router. Option 2. (External HDD with eSATA and USB 3.0) This option can use high performance eSATA to backup data from server/NAS. In a disaster, data has to be copied to a host in order for the rest to access. slower recovery. Option 3. (External HDD with only USB 3.0) Almost same as option 2, but restoration could be the slowest but the cheaper option. Part of reason of using an external HDD is because it is portable, light weight and can be carried around for off-site storage. Do you have a better suggestion than the above-mentioned? Kindly advise me. Thank you very much. Regards,